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An anorexic diet is an eating plan, which helps to lose weight in a quick and effective manner.
It is a popular belief that by following an anorexic diet, one will develop the condition of anorexia, which is an eating disorder.
But this is a misconception, as even though the diet mimics the eating plan of anorexics, it also helps you to remain fit and fine. In fact recovering anorexics can follow this eating plan so as to get their required share of nutrients and to be in shape at the same time.
The diet plan suggests the consumption of tasty and nutritious foods that do not add fat to your body. These fats do not increase the cholesterol levels in the body and are also found helpful in burning unwanted calories. Fiber rich foods also find an important place in the anorexic diet as it promotes a healthy digestion, helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels in the body and also helps to keep unwanted food cravings under control.

This acts a double benefit, as along with eliminating unwanted body toxins, water consumption also helps to keep you full for long periods of time.Anorexic Fast - Healthy Eating PlanFor a healthy weight loss, one doesn’t have to completely put an end to food intake. But instead one can follow an anorexic fast, by cutting down the number of regular meals a day.
It is recommended that you start your day with breakfast and then refrain from having any other form of food until evening. During this period, you can drink plenty of water as it will give you stamina and will keep you full.
You can end your day by having a healthy meal, which is rich in the essential nutrients and which has negligible fat content. One should understand that following an anorexic fast is only necessary if a person is extremely overweight.
People looking to shed a couple of kilos and tone themselves up needn’t fast, and all they got to do is to follow a healthy diet plan.Anorexic Diet Plan - TipsTo promote weight loss and to be healthy at the same time, you can follow a well chalked out anorexic diet plan.

The diet plan suggests one to have frequent and very small meals, as it will help to speed up metabolism.
One should include lots of fruits, vegetables and fiber rich foods like oatmeal in their diet. To get the required amount of proteins, one can have boiled or grilled chicken breasts, beans and lentils.
Having ground oats will provide you with the minimum amount of carbohydrates that is required for the healthy functioning of the body. Finally, to effectively combat the deficiencies in your food intake, you can also have vitamin and nutritional supplements under proper medical guidance.

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