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Many moms wish to return to their pre-baby size.A  Holly and her Avitality fat loss system helped me reach and EVEN BETTER pre-baby body!! Bekah, What a beautiful example of what can be achieved when a busy mom makes a commitment and follows through with Consistency! This entry was posted on Saturday, November 10th, 2012 at 12:59 pmand is filed under Success Stories, Transformation Challenge.
The biggest reason people can’t find motivation to lose weight is due to unrealistic goals.
To lose weight successfully, it’s better to focus on reaching your goals over time, and to realize that there will be small setbacks along the way.
Once you determine why you want to lose weight, it will be easier to set a goal and get motivated to work towards it. One of the biggest reasons for weight loss failure is that dieters often set unrealistic goals. Setting realistic and achievable goals has the advantage of focusing your mind on the here and now.  A goal is like a promise to yourself. Of course, motivation to lose weight fast is important, but it’s the process itself that you should be focused on.
As you achieve each small step it gives you the forward momentum to take your motivation a step further. Try to create a picture in your mind of how your life is going to be better if you lose the weight, and worse if you don’t. When that purpose is there, you will find that you have the motivation to lose weight that you’ve been searching for.
Sure, there are lots of famous quotes on motivation to lose weight, but at the end of the day, it has to come from within you. A weight loss success story will be yours to tell if you learn to live in the moment, and take pleasure in achieving small, daily goals.
The information on this website is for general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. You made the right decision to get rid of extra weight and I want to support your journey to become fit, proud, and happy. I love people and it’s fascinating how so many motivated people have to give up on their weight loss journey simply because of following a program that is not best suited for them.
20-day and 30-day Fitness Challenge programs are popular because of how hard you need to push yourself everyday to get to day 30 with a hope to lose weight somewhere in the process. These workouts will produce amazing results if you are already lean and you have good stamina for this type of intense training, but are you? The biggest danger is that you become too sore or injured and unable to go to work the next day. Click here to download a FREE 3-page weight loss guide that will help you lose up to 15lbs in 1 month. I recently failed the 30 day challenge, but it showed me that it’s not actually very good anyway!
Instead of this workout, do these exercises in 3 sets of 15-25 reps and make sure your form is right. If you are an athlete and committed to do these workouts then they are good for you because you are using these to improve your performance. Jacob Teitelbaum, Hive AdvisorSome of you are finding that despite proper eating and exercise you simply cannot lose the extra weight.

After gaining 55 lbs with my second pregnancy last year, I had some work to do to get my body back after delivering October 2011.
Thank you for helping to instill hope in the minds and hearts of moms everywhere that you truly CAN achieve an even BETTER post baby body with the right attitude and tools!
Many people tend to focus on their shortcomings, but if you accept yourself as you are it will be easier to focus more on your positive side and work towards becoming slim and attractive.
Many of us want to shoot for the moon, but we tend to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day realities of sticking with a diet plan.
Seeing incremental improvements like a pound lost or an inch gone from your waist line can boost your motivation and keep you on the path. After sticking with your weight loss and exercise plan, how will you look and feel 12 months from now? Remember that the deeper purpose that motivates you is the fundamental step to weight loss success. Decide clearly on what your purpose and goal is, and you will find yourself moving towards it slowly but surely. People who weigh themselves regularly and keep track of their progress are more likely to be successful at losing weight. You become frustrated and de-motivated to train and give up on program that caused nothing but pain. One of my clients started this recently on his own while I was away and he said the same thing. Only suggestion I would have for you is to do these in correct form and don’t cause injury. As a former Cardio Queen, I had to take a new approach to my workouts in order to get the results I was after. When desired weight loss goals aren’t reached quickly, most people assume they have failed. Diet counselors also say that one of the best ways to remain motivated to lose weight is to visualize your body after your weight loss goals are achieved. 10 minutes agoNEJM --> Medicine and Society Data Watch: Distribution of Deaths, by Place of Death. Don’t worry; you are in good hands because I will help you, my new friend, protect yourself from these hidden dangers. I feel like they get me in shape fast and give me the base line fittness that I need for more long term programs. FYM has not only transformed my body, but my attitude about myself, food and exercise as well.A  I used to be a long distance runner, but now I LOVE my FYM WOs so much more! The good news is that our research shows that effective treatment is available for 91 percent of these patients and a fringe benefit is that not just do they feel great but they also lose their excess weight.
By following the FYM Workouts, Trouble Spot Solution and the Workouts of the Month at , I dropped 4 pants sizes and over 40 lbs in 7 short months.A  I have exceeded my goals! 15 minutes agoCleveland Clinic --> Eating the right kind of fat can lower your risks for obesity.
One patient that I recently treated had lost 50 pounds by her four month follow-up visit – in addition to having no pain and great energy.
Many of the factors contributing to weight gain in these syndromes also affect the rest of us. HypothyroidismOver 26 million Americans suffer with hypothyroidism, and less than one-third of them are being properly diagnosed or treated!

This is the case despite most of them having what their doctors mistakenly consider to be normal blood tests.
In fact, people whose thyroid blood tests put them in the lower third of “normal” thyroid function versus the upper-third weigh an average of 12 pounds extra!
As long as your thyroid function is inadequate, even if your blood tests are normal, it will be nearly impossible for you to keep your weight down.
The symptoms of hypothyroidism are fatigue, weight gain, cold intolerance with low body temperature (under 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), achiness, and poor mental function. Having even a few of these symptoms is enough to justify a therapeutic trial of thyroid hormone. The form that I recommend is Armour thyroid, and it should be adjusted to the dose that feels best while keeping the free T4 blood test in the normal range.2.
Nutritional DeficienciesWhen you are deficient in vitamins or minerals your body will crave more food than you need and your metabolism will be sluggish. To keep it simple and avoid the need to take tablets all day, I recommend that you take a good quality vitamin powder.3.
Growth hormone stimulates production of muscle (which burns fat) and improves insulin sensitivity (which decreases the tendency to make fat). In addition, sleep also affects the appetite controlling hormones called leptin and ghrelin. Because it raises growth hormone, getting the eight to nine hours of sleep a night that the human body is meant to have can powerfully contribute to your staying young and trim! If you have insomnia, eating some turkey before bedtime can help as it contains high levels of tryptophan.
Yeast OvergrowthClinical experience has shown that fungal (also known as candida or yeast) overgrowth contributes powerfully to both sugar cravings and weight gain. The good news is that treating this will not just help you to lose weight but can also eliminate your spastic colon and sinusitis! The discussions in my book on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia or the treatment protocol for chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia shown at my web site will teach you how to effectively treat this.5. Carnitine DeficiencyUnfortunately, this deficiency forces your body to turn calories into fat and makes it almost impossible to lose fat.
Simply taking carnitine does not help adequately however, as it does not get into cells optimally. I recommend that people take Acetyl-L-Carnitine 1,000 mg daily (which does get into the cells more effectively) for four months, as this can help both energy and weight loss.6.
Insulin ResistanceIf your morning fasting insulin blood level is over ten, this suggests insulin resistance. Optimizing thyroid and testosterone levels using natural hormones can often eliminate insulin resistance.It is no longer necessary to be on extreme, unsustainable or unhealthy diets to lose weight and keep it off. The recommendations above will not just help you stay trim, but they will leave you healthy and full of vitality as well!This article was republished with permission from the author.

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