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A LOW-calorie liquid diet lasting just 12 weeks could be the key to solving Britain’s spiralling diabetes crisis, say experts. Dr Michael Mosley has put together a simple diet plan and lifestyle programme suitable for those at risk of getting Type 2 diabetes, those already suffering with it - and anyone who wants to lose weight fast and regain control of their healthYou have decided to go for it.
By the end of the eight weeks, if not before, you will see some big changes in your body shape and biochemistry. Life-changing: Julian Porter, 53, a photographer, has explained how he has followed the 800 calorie diet and lost seven stone.
Youa€™ve talked to your doctor, cleared your kitchen cupboards of sugary snacks and now youa€™re ready to embark on the radical eight-week Blood Sugar Diet Ia€™ve been describing in the first three parts of this series.Yesterday, I outlined menu plans for the second week.
But those who had been diabetic for more than eight years and were on lots of medication were less likely to see rapid improvements in their blood sugar levels.That said, everyone reported feeling better, sleeping better and being more active. You should be sleeping better and feeling a real sense of achievement.Perhaps you need to buy new trousers.
His GP says the diet has helped add ten years to his lifeThen, at a routine check-up, I was told I had Type 2. Using the lancet provided, you take a blood sample and put it on a strip, then feed the strip into the monitor to get a reading. But there is no reason why weight loss and metabolic improvement should be restricted to early diabetes.
It hit me hard, as the previous week Ia€™d done a photoshoot for the charity Diabetes UK with a man whoa€™d had both legs amputated owing to complications from Type 2.
A figure will appear on the screen.The kit is simple to use, gives results in just five seconds and stores up to 500 readings so you can track your results. Once youa€™ve reached week four, the menu plans for weeks five to eight are simply a repetition of weeks one to four.As Ia€™ve explained previously, this strict, 800-calorie diet can make dramatic differences to blood sugar levels.
So I was very aware of how dangerous the condition could be.I was already on statins for high cholesterol and blood pressure pills, and was at high risk of a heart attack, and now I was being put on the diabetes drug metformin.
My children sometimes sneak in chocolate and biscuits, but know better than to leave them anywhere they can be spotted.a–  My weakness is toast. I immediately decided I had to lose weight.I came across research into the 800-calorie diet and worked out that if I did a lot of exercise, I could increase the calories to 1,000 with the same results. For five days a week you dona€™t calorie-count, but follow the low-carb Mediterranean diet I described earlier.

Though you will be living on 800 calories a day for the next few weeks, your body should adapt reasonably fast, but what changes should you expect along the way?The first two weeksThese are likely to be the toughest, as your body adapts to fewer calories, but you will find that you begin to lose weight, fast. I did suggest to my wife that we throw out the toaster (I would rarely bother to use the grill), but she refused.
Instead, I keep unsalted nuts by the toaster, so when I am tempted to snack on toast and marmalade, I eat nuts instead. For breakfast I had porridge and berries, for lunch, crispbread or an open sandwich and in the evenings a good dinner a€” usually a combination of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates, for instance, salmon and pasta.
It is essential that you drink at least two to three litres of calorie-free fluid a day or you are likely to become constipated and suffer headaches.If you are not keen on tap water, try disguising it by adding a squeeze of lemon or lime, or fresh mint and cucumber. Mostly.a–  I weigh myself several times a week, despite the widely held belief that you should only get on the scales once a week.
I never cut out carbs, as I needed them for energy to exercise and I ate nothing after 6pm until the next morning.Amazingly, I didna€™t feel hungry, and in four weeks I lost a stone.
You should create a lifestyle you can stick to.If you try to avoid all your favourite foods and run 20 miles a day, then youa€™ll fail.
I began to exercise more, as I had more energy and wanted to speed up my weight loss a€” the weight dropped off even quicker, and in five months I lost 7 st.
Be realistic.I lost 22 lb three years ago and occasionally I put a couple of pounds back on. I couldna€™t believe how great I felt.When I went back to my GP for a blood test, my sugar levels were completely normal.
In one trial, 11 volunteers lost an average of 22 lb by the end of four weeks, most of it fat.
But I can rapidly lose them again, and Ia€™m sure the main reason Ia€™ve succeeded in keeping off the weight is because Ia€™ve gone from gorging on sugary carbs to following a Mediterranean-style eating plan.
The more often people weighed themselves, the more weight they lost.a–  When I go out for a meal, I make sure the bread basket is never left on the table or I would just help myself.
My GP couldna€™t believe it and sent the results back to the lab saying they must be wrong.But when I was retested, the results came back the same.
That, and a few other things you might find useful, too:a–  I try to sit at the kitchen table for every meal. My GP told me he wasna€™t sure it was even possible to reverse diabetes, as I had a€” but it was!Now Ia€™ve come off the metformin and even the statins.

Research shows that a small amount of something sticky and tasty is just as satisfying as a large amount.a–  I try not to go shopping on an empty stomach and aim to fill half the trolley, at least, with healthy stuff. My golden rule is never eat at weddings!My BMI is a healthy 24 and to maintain my weight I have started running outdoors a€” Ia€™d always been too embarrassed to be seen in running shorts before, but now I look fine. I used to kid myself that if I bought cake or a packet or biscuits I would only eat a small amount. Most days I also cycle about 40 miles.The best thing about it all is that my GP says Ia€™ve added ten years to my life.
I make large quantities, often out of leftover vegetables, and keep the unused stuff in the freezer.a–  If you are drinking wine with your meal, leave the bottle on the other side of the room. For the same reason, I never buy large bars of chocolate, however much of a bargain they may seem.a–  My family got a dog, Tari, and she barks loudly if we dona€™t take her for a walk at least once a day.
This is great exercise for humans, too, but is perhaps not the most practical tip if you live in a city a€” or prefer cats.a–  Keep busy. I find that I am less likely to refill my glass or help myself to seconds if I have to get up from the table.
It got my heart going and was mentally challenging.a–  every day I acknowledge a€?three good thingsa€™.
It doesna€™t have to be much, perhaps someone complimented you or you saw a beautiful sunset. It focuses your attention on the positives and boosts your mood.a–  Most weeks I try to fast.
There are health benefits from short periods of fasting and it reminds me that I can control hunger and it does not control me.a–  I think it is sad how many people stand on escalators when they could be burning a few extra calories by walking up them. Julian was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2012, but no longer needs medication after following the 800-calorie diet. He says:My wife and I do a lot of wedding photography and for years I was always the short jolly chap who ate all the canapes.

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