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Although I did track my progress as I went (see home page), I am putting an overview of my results here.
I ate smart and burned A TON of fat using the information and workouts as taught in Visual Impact Cardio.
Rusty does have a weight lifting course for women that is very good as well, but no, I didn’t follow that one. Yeah, I kind of figured I would get some good results but I am pretty blown away with how good of results and how much different I look in only 2 months.
I did phase 3 from Visual Impact Muscle Building just as Rusty has it laid out … I worked out after work and did resistance training and then cardio right after. I was under the impression from what I’ve been reading on the Visual Impact Cardio site that the cardio was NOT to be done after training? Does this program need to be done with a weight training program (like Visual Impact Muscle Building) to ensure that you don’t lose muscle? I’m at a bit of a sticking point with my training and, being mainly ectomorph, I always want to just bulk bulk bulk but if I can look as sharp as you at 162 lbs then I need to follow this program now! Obviously I don’t look as big as I did with baggy clothes on, but with my shirt off I look just as big and with fitted clothes I look fairly close (not quite) but that’s fine by me!
Amazing lean look is such as short amount of time of 8 weeks, anyone would be ecstatic about that. You know man, I’ve actually gotten pretty good results from following VIMB only but I can honestly say that the cardio aspect in VIC is much more effective, and efficient.
I did VIC 5 days a week and then added an optional VERY low intensity workout most weeks to make it 6 … I definitely worked for my results! I cant help thinking that being more ripped also means looking older facially as well though. Kevin – which of the three programs in the book did you follow (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? Bit curious though, had you used VI with the cardio as given at any time before – were the results very different? The results I got from going through this Visual Impact Cardio Review are much better though.
Can someone tell me WHY none of the links for VISUAL IMPACT CARDIO work on this page on even on Rusty Moore’s website?
Rusty actually added the diet section to the book after I was into the workout for a while and following my own plan. I ate pretty low calories … even a little lower than what Rusty suggests in the book. If your main concern is getting lean and not adding any size then I’d skip straight to phase 3 and do that for 2 months or more, depending upon how your body responds. If you start to plateau after 2 or 3 months then go to phase 2 for 1 or 2 months and then back to phase 3. I did actually gain strength for the first 7 weeks or so while dropping weight … pretty cool. I figured you could get better results taking supplements, but for my review I just didn’t want to taint it at all, that’s why I didn’t take anything.
My plan is to maintain the results I got and to follow the maintenance workouts in Visual Impact Cardio. As you’ve now done the maintenance plan for 8 weeks after your 8 week experiment, have your metrics stayed the same? Some people feel sad, hopeless, and helpless due to loss in business, difficulties, and struggles of life. When someone has a problem with gluten or with anything else, it is not so easy to discover it because you can always have different signs and symptoms that could represent something completely else. Philippine officials confirmed that they had the second MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) case in the country. Changing one's lifestyle is easier said than done when it comes to killing old habits and adopting new ones, despite the fact that we know better.
If you ask multiple experts on what is the best drink to start the morning, it is likely that most of them will talk of lemon water. More than 70% of our body is comprised of water, and it is generally perceived that it is a key supplement for our bodies. Keeping fit and maintaining good health is especially important in old age, considering that the fallout of injury or illness at an advanced age is difficult to cope with, both for the senior, as well as for loved ones. A study suggests that puberty can develop a wide range of diseases like cancer and diabetes. Maturing of friends and family influences all families, however most particularly it influences the ladies of these families.
Well, I think you'll look a lot bigger than you think if you rip up a little, as long as you don't feel the process of getting leaner will tear down all you've built up at this stage. You're still pretty lean, but at about 12% on that pic (lighting's bad tho'), but you've got a great frame to add mass to with a good muscular base at the moment.

You look great man, like they said before, bulk up a bit more and get those shoulders and traps up and you'll look so sick man. Okay, ignoring for the moment the ludicrous idea that there could be one perfect female body for all the men (or all the women) out there, this idea STILL doesn’t work. It’s so amazing that the Jesuit order can run your country, use Freemasons to destroy what you are supposed to know, and do away with your Constitution and futures, and yet you retards read shit like this. BTW, No one said this is the look everyone prefers , but what the majority of women and men (in this poll) prefer in the opposite sex. Daily probiotic yogurt consumption may improve energy metabolism and reduce body fat levels by up to 4%, say results of a placebo-controlled, double-blind cross-over clinical trial in Canada. Yogurt containing the ‘novel probiotic’ strains Lactobacillus amylovorus or Lactobacillus fermentum for six weeks was associated with significantly reduced body fat mass, with the greatest reduction seen for L. Dr Gordon and his group recently pushed back the scientific boundaries even further in this area.
Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Hi, I do consider myself to have a good understanding of the very good quality probiotics on the market these days. INNOBIO is a leading manufacturer of functional nutrition ingredients and an expert in meeting customer specific requirements.
No matter how protein-packed your product may be, if it doesn’t taste good, it’s not likely to gain much of a fan base. INNOBIO VEGAN CLA TG Powder is a unique CLA powder designed to be compatible with a vegetarian diet and lifestyle.
From botanicals to omega 3s, Millennials want products that include particular ingredients or meet specific requirements.
Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Powder is a white or off-white and free-flowing powder with excellent water solubility. Transparency could be the solution to many of the industry’s woes, according to leading industry figures. In the BF test I took today my result was 6.5% BF, arms were just over 3%, torso around 5% and legs were 9-10% apparently, not sure how accurate it is. Even though I only posted updates every two weeks, I was tracking my progress every week … even every day. Although that is probably the most revealing area as far as body fat is concerned, there are other areas.
I skipped straight to Phase 3 in Visual Impact Muscle Building and followed the weight lifting aspect from that for 8 weeks.
Yeah, I definitely worked for it but I honestly could not have gotten these kind of results, this quick, without following Rusty’s advice.
That the weight training and cardio was to be separate in the new system, versus how it is done in VIMB. Or is there something in this program like calisthenics or something which will deal with that?
I do recommend that you follow SOMETHING (of course I would recommend VIMB) to ensure the best possible results. Congrats…I saw you used phase 3 alongside this cardio regimen, can you give an idea of what a week would look like for you training wise including VI cardio and VI phase 3? Well done mate, that’s a lotta sweat and hard work that went into that transformation. Yeah, I did the workouts exactly as laid out in phase 3 of VIMB but instead of the cardio that was in there I substituted it with the cardio info from VIC.
Obviously I got the workout for free but if I was able to look ahead to now before getting the workout I would buy it in a second! Several questions, how much did you change your diet and how would someone incorporate VI Cardio into other Phases(1 or 2) in VIMB if they were not to Phase 3 yet? Unless you are very much a beginner, you won’t be able to really gain much muscle and lose much fat at the same time. Since I was getting such great results and not losing any muscle I decided to just stick to what I was doing.
I am an avid fan of al things visual impact and rusty so I didn’t really need a big push to commit to this, however seeing your pictures has definitely convinced me especially as im in similar shape to you at maybe week 1 or 2 so I think I’ll def see results! Additionally, if you don’t mind what are some estimates of your maxes (bench, shoulder press, deadlift, etc)?
I knew Rusty’s program would work, but you doing it in such a short time inspired me to purchase his VIC program.
Those last two weeks where actually some of the most drastic as far as lower belly fat goes. I ended up lifting 4 days a week and doing cardio 5-6 days (changed depending on my circumstances) a week. Instead, I like harder exercises like hanging leg raises, hanging feet to bar leg raises etc.

Instead of the workouts as outlined in there, I did lactate threshold intervals 1-2 times a week.
One cup of warm water taken with half a lemon and half teaspoon of honey is known to have many benefits for the body, and here are some facts you should know. They are hoping that in the near future, we could use them to screen people for diabetes, cancer and infections.
If you start early or late, you can alter 48 separate condition and this includes the menopause age. Wives, moms, girls, even close relatives and cousins are the people who must convey the biggest offer of the weight of watching over maturing relatives. You have lots of time to shed the fat before summer if that is part of your short term goals.
In an ‘elegant’ study, the St Louis-based scientists reported that probiotics in a yogurt did not colonize the gut microflora when studied in identical twins, but additional study in mice revealed that ingestion of probiotic bacteria produced a change in many metabolic pathways, particularly those related to carbohydrate metabolism (Science Translational Medicine, Vol. I counted calories for the most part and did cardio around 3-4 times a week (HIIT early on and then switched to steady state). After going through Visual Impact Cardio I have noticed that my results reach far more areas than just my abs. Obviously your lower midsection is tons more defined, but you can even notice how much leaner you are around your neck region as well as your arms. I have VIMB, and I just got the email about the new program yesterday so I haven’t had much time to read it all.
At either rate though, you’re allow to be much more liberal on the weekends with your food intake. I was seriously surprised with my own results and how the fat continued dropping off … even when I was down to 8 and 7%.
Once I hit my most efficient routine I just stayed there because it was producing awesome and consistent results.
My thoughts are that 8-10 calories per pound of your goal weight will get you quick results.
One question, Im about 19 weeks out from a big holiday and Im kind of aiming everything for that, however im keen to start VIC now – so my question is what are you going to do to maintain that, is that something addressed in VIC or should I begin this in say 9 weeks so I hit low BF just in time for hitting the pool? I guess I ask because I’m under the opinion you have to be strong as a beast to be ripped. What I do now is once I wake up, I take 1 pill of Hydroxycut just for the caffein since I don’t drink coffee then do VIC on an empty stomach.
Seems like once you get down to only having lower belly fat … that’s when it starts to come off. According to the health officials, he was tested positive and he is in quarantine near Manila. According to a recent study, placebos are rooted in neurobiology and they offer several benefits. As per the Scientific Reports, early puberty increases you to get affected by type 2 diabetes by 50%. Mind examination may be correctly what you have to change & lightening and profitable airs. If you aim to add 10 lbs over say 6 months I think that you would add very little fat and would look 'jacked'.
Stayed at a deficit of around 500 cals for the first month and the last few weeks only around 250 cals.
I guess its true what they say about a lower bodyfat percentage making you look bigger than you really are!
It’s setup with different levels of routines so you could follow one for a set period of time and then move on to the next.
A great way to finish off the ab routine is with planks or renegade rows too, those build great density as well. If you avoid smoking for one single day, you can find all the advantages right at that time. 1022-1023, 1027-1031) that microbial populations in the gut are different between obese and lean people, and that when the obese people lost weight their microflora reverted back to that observed in a lean person, suggesting that obesity may have a microbial component. And that’s with a 5000 calories cheat weekend (since I went to a beach party, but did not drink since I need to peak soon).
I do VIC in the morning, drink my shake and banana after an hour, wait 3 hours and do the bonus phase of VIMB during my lunchbreak (since I only eat a meal replacement for lunch and a protein shake anyway) and take my creatine after 30 minutes of working out. However, no changes were observed in body weight and composition between the groups.In addition, changes in the gut microflora were observed in both Lactobacilli groups.

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