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The Kahuzi-Biega National Park has been inscribed as a UNESCO Word Heritage in Danger since 1997.
The aim of this blog is to let the world know about the people and wildlife of this indispensable heritage of the world.
We are very pleased to announce that our founder John Kahekwa has been presented a 2013 Whitley Award by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal at the Royal Geographical Society in London, UK yesterday. We cerebrated POPOF’s 20th Anniversary on September 4 and the ceremony was held at CRSN-Lwiro, South-Kivu. There are two subspecies of gorillas in the central Africa, they range in the high altitude areas of DRCongo and Rwanda. Deschryver, on the other hand, as a male used to talk, looking straight in the eyes, showing the right hand to the silverback male that he called Casimir.
The brave Deschryver whom I shall pay my respect forever was married to my aunt Agnes Bujiriri.
After seeing that film, I became very ambitious to work with the Kahuzi-Biega Gorillas just as uncle Adrien did.
My first day I led a group of English tourists who came by the overland truck called Guerba Expeditions. I spent 20 years tracking different gorillas in the mountains of Bugulumiza in Kahuzi-Biega N.P.
Seven rangers were trained about the identification of gorilla individuals and nests construction. John Kahekwa himself has observed female gorillas give birth 3 times during his 26 years of tracking them. Each ranger has different thoughts on gorillas but some of them think they are mysterious creatures and others feel they are so close to the human. But there is one thing in common: All of them truly love gorillas and want to devote their energies and abilities to the cause of protection of gorillas! Since 1992 the Pole Pole Foundation International has been working side by side with the local communities through the time of peace and war. Radar Nishuli appreciated that I could be training the rangers to identify gorilla individuals and nests in order to review the genealogy of the existing groups and maintain the record updated. Dian Fossey as a female she used always to hide her face, cut down some leaves pretending that she was eating them, making noise with her throat, looking a side every time when the silverback male called Digit charged towards her. Thus I went to the Ameircan Peace Corps Training Center in Bukavu to learn some English before I could go to face the gorillas.
They haven’t seen any new particular behaviors since July, but after the training, a big new change is noticed among the rangers themselves.
Political instability and actual warfare in our region since mid-1990's put us through hardships.
Thus, as a joint program between POPOF and the KBNP, the training started early July and it has completed recently. Deschryver also would pluck some leaves, putting them in his mouth to look as if he was also feeding or sharing the same foliage with the male Casimir. I remember that I was about ten years old when I first saw a film, in which uncle Adrien was playing with the silverback male Casimir. Luckily, uncle did his best and I was engaged as translator and gorilla guide on October 1st, 1983.
During my tracking and other guiding works, I became able to recognize the silverbacks, adult females, black back sub adults, juveniles and babies. Some think they can be a dangerous animal because sometimes they can be attacked by silverbacks especially during the process of habituation.
I feel honored to play this important role for the park and I hope this will also contribute to the communities in the long term. I got a tip from this couple and I went down to Miti center 7 km from the park where I bought some candles, kerosene lamp, and a liter of kerosene. In the daylight I spent time with the gorillas and in the night I wrote some notes and draw the map and gorillas’ movement that I saw. But slowly and slowly, I got accustomed to the gorillas because I remembered I saw uncle get closer and finally mastered the group of Casimir. My daily observations consisted of the demography changes, deaths, births, transfers of members due to interactions, gorilla individual names, identification of members etc.

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