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Looking younger is a dream-come-true for every woman and when you reach above 40s or 50s you yearn to have a natural look. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and all essential nutrients is vital for young glowing skin. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in winter and 15 to 20 glasses in scorching summer when you perspire a lot. You can do different exercises like yoga, pilates, aerobics, cardio or simple walk to remove excess body fat.
Have you ever noticed that if you get your hair cut in short length you tend to look younger than your actual age? Wear only designer wear or stylish dresses in vibrant colors like red, yellow, purple, pink , orange and peach. Drinking water is not only good for overall health, but helps keep the skin around the eyes from succumbing to excessive wrinkles. Both sweet potatoes and cucumbers have innate properties that help reduce puffiness when placed directly on the eyes.
Going to bed without removing eye makeup can result in skin that is bogged down and sagging. Being diligent about applying moisturizer is probably one of the most important steps in retaining a youthful appearance around the eyes.
Not only is green tea a powerful antioxidant when consumed, but research has shown that the tannins and caffeine in the bags makes it an excellent eye compress that reduces puffiness. Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation.
This might sound harder than it actually is, but simply keeping abreast with fashion is a great way to look 10 years younger. This should come as no surprise—the best haircut can really make you look ten years younger. Decreased vision is sometimes a side effect of aging, but with the help of Vitamin C, beta carotene and Zinc you can increase the quality of your vision, as they can stop the muscular degenerating process.
The risk of the cancers and the effects of aging can be minimized by the consumption of red wine and grapes. The omega 3 in the fish can lower the risk of many diseases, which are familiar in the aging process and this compound can keep the skin and eyesight in the peak condition, omega 3 can be obtained from fish products or through a supplement. If you pay a little more attention to what you eat then you will look young, healthy, and full of life.
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I am not going to lie to you and tell you that you can miraculously look younger in a week or two. Also, it would be a good idea to test your blood and determine what types of food you should avoid according to your blood type.
I am not going to go on and on about what is good for you, if you are reading this you are old enough to know.
There is a chauvinistic, bust still a great joke about what God said when he created a man and a woman. Helen is enjoying life in the Philippines, jogging early every morning on the beach with her beautiful black labrador, Lawrence, and then spending the rest of her day in a lovely local coffee shop working from her MacBook as a remote PA. Thigh gap jewelry is a new trend that brings light to various other trends that, as a result, are affecting women and young girls in everyday life. Ever wonder if your healthy habits will really pay off?  Ever think that a lot of what we hear from the press and media, moreover science, is just a lot of hoopla?  Ever look in the mirror and wonder if you weren’t healthy, if you would look any different?  As we get older, we become hypersensitive to our aging process…questioning our lifestyle, our environment and even our gene pool.  Which of these factors are really aging us, or if we are healthy, keeping us young?  Today, my doubts were extinguished. Sun Exposure: Increased sun exposure was associated with an older appearance, especially as the twins got older. Alcohol: Alcohol dilates small blood vessels, increasing blood flow near the skin’s surface. As we get older, our lifestyle choices become even more important…especially when it comes to the aging process and looking and feeling our best.  Have you witnessed anything like the twin phenomenon?  Have you made a lifestyle change that has helped you to ‘reverse’ or slow the signs of aging? Brett Blumenthal is owner of Sheer Balance and bestselling author of 52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You (January 2012) and Get Real and STOP Dieting! She has 20 years of experience in wellness promotion and almost 10 years experience in management consulting; including branding, change management, and training strategy and development for Fortune 100 companies.
Brett received her MBA from Johnson at Cornell University, where she graduated as a Park Fellow; she also earned her bachelors degree from Cornell University. Instead of getting expensive beauty treatments from salon and spending thousands of dollars on that, it is better to follow ways and tips that are simple. Brussels sprouts are a great source of lutein which prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. Lying back with slices of either vegetable placed on the eyes for 10 minutes in the morning can help eliminate swelling.

Use of this website and the information contained herein does not create a doctor-patient relationship. Apr, 2011 With everything that comes at you in your life, you might want some tips on how to look 10 years younger.
Now, it might sound like you need an endless checking account to maintain a consistently-stylish wardrobe, but keeping one is as easy as shopping for groceries!
By focusing on your facial features and not covering them up with, say, excessive bangs, you’re painting a portrait of your face that will make you look 10 years younger. Even though age can be a sign of wisdom and experience, people do not like how it decreases the youthful appearance and increases the negative health aspects of the body. Dark green vegetables, spinach, collard, corn, pepper, cantaloupes and oranges can be very helpful in this process as well.
Rice, wheat, barley and other types can be very important, as they minimize the risk of diabetes, and help to keep the blood circulating.
Meat, dairy products and some bakery products can be very fatty and promote heart failures and other issues.
It may require a few adjustments to your lifestyle, but one day you will look back on your sacrifices with joy and feel good about your age. They do not reflect the opinions of Exceptional Health™ or any of its affiliates and they have not been reviewed by an expert in a related field for accuracy, balance or objectivity.
We have to deal with hormones, work, household, children and yet find the time to look good and, as if this is not enough, feel even better. You take care of your lungs by not smoking, your liver by not eating fat or drinking too much. If your hair is shiny, always freshly dyed and nurtured, you will look younger.  Treat your hair with almond oil. Your butt will not hang around your knees, your abs will inspire envy, your entire body will look and feel younger. Those twins with outdoor hobbies such as golf and tennis had a perceived older appearance, while those who used skin protection (sunscreen) led to a younger appearance.  Why is this so?
She is certified by WELCOA (Wellness Council of America) and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America). A recent study has shown that a few simple tricks can help eyes retain and restore their vibrant youthful appearance. Always consult with your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.
As our lives take a toll on us and we juggle responsibilities such as raising a family and advancing a career, many Americans tend to let their looks go to waste and sometimes appear to be older than they actually are. By doing a little bit of window shopping at popular stores, you’ll be able to see the kinds of styles that are both trendy and age-appropriate. Ask your hair-dresser for their best tips, but according to Allure, the best looks seem to be wavier hair with side-swept bangs that really accentuate facial features, not just cover them up.
However, the rate can be increased with the correct type of nutrients, which can be obtained from eating healthy meals and taking quality supplements. Content and other information presented on this website are not a substitute for professional advice, counseling, diagnosis, or treatment.
If you are 30 today and you start using these tricks and tips, I guarantee that you will look 33 when you turn 40. Add fast food, sodas and office chair to that and you will get one unattractive female body. Then he created a woman and looked at her and said “What can I tell you, you will have to use makeup”. Basically, there are only 2 tips you should use when choosing makeup: use luminous (not shiny, these are 2 different things) foundations and eye shadows in natural colors.
What you can do: Make sure you eat a well balanced diet that incorporates healthy fats, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.
Her next book, A Whole New You: Six Steps to Ignite Change for Your Best Life will be released on December 18, 2012. Use bright and soft tones like rosy pink, peach, red, magenta, violet and maroon that are typical of young women. Here are a few tips that will help you look 10 years younger and stay as spry and healthy as you feel. From here, simply take that knowledge and apply it to the selection at a boutique or clothier that is within your price range. Get the Right Bra Ladies, sometimes “girls” can succumb to gravity over the years, and it will show. There are several common health issues that are prevalent in many older people and can be avoided with by eating healthy and avoiding unhealthy food.
Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical or mental health advice from your physician or other qualified health provider because of something you have read on Exceptional Health™.
Well, do not use any wrinkle face creams until you reach 30, not even then if you don’t actually have wrinkles. What we eat affects our organs (this includes skin, hair and nails) just as it affects our weight.

She regularly speaks at conferences, spas and wellness centers, and consults on topics of health and wellbeing, as well as business strategy. These following tips will help you look 10 years younger and ensure that you can show aging who’s boss!
One of the best ways to look 10 years younger is to get a professional bra fitting, to ensure that you’re looking better, no matter what time has done. For example, antioxidants found in many healthy foods can save the cells from harmful molecules in the body. Do not use chemical peal if you have normal complexion.  Always apply SPF when on the beach. Her writing is regularly featured on popular sites including: Yahoo!, Shine from Yahoo!, Divine Caroline, Intent and Gather. It also keeps skin firm, wards off wrinkles and keeps away acne, pimples and scars.Taking fluids can also help a lot. Of course, this is one of the tips that works best when combined with a few other tips on this list.
Factors such as physical exercise, food intake, attitude, and mental exercise can keep you from showing your age. Antioxidants are mostly found in colorful vegetables and fruits, but you can also take an antioxidant supplement if you feel you are not getting enough.
She has also been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Spa Magazine, Stuff Boston, American Fitness, The METRO and Organic Spa Magazine. New Glasses Even if you prefer to wear contacts, switching them up with a fresh pair of glasses will draw attention away from crow’s feet and bags that may have developed under your eyes. You may want to look 10 years younger, but that’s no reason to start dressing like you’re 16 years old. You can also do her workout.  At the age of 34 I have a body of a 20 something college girl thanks to her. Look for something with an attention-drawing frame but doesn’t stray into the Coke bottle territory. A Brighter Smile You’ll be surprised how much younger you’ll look with a bigger, brighter smile.
It is not easy to limit your food intake, but if we take care of our diet, then aging will not have as large of an impact on our appearance. This is one area where you might have to splurge—at the same time, if you want to look 10 years younger, getting a nice pair of glasses is going to be worth it. Years of smoking or drinking coffee can be absolute Hell for your teeth, and can definitely showcase your age to the world. Seek the advice of a professional and have them look at your face and decide what would be best for you, letting them know that you’re looking for styles that are both trendy and youthful. As such, invest in some whitening toothpaste and various whitening strips to help turn your teeth into pearly whites. Finally, please stay away from transition lenses—nothing says “grandparent” more than a pair of those. Moreover, cut back on vices such as red wine, coffee, and cigarettes to help maintain that healthy, youthful shine!
Fix Your Posture One of the tell-tale signs of aging is a slouch or, Heaven forbid, a hump on your back.
One of the best ways to look 10 years younger is to start standing up straighter and walking with a more-defined posture. The best way to do this is to get in the habit of, well, walking with your back straight—really, this one is more mental than it is physical.
If this is too difficult, consider using a personal massager on your back to help loosen up the muscles and make standing up straighter much, much easier. Eat Right You’ve heard the gamut before: not so much alcohol, plenty of vegetables, cut back on smoking, and sweets should be regulated.
You might be surprised to know that keeping a healthy diet is one of the best ways to look at least 10 years younger! Your body will function better as a result of getting the right fuels, and consequently, you’ll be able to lose a lot of the excess flab that comes with aging and an increasingly-poor diet. Plus, if you’re really working on making yourself look 10 years younger and are, thus, keeping yourself on an exercise regiment, keeping a good diet is a great way to keep your body in the best possible condition.
You don’t need to go to the gym and start benching 300 lbs.—at the very least, spend at least 20 minutes everyday working on your stomach, legs, and arms, as these are the first places on the body to show signs of aging. If you keep these parts in check, you’ll notice how much younger a flat stomach and toned arms can make you look!

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