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Hi my name is Tawhai, I am 30 years old and have a beautiful little girl who is turning 3 soon and I have lost 41.5kgs with Lose Baby Weight. I was browsing through my Facebook news feed and saw a post on a page I like, it was about the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day September Challenge. I had a look at the website and knew I had found what I needed to help me lose the weight that had piled on.
I have struggled with my weight all my adult life and now looking back I think I would fall of the wagon because A) I had to cut out food groups B) I was hungry a lot. For instance if you want a sweet sugary treat swap it for one of the many delicious sweet treats in the Challenge Hub or free recipes on the website. My daughter has food allergies and sensory issues with some foods and I haven’t had any problems customising the meal plans to suit her, the recipes are delicious, quick and easy.
When I started in mid-August I purchased The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and started using them, I also started introducing exercise back in my life before the September Challenge started.
I was so nervous starting the Challenge but excited as well, I lost 4.2kgs and have steadily lost weight since.
The Challenge exercises are great because you can build up your fitness over time and also modify for health issues etc. I love running around and playing with my daughter which I didn’t do before being so overweight, I would just sit and watch. Now 9 months down the track I can’t wait to have photos taken at our wedding and I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. For over 800 family friendly recipes with daily meal and exercise plans, join our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge made especially for BUSY MUMS – plus you do the challenge with tens of thousands of other mums and chat daily – even hourly with them for constant support in our private group. Ash Petroff has lost an INCREDIBLE 26kgs on our 28 Day Challenges and Healthy Mummy Smoothies and today she shows us 3 quick & easy lower body exercises to help tone and sculpt your legs.
A Weight (5 kg) is used during the quest While Guthix Sleeps to safely exit Movario's base.
Once the player has the required number of weights, they must be placed on the statue on the second floor of Movario's base. Prior to having him, I was 75kg with ok fitness. Now, I am between 75 and 76kg depending on the day and I am way more fit now than I was before him. I used the Lose Baby Weight a little bit at the start but really started getting into it last year. I have lost 23.5kg on the Lose Baby Weight smoothies, plans and challenges and my goal is to lose a further 10kg. I’ve been doing the monthly challenges since last year and have found them to be fabulous.
For me, our routine shifts around a little bit so having some effective exercises to do at home is a huge bonus.
I think a focus for me this month will be upping my exercise routine and giving some time, love and care to myself. Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too! The August Challenge is themed ‘all recipes under 5 ingredients” We are excited!
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Improve metabolism and reduce weight quickly and naturally get reduced belly fat too, with this simple recipe of water detoxification!
I’m a mum to a very energetic little boy who is 2 I’m so excited to be one of the motivating mums for September. I came across the lose baby weight Facebook page earlier this year and thought I would really love to give this a go but as always I didn’t until I seen a friend join up.
I thought to myself I have nothing to lose even if I gave it ago and failed miserably I would know that my mind and attitude towards my own health was heading in the right direction. Then I had a tragedy in my life my mum got diagnosed with cancer and I lost her 11 months later I was only 19 at the time and I didn’t deal with it well and I still don’t think I really have 8 years later.

I’m so lucky that I have had amazing man (who also happens to be my fiance) by my side since I was 16 that has loved me no matter what size I have been.
In 2012 I finally got off my ass kicked my soft drink habit started eating better and lost 20kgs but I fell pregnant in the august. I didn’t gain a huge amount while pregnant I think due to having very bad morning sickness but after I had my son I gained it all back and more! I was very much addicted to junk food I would very regularly go through the KFC drive though after work and get a snack box then it gradually turned into 2. I suffer from chronic headaches so I would tell myself it would make me feel better eating it and help my headache when I took pain killers.
The healthy mummy smoothies are really been my savour I love how easy there are and how much energy you get from them.
Before I joined the 28 day challenge if I didn’t eat potato in a meal I was not satisfied and when starting I didn’t know if I would be able to cut my potato addition. All the meals have been amazing, they’re so filling and yummy I have hardly ate potatoes since even my fiance loves the meals and has lost a few kg’s also. Onto my exercise routine, I have mostly just been walking but I always setup a few exercise sessions with friends each week depending on our work schedules. I also go on my exercise bike a few nights a week when I started I struggled to stay on it for a minute but now I can do 20 minutes straight. I have recently purchased a treadmill so hopefully by the end of September I will be able to report back to you with even more excitement in my words.
I can’t wait to share my progress with you all and help keep you all motivated throughout September and for you all to help keep me motivated. I work long days, sometimes without a break and had always found it hard to balance a healthy lifestyle until I found the Lose Baby Weight program. I used this excuse regularly and it was my partner who finally snapped as said, ‘Well do something about it Alex!’ That was my turning point.
Include the family in exercise- everyone will love it and it sets great examples for your kids.
I hope by reading my excuses you find motivation to start exercising or continue on your exercise journey. Unique diet plan – Follow these simple steps and learn to build a well-balanced diet plan. Malaysia calorie guide – all tips, sample diet plan and calorie foods in this ebook is based on 100% of the food available in Malaysia. Tips to control appetite – appetite control is important in your quest for weight control. Building Project: To design and build a new One-Storey Bungalow at Batu Puteh, Kinabatangan. Renovation Project: To design and build (renovation) a kitchen extension at Taman Sri Rimba, Batu 7, Sandakan. Renovation Project: To design and build (renovation) a kitchen extension at Taman Mawar, Batu 5, Sandakan. Big hello to all the mummy’s out there!I’m so thrilled to be one your motivating mums for June, to date I have lost 14kg with Lose Baby Weight. I started following Lose Baby Weight 28 day challenge online at the end of February, I had tried countless other shakes and I was getting no where at all-I needed hope! I had seen an add for Lose Baby Weight and I knew I had to try it, and boy am I glad I did!
The great thing is, it isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, an amazing one and I honestly could not have done this without Lose Baby Weight. I started at 69.9kgs and am now only 700 grams away from my goal of 55Kgs, I plan to keep following Lose Baby Weight and work on toning my body.
It’s going to be hard but I’m ready for this, after all, we can do anything we set our minds to.
Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too!

My Fiancee and I had booked our wedding and I knew I had to lose weight to feel good on the day. She will do bicep curls with little weights or try and do squats because she sees Mummy doing them, I love that Lose Baby Weight is helping my whole family. If you have a lot of weight to lose and a little just take it one day at a time and you will reach your goal!!!! Nothing makes me happier than to see him joining in with our exercises and enjoying himself whilst doing so. This was never a diet but a complete lifestyle change for me, and I committed to it 100% I’ve never experienced such a positive experience as I have with this plan IT WORKS. It works like a magic potion, and even with little or no exercise, you will begin to see a difference in as less as 10 days!
You might say I’m a work in progress but I have had some fantastic results and my life has changed so much! I always ate whatever I wanted without a care until I turned 15 I started to rapidly gain weight and around the same time I also developed irritable bowel syndrome.
Our family life is very busy and we travel interstate every fortnight to pick up my partners children. I didn’t want to always be the biggest person in the photos, I didn’t want to always buy XL clothes and kid myself that they would fit.
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He’s a pro at squats, lunges and sprints and he keeps me motivated during planks as he lays flat underneath me so it makes me stay up so I don’t squash him! I wasn't sure what I'd done to deserve such a wonderful gift of writing, and I wasn't sure if it was insolent, but I thanked God for fallen angels.
From the start of my weight loss I’ve lost 14 cm from my bust, 20.5cm from my waist and 18 cm from my hips. I’m only at the start of my running journey but rewind 12 months and I would have laughed at the idea of running. So I kicked myself into gear and started walking on the spot during my favourite shows or doing my weights.
I read on the Lose Baby Weight Facebook page a quote; ‘sweating is fat crying.’ Now I let my fat cry… actually I let it bawl its eyes out! The Healthy Mummy Smoothies are free of all caffeine, fructose, accelerants, fillers, artificial ingredients, gluten & dairy. Md Nursyazwi Bin Mohammad is a Muslim and born as Dusun ethnic, has a Diploma in Manufacturing Technology and a Bachelor in Design Manufacturing. I write about the Fashion Spot's best Beauty advice, Makeup tutorials, Hair ideas and Skin Care and Nail Art Designs Wedding Ideas Bridal .
I think I used this excuse for years and I would eat all the junk food in the house to get rid of it ready for my new healthy lifestyle. Instead of using this excuse day after day I changed my alarm clock in the morning and started with a 20 minute walk on the treadmill. The next day was the same and it went on and on and on until I finally bit the bullet and started walking with my daughter in the pram.
After a few days my body adjusted to the early morning and I actually started to feel refreshed. I even found that I enjoyed it as it gave me time to talk to the kids about different things and gave them a different experience.

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