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Does any of this sound familiar…Spending hours doing boring cardio while missing out on life.
Here's a fact: Most people who want to lose weight are working TOO HARD to get the results they want. If you're trying to lose the extra 10, 20 or even 30 pounds then listen up, because you're probably working much harder than you need to.
Here's the thing…Most people think of lazy as sitting around, watching TV and eating potato chips.
Every single week they have some crazy new exercise program designed to make Navy Seals and Olympic athletes vomit. You see—what they don't tell you in those magazine ads or those insane workout programs or those crazy diet book promises is that ALMOST ALL of those people dedicate their LIFE to looking like that. If you're like me—I just want to look good and have the time and energy to enjoy my family, and not have to worry about micro-managing my life around my body.
Those publications turn to him when they need unconventional but powerful strategies to help their readers.
And if you'd told me 2 years ago that there was a "lazy way to lose weight"—I would have laughed at you.
I'll tell you my embarrassing story in just a second so that you'll discover how the lazy way to lose weight works. Now let me be honest with you—the lazy way doesn't work as fast as a starvation diet or a brutal boot-camp workout routine. Now I'm embarrassed to admit this…but I even tried using a "fat burner" supplement that I saw advertised. Craig showed me a simple program that I had never heard about on TV or read about in any magazine.
By the time I finished the program—I had lost more than 14 pounds and literally re-shaped my body.
And 14 pounds might not sound like a lot of weight…but I'm only 5 feet tall so it was a huge drop for me! Now in just a second—I'm going to show you how this secret works and how you can get started today. First—most of the "systems" out there for losing weight and re-shaping your body have a fatal flaw. And because of that—they create programs that are really hard for people with real lives to follow. That's why insane, cookie-cutter workout programs or overly restrictive starvation diets haven't worked for you.
He started his career out as a personal trainer but he noticed that most people didn't have the same passion for fitness. Because it's all about making a few strategic changes that will BOOST your metabolism all day long so you can burn more fat with less effort. You'll burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year—even while you sleep.
You see, it's an extremely powerful combination of food and movement that will set your body up to burn fat all day long: while you're working, playing with your kids, driving in your car and even while you're sleeping at night.
When you diet the hard way by restricting your calories, giving up carbs or just plain starving yourself…something very bad happens.
Your body senses that it's not getting the calories it needs—so it goes into survival mode. That means your metabolism slows down, you burn WAY LESS fat and you have to work harder to lose a little weight.
In fact, after just one week on a traditional, hard way diet—your metabolism will have slowed down a ton i. When you give up all your favorite foods and starve yourself…you might lose some fat.
The lazy way involves making a few simple and strategic changes to your current diet that will set your body up to burn fat all day long.
Here's another one for you…how many crunches do you think it takes to burn 1 pound of fat? Now the lazy way to lose weight involves a little bit of exercise, but it's designed to do the opposite of long, slow and boring cardio. When you do a lazy workout you'll flip a switch that tells your body to burn extra fat for the next 38 hours! As soon as you finish the movements, you'll boost your metabolism so you burn fat while you eat, sleep, work and play with your kids. After you finish a quick lazy way exercise session—your fat burning metabolism gets boosted for up to 38 hours.
And the best part is—you can create the EPOC effect in your body in just a few minutes! This 10 minutes of exercise is going to cause some amazing changes to your fat burning metabolism. And I don't need to tell you that losing weight the lazy way is about increasing the time your body is burning fat instead of increasing the amount of time you're dieting or busting your butt in the gym. Or would you rather jog on a treadmill for an hour and ONLY burn fat while you're slaving away?
So remember—all those other programs you tried before failed you because they made you do it the hard way. Now let me tell you a few other simple tricks you can start using today to help lose weight and re-shape your body. Every time you pop on the treadmill and pound away—you're not doing anything for your metabolism.
The real dangerous stuff is hidden sugar in snack bars, low-fat diet foods, and other processed junk. So you gotta watch out for those…they're secretly making you pile on stubborn belly fat. The lazy way to lose weight consists of a series of unusual, yet extremely effective exercise routines that all take 10 minutes or less but give you hours and hours of extra fat burning. These are the totally unique strategies that have helped thousands of Craig's clients experience long-term and life-changing fat loss. Because the lazy way to lose weight is the foundation of what is quite simply the most powerful system for helping your body burn fat that I've ever seen. Metabolic Kick-Starter is the first and only weight loss plan based on the revolutionary lazy way to lose weight. Metabolic Kick-Starter can help you even if you have the absolute worst genetics in the world, a terrible metabolism or even if you think you've tried everything…just like it has worked for thousands of Craig's similarly-challenged clients. Before I go any further I must tell you what Metabolic Kick-Starter is NOT so that you know what you're about to experience.
But when you use the lazy way to lose weight…your true fat burning potential is unlocked and you help your metabolism zap all that stubborn fat. Craig calls it Metabolic Kick-Starter because the program is based around 25 lazy workouts that take just a few minutes to do.
You may be skeptical, but let me explain how it works and how it can help you get amazing results. Would you rather slave away on a treadmill for hours and hours just to burn a puny 400 calories? Would you rather work out for 10 minutes, set your fat burning metabolism on fire for almost 40 hours after you exercise?
It simply means when you start using the lazy way—your body will adapt to start burning FAT for energy. As you know, working out the hard way turns off your metabolism so you only burn fat while you're exercising.
But if you do it the lazy way—you can help your body get remarkable results with much less work. In fact, one recent study showed that lazy way workouts created 36% MORE fat burning after the workout.vii That means every minute of the day you'll be burning extra fat away.
Lazy way style workouts kept the afterburn effect going for 38 hours after the workout is done!
Think about it like this—if you perform a lazy way workout during your lunch break on Monday—you'll be burning fat all the way until Wednesday morning!
This routine boosts specific enzymes in your body (like citrate synthase in the mitochondira) and those enzymes tell your body to start burning fat for fuel. These enyzmes are the energy creation powerhouses of your body and if you treat them right…they'll reward you with a slim, sexy body.
You'll have more energy, confidence and your body will be hard at work burning away stubborn fat. He discovered that this routine creates immense fat burning enzyme production in your body. I honestly believe this is Craig's most important discovery yet and it will help hundreds of thousands of people lose their stubborn belly fat and get the body they want. Because it takes so little time—you won't have to worry about restrictive, impossible diets.

Metabolic Kick-Starter is a super easy to follow movement system that taps into your natural fat burning metabolism to melt away stubborn fat and help you feel younger, thinner and more vibrant than ever before!
Listen—before I go any further, it's important for me to be 100% upfront and honest with you. Now even though this program has changed my life and helped Craig's other clients transform their bodies he wanted me to warn you. If you're looking for that magic weight loss pill, potion or powder, then this is not for you.
If you're looking for this week's fad diet or workout routine, the lazy way is not for you.
Metabolic Kick-Starter is only for women and men who are ready to quit trying fat loss gimmicks in order to follow a proven, fast, step-by-step system for lifelong weight loss.
Even though this program has changed my life and helped Craig's other clients transform their bodies he wanted me to warn you. Remember, those other systems don't boost your natural fat burning metabolism so you burn fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now—you might suspect that this one-of-a-kind system that delivers these amazing results and has taken Craig more than 15 years to perfect would be extremely expensive.
He wanted to make sure that every single person who needs help losing stubborn belly fat could afford it so don't worry. These done-for-you videos show you exactly how to do each lazy workout to kickstart your fat burning metabolism and best of all…they all take 10 minutes or less. Not only that, these videos will guarantee that you'll know exactly what to do and when to do it in order to get the BEST possible results. And after just a few minutes—these videos will leave you feeling totally energized and ready to start the day.
If you time it right, and I'll show you how in the program you'll force your body to burn fat all day long…even if you're just sitting at a desk. Speaking of slimming and toning—This video you the secret to getting "movie star" arms.
As you wrap up week 3…You're likely down several inches, many pounds, and up in overall fitness level and experiencing an all-day energy boost. This 6-minute superfast circuit will tone your upper arms, tighten your triceps, and make you stronger in your favorite exercises.
Warning…This 4-Minute Cardio Circuit was designed to burn fat and dramatically boost your fitness level.
Best of all, you don't need any weights or equipment to do any of these fat burning movement patterns.
These advanced fat burning videos are much better than anything you could ever imagine your local personal trainer teaching you. Now these fat burning videos are 100% FREE for you today so that Craig can be right there with you on this new exciting transformation journey you're going on. And as crazy as this sounds, since Craig wants to make sure this revolutionary system is affordable…He WILL NOT charge you anything close to what he charges for personal consultations. Nope—I promised you would be shocked and delighted by how affordable this system is and I meant it.
But before I tell you exactly how affordable this system is I need to share something else you must know.
When you grab your copy of Metabolic Kick-Starter today—I'm going to throw in another free bonus. It's the perfect guide to making simple, sensible and very effective changes to your diet that will enhance your fat burning. It's called the Perfect Nutrition Plan because it's the perfect plan for busy folks like you. Metabolic Kick-Starter Main Manual - this will be your go-to guide for using the lazy way to lose weight to transform your body and your life. Metabolic Kick-Starter Movement Boost - these done-for-you videos show you exactly HOW to do each lazy workout to boost your fat burning metabolism.
The Perfect Nutrition Plan - This amazing free bonus is the perfect guide to the lazy way to eat. Craig wanted to make this an absolute no-brainer for anyone who wants to take the lazy way to get in shape. He figured he would start at this low price and keep it there until he couldn't keep up with the volume of customer support emails. Besides, even though Craig has more than 300,000 email subscribers and more than 250,000 Facebook Fans, he's not some mega-corporation. So he figured he'd keep the price nice and low for as long as he can to convince people to try the program out and tell their friends. If you don't experience a total body transformation and melt away stubborn fat, then I want you to simply send Craig an email anytime in the next 60 days and Craig will promptly issue you a 100% refund. So get instant access to everything in the Metabolic Kick-Starter program including the main system, the lazy workout videos, and the Perfect Nutrition Plan. What The Lazy Way will help you do is lose stubborn fat, slim down and get the body you want.
If you can spare just a few minutes per day, you can join thousands of other people, just like you, who have changed their lives with Craig's programs. Imagine how it will feel when you know that the food you're eating is being used by your body to melt away stubborn belly fat.
Just picture how good it will feel to wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and see a flat belly, slim figure, and a new sexier version of you. Your new body, confidence and happiness will improve every relationship you have right now. Use the power of the Lazy Way to force your body to burn away all your stubborn fat so you can claim your new body and new life right now. Take advantage of this limited time offer and join me on the laziest path to a slim, sexy body. When you take your test drive today—you risk nothing because you're protected by my 100% money back guarantee.
Now, I know having such a generous refund policy means that people will be able to take advantage of me but that's ok. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.
She also began to successfully compete in classical singing on a national level through the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). Her Teutonic, high-strung voice teacher at Indiana was nothing like the nurturing presence of Don Wilson. The confusion of following a college career that was accomodating to what she thought others wanted for her took its toll.
As an out-patient from the treatment center, she returned to Indiana to give the classical career one more try before giving up.
A friend who was living in Nashville convinced her to visit there for a few days to take a look around.
Before she left Belmont, shea€™d started of all things, a punk band called a€?Built Like Lizzie.a€? She dyed her hair multiple colors and wrote songs that expressed long-repressed anger over her stifled personal growth. On one stay-over in Oklahoma City, she attended an open mic 15 minutes from her parentsa€™ home.
General Mills, partnering with a€?The Biggest Loser,a€? issued a a€?Pound for Pound Challenge.a€? For every pound pledged to an online website, then lost, theya€™d give a pound of food to Feeding America. In Jericho, she sings, a€?a€¦wea€™re infinitely more than just the sum of all the pain thata€™s come beforea€¦ Maybe our walls will come crashing down.
Somewhere in late spring of last year, I listened to Sonicbids press kits for applicants to the 2009 Falcon Ridge Folk Festivala€™s Emerging Artists Showcase.
On New Yeara€™s Eve of 2008, Oklahoma Citya€™s mayor issued a challenge to his city, the nationa€™s fattest, to lose one million pounds.
Besides, you'll still be pleasantly surprised at how quickly the lazy way works considering how easy it is. I couldn't spend the rest of my life looking overweight and like I was a few years away from a nursing home. When you exercise the hard way using long, slow and boring cardio—you're using one of the most inefficient strategies for losing weight.
And besides—who has time to spend 5 or 6 hours a week on the treadmill for almost no results? If you're only burning fat for an hour per day while you're exercising…then you're doing it the hard way.
It will help you burn away the stubborn pounds by tapping into your body's natural fat burning metabolism. Right now, you're barely shoveling in any coal and the fat burning fire is flickering and weak.
He's put numerous subjects through these Lazy Way workouts and then studied their tissue under a high-powered microscope to analyze the enzyme changes.

The lazy way workouts boost your body's natural fat burning enzymes and zap away all your stubborn fat. Because you've taken action and read so far—I'm going to give you a very special bonus worth $197 to you totally FREE.
All you need to do is push play and follow along while Craig coaches you through the movements. The simple but unusual movements you'll do in this video will help you melt your belly fat.
Everyone who wants to lose weight and make healthy changes in their life will be able to grab a copy.
Instead of making you give up all your favorite foods and starve yourself…this plan shows you how to make a few simple food swaps that will boost your fat burning metabolism. In this complete guide, Craig will take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY what you need to do to get the body you want—and deserve!
Unlike other diet programs, you won't have to starve yourself or give up all your favorite foods. If you take action today and invest in Metabolic Kick-Starter, you're protected by Craig's 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. You don't even have to decide today…you have 60 days to decide if the Lazy Way is the right way for you. And imagine how good it will feel when you can go shopping for a new wardrobe that the new you can slip into. If you come back to this page later you may find that today's special discount for this life-changing system is OVER and you'll miss out.
Instead, follow these totally doable waist-whittling tips that happen to require zero deprivation. See the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) for more information. Clifford to the 2009 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists Showcase, and then again at the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference, voting for her presence in the organized showcases. However, someone a€?influentiala€? [and bone-headed] told her [at age 10!] that she was a€?too fata€? and that a€?no one would want to look at hera€? on the cover of an album. She gave up any dream of recording her own songs to accommodate what she thought were the goals other people had for her. In January of 2000, she moved there, but shuttled back and forth to Nashville to finish the CD.
The Biggest Loser would be filming press conference segments at food banks around the nation to publicize the challenge. In January of 2000, she moved there, but shuttled back and forth to Nashville to finish the CD.A  This became the start of a peripatetic journey, wherein she booked her own gigs and became a road-weary warrior. Celebrity trainers on weight loss TV shows DEMAND that you suffer and sacrifice just to lose a few pounds. But it's not true for losing weight and re-shaping your body…as long as you know the few simple tricks that I'll share with you.
When you start using the Lazy Way, it will be like you backed up an entire dump truck of coal into your fat burning engine. Oh, and let's get ready to take your after photos so you can show us how well you did with the program. All you need to do is push play and follow along while Craig coaches you through the entire workout. Instead, this plan will show you how a few simple (and delicious!) food swaps can boost your fat burning metabolism.
That golden voice, forged, sharpened and honed for its lifea€™s purpose, bears truth, like a mother cradles a newborn. She made the Tricentrics, and during the conference, I assured her that I would pay homage to her monumental talent. She watched how he applied himself to the craft of songwriting and absorbed every bit of advice he had to offer. It happened that the family of PR man, hobbyist musician Larry Williams needed a house-sitter for a week while they were away on vacation. That same year she attended Kerrville and also the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) Conference. In 2003, while planning to record a second album and get out on tour again, she got derailed. When they chose the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma City, they were told that a songwriter there had lost 100 pounds and had written a song about hunger.
This flower goes through many changes, in order to be reborn, to reach its mature state of intense beauty.
There is a tentative date for a performance at the Christopher Street Coffeehouse in NYCa€™s Greenwich Village on Thursday, April 15th. And I saw that he'd been helping people lose weight and re-shape their body for more than 10 years.
Early last month as she and her husband drove home to Oklahoma City through a snowstorm, we conducted a phone interview.
In addition to performing at the White House and for presidents Gerald Ford, George Bush, Jimmy Carter, and every Oklahoma governor since 1973, another claim to fame was having given country star Vince Gill his start.
She took at least two voice lessons per week and dance training in addition to her regular classes. So, when it was time to go to college, she welcomed entering a bigger arena and being away from her hometown. As it happened, her father, a fund-raising consultant for schools and non-profits, was at a meeting at Belmont University and offered to meet her there for lunch. Her father bought her a Martin and she learned to play the guitar by applying chords people taught her to her own songs. She went to his songwriter circles at the Bluebird Cafe and watched and listened to all the pros ply their craft.
David crossed the room to meet her, and they spent that evening getting to know one another, visiting another club afterward.
Her blog on her website gives some remarkable insights into the rigors of the waiting profession.
At a meeting at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, the idea arose for the food bank to join forces with the mayor's challenge to help promote the issue of hunger and see Oklahomans get healthy at the same time. You can keep trying to crash-diet or do impossible workout routines or you can try dangerous pills, powders or potions.
The meeting ran long, and while she waited, she took a look around and noticed that Belmont had a school of music. Shea€™d been in the company of Nashville pros for so long, that playing to the average listener was a new and rewarding experience. She finally realized that the compliant child in her had caused her to follow an unsuitable path. At the music school she was browsing through brochures when the dean, passing by, overheard her say that shea€™d just left Indiana University. Audience members reacted to her songs with emotion, telling her that shea€™d sung their story. Larry had his own digital studio in the basement and offered to help her make her first CD, free of charge. Also, both of her grandmothers passed away within two months, a very upsetting experience for K.C. She finally realized that the compliant child inA  her had caused her to follow an unsuitable path. Also, both of her grandmothers passed away within two months,A  a very upsetting experience for K.C.
Although she loved Nashville and thought shea€™d live there for the rest of her life, she realized that she needed to leave Nashville to find her own voice, her sound and her audience. She made it simple, so it would sound the way shea€™d present herself solo with a guitar to an audience. She was appalled that in this nation with its fields upon fields of food crops, so many children face hunger every day.
That golden-throated voice is fully formed and, knowing the path it took, her voice on those songs is enough to break your heart. So raise your voicea€¦ together we can change the course if only we will make the choice, so raise your voice.a€? The song, as well as all her albums are available from her website. So raise your voicea€¦A  together we can change the course if only we will make the choice, so raise your voice.a€? The song, as well as all her albums are available from her website.

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