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In the time of social media it seems like ita€™s easier for people to share their hate.On her weight loss Jill Scott has been getting a lot of love.
I'm very sorry to disappoint u angry folks but my being on television doesn't mean my size is your spokesperson,a€? she tweeted.A "Outchea angry like my weight pays your rent or changes ya salary! Skinny or heavy, someone is always going to have something to say, so ita€™s best to be how you want to be," she declares assertively.A "People say, "Oh, you were better heavy," or "I like you better thick," and I say, ita€™s not about you," Jennifer noted.A a€?Remember Monique?

Hell, even Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see that!a€?Now, Monique lost a weight eating healthier and exercising.
Brown responded to the haters by name-checking her mom, Whitney Houston, who was also naturally very thin.A But we are still worried a€“ not hating.

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