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One of the most popular couples on Tour thanks to his 2013 PGA Championship and goofy demeanor and her good looks, Jason and Amanda Dufner surprised the sports world in 2015 when they announced their divorce. As is often the case with high-profile breakups, scandalous and unsubstantiated rumors have surfaced, linking Amanda to Tiger Woods. A couple months after the divorce was made public, rumors from the National Enquirer claimed that Amanda and Woods were having an affair. The following month, Woods and Dufner chose to play a practice round at the Open Championship together, which speaks much louder volumes than any anonymous sources. The Dufners got hitched in May of 2012 and were separated in February 2015, less than three years later. The couple was introduced while Amanda was a student at the University of Alabama, and Jason, a graduate of rival Auburn, was already on the PGA Tour. Their first date went well, but with Dufner’s hectic schedule, he pretty much kissed her goodnight and disappeared.
He proposed the weekend of July Fourth after failing to make the cut at a tournament, and they were married on May 5, 2012. Prior to the divorce, Amanda was famous for her active Instagram account that she flooded daily with photos of her lifestyle.
In addition to the dog-themed Instagram account, which is priceless, she also reportedly got $3 million in the divorce.
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This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. SliMor Weight-Loss Capsules™ are a unique combination of herbal ingredients with one purpose: to help you lose weight. Introducing Easy Slimming Coffee, lose weight quickly while enjoying delicious cup of coffee! One Weight Loss Pill is for people who are looking for one product to serve as a fat burner, energy booster and appetite suppressant! While they were married, Amanda was often at Jason’s side at his tournaments, most notably making headlines when he won the 2013 PGA Championship. He did call often, and the two had long conversations, but they did not actually see each other again until both just happened to be in New Orleans for New Year’s Eve. Earlier this year, her and the popular Jason Dufner were divorced after he took an extended leave to lose weight to help him with his back problems. I guess derek Jeter and Leo DiCaprio are sex addicts too, the musical chairs they play with women.

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