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11 Healthy Foods That Are Very High In IronThe Daily MealTurkey meat is a healthy and delicious food. Is Coconut Oil Bad for Your Cholesterol?Huffington PostOne study found that consuming MCT oils helped reduce body fat and triglycerides more than omega 6 vegetable oils.
Paste Magazine12 Food-Related Consumer Awareness MysteriesPaste MagazineThe ugly truth about what we consume is real, raw and too often unclear. Fox News5 high fiber, high protein vegetarian mealsFox NewsQuick and easy to prepare, high fiber crackers topped with tomato sauce and low-fat cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, microwaved or broiled for just 2-3 minutes, is a high-protein and high-fiber vegetarian go-to. Mindful Eating 2 days ago To find out if a thought is reasonable give it the LURK treatment by asking:• L – is it logical• U – is it useful• R – is it realistic• K – is it kindIf it does not tick all boxes then dismiss the thought as nonsense. Fox News5 ways to exercise mindful eatingFox NewsNumerous evidence-based studies have been published discussing mindful eating as an essential weight loss tool. This simple app works in the background of your phone, allowing your to listen to music while you run. This app uses your phone’s GPS to track your route, distance, time, and speed in real time!
This incredible tool will track your calories on or offline as well as tracking your intake of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc.

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While consumer protection agencies are tasked with having our backs, food companies are equally tasked with making a profit.
But the vegetable is enjoying a renaissance from its days as a mainstay of the meat-and-three-veg Kiwi dinner. Rhubarb can be made into delicious dishes such as rhubarb pie, rhubarb sauce and rhubarb jam. These Canadian police are not 'meditating before starting their day', but at a one-off lecture. A University of Wisconsin study may have found the solution to unavoidable multitasking through simply counting breaths.
By eating mindfully, you can teach yourself to eat less, eat more wholesomely and feel more satisfied after meals. Luckily, technology is here to save the day with these 9 fantastic apps to help you lose weight!

It contains over 100 workouts all from expert trainers to give you the best quality and variety of workouts.
It gives you your BMI and lets you record the time of day of your session as well as any special notes you need to make about your weight loss or gain. This app sets time limits on various full body exercises to give you motivation and an extra push to reach your fitness goals. Stretches help heal your muscles after you’ve pushed them out of their comfort zone, and this app will help you try new stretches and time them for a relaxing and productive stretch. Instead of deliberately practicing down an already existing path, they often create their own path for others to follow.

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