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A little contouring can add depth and dimension, but too crazy and you add 5 years to your face.
Avoid foundations that aren't going for a "non-oily" look, those kinds will dry the skin out too much and give you a more "wrinkle and fine line" look! Only powder areas that are oily, like the nose, forehead, chin and the eyelids to give an "oil-free" zone to apply eyeshadow, or it will just settle into the creases.
MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: The Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride It's a cream cheek stain so that always makes the cheeks look more dewy, than a dry powder blush alone, and this shade is so pretty I just want to eat it! Avoiding the desire to darken the lower lashline, will give a "eyelift" illusion to your eyes and draw the eyes upwards. And I hope you loved my "How To Look Younger With Make-Up Video" and my special, extra baby faced, guest, Ellie!
You can slow down the ageing process by taking care of yourself, eating a healthy diet, and staying out of the sun, but what can you do to reverse the effects of ageing?
Thick, waxy concealer can make lines in the skin more pronounced and look cakey, which makes your skin look even older than it really is. You shouldn’t be trying to hide every imperfection your skin with thick layers of makeup, you should be trying to lighten and disguise them. Another good tip on how to make your face look younger is to plump up your lips. One of the effects of ageing is that we start to lose the collagen in our skin and this will cause the lips to thin out slightly. Next tip on how to make your face look younger is to avoid any powder based makeup products, because covering up with powder will make your face look older and emphasise fine lines and wrinkles.
Your brows may lighten and become sparser when you age as well, so taking good care of them is important too. Another tip on how to make your face look younger is to bring more definition and freshness to your face by using a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. As we get older, it can become tempting to try and brighten up the face and cover it with too much makeup, but that will actually make you look older, rather than younger. 10 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older and How to Fix ThemWe all come with hair regrets.
Japan Trend Shop is a web retailer that sells -- among other things -- a whole bunch of wacky health and beauty products that offer unconventional alternatives to plastic surgery.
Among the weirdest is the "Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece," a silicone rubber device that supposedly targets "sagging facial skin and muscles" by essentially providing a bit for the user to maw on like a teething child.
For $85, it doesn't look like the Face Slimmer is worth it -- even for the sake of novelty.
And here's the "Face Trainer," a vibrating mouth plug that promises a non-surgical face-lift.
Using highlighting and contouring, you can manipulate the shape of your face to appear more sculptured.

Different face shapes need different contouring or shaping, some will need more highlighting while others will use more contouring to help create the shape you are after. First thing to decide is what is your face shape, then be guided by this diagram as to where to contour, where to highlight or maybe just use blusher.
Contouring can add full roundness, but most "how to contour" images I see everywhere, just make someone look aged and a little crazy! Cover up under eye circles and the eyelids, this will make you look less red and veiny, and more like baby-face perfection!
Powdering the entire face can give a cake-y, dry look that will exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles everywhere! Add a soft light pink-pear shimmer to the eyes for  a bright-eyes look, and don't worry it won't LOOK pink, it will just draw the eye in a different way. As we age, our eyebrows lighten and thin and eventually turn grey, so the darker your brows, the younger you'll look! A black winged liner on the top lashline, really gives an innocent, yet glamourous look, think Audrey Hepburn- fresh, youthful, yet classic and beautiful!
Sadly, short of spending a fortune on cosmetic surgery, there is not a great deal that you can do to turn back the clock, but you can make your face look younger with makeup and a few simple tricks. It doesn’t even need to be some fancy kind of anti-ageing moisturiser, just regular moisturiser will do. So our next tip on how to make your face look younger is to compensate for that effect by using a foundation that has a slight yellow tint underlying it.
If you need to conceal red blotches, or dark circles under the eyes, it would be better for you to use a liquid concealer. To do this, use a creamy luminous foundation that is the same shade as the skin is on the lower half of your cheeks. To counter this effect, you can use lip plumping lipsticks, or you could try natural ways to plump up your lips like peppermint oil, which creates a mild irritation in the lips that will cause them to swell up slightly. Your biggest enemy will be anything that dries out your skin, or that can look cakey, so stock up on gels, creams and liquids, and use those instead. Tweeze only when you really need to and give them more definition by filling them in with an eyebrow pencil. Use an eyelash curler to open up your eyes and then apply a lengthening mascara to give them more body and length.
Don’t overdo it though, or you will look like a clown, but if you get it just right, and blend it in well, it will bring back some of that youthful glow to your face again. The makers recommend you say vowel sounds out loud over and over again, producing regular and methodical exercises that will strength the twelve facial expression muscles in a comprehensive way. If you get your makeup right, it can take years off the age of your face, but if you get it wrong, you can add years on.

If you moisturise regularly, your skin will become softer, more supple and it will plump up. A yellow tinted foundation gives your skin a much warmer appearance and, basically, the warmer your skin looks, the younger your face appears. You will still get the coverage that you need, but it will look smoother and more natural on your skin. Blend the foundation in well, with a damp sponge or beautyblender, and you will get the light coverage that you need to lessen the appearance of any lines that you may have, without it looking unnatural. Use an eyebrow pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural hair colour, and this will look more natural than a very dark shade. Avoid the really heavy eyelash thickening mascaras, though, they can often be too heavy for older, thinner lashes to support. So our final tip on how to make your face look younger is to use light, cream makeup products, and use colours that are subtle and warm. As you get older, the contrast in the features of your face lessens and you need to compensate for that with your makeup, so, if you want to erase years off your face, here are ten great tips on how to make your face look younger. Although she reported subtle differences, including a "plumper and more toned" face, the supposed benefits of the fad product did not outweigh the fact that using it made her feel like a complete idiot. Check out these top hair mistakes that make you look older and learn how to fix them STAT.1.
Going too darkDark brown, reddish tones, and jet black hair can be too harsh for some complexions.
Face framing highlights and warm tones add light to the face for a softer overall look.Clairol Color Director James Corbett advises that mature women shouldn’t just apply a dark black or brown all-over shade to cover their grays! For instance, products like Age Defy are formulated to cover 100% grays while providing lustrous, radiant color with the right tones and highlights to complement a woman’s skin tone.6.
Hiding behind your hairWomen often make the mistake of hiding their insecurities behind their hair which, in retrospect, does them no justice.
Avoid ashy tones that can look gray or whiteAs you get older, super short sculpted hairstyles are very hard to wear and tend to accentuate sagging skin and jowling. Do your partHair parted to the side with a long fringe will emphasize cheekbones and even sharpen jawlines, whereas bangs draw attention to the eyes, so keep that in mind if you’re worried around wrinkles around your eyes. Watch out for straight across bangs These are not always flattering and can be masculinizing and very hard to grow out.

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