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Frances Childs now feels confident, sassy and attractive with her new cut and colour [TIM CLARKE]Forget flawless skin, designer clothes or the perfect body. Laura is a 20-something year old media student with a great passion for fashion, pop culture, beauty and travel. Hi guys, I used a new app called KnowMe to create a tutorial on how to whiten your teeth at home.
Hi guys, I was recently in Saint Lucia ( Beautiful place) and discovered this amazing body cream that is made from chocolate that they grow right on the island. A time tested trick that always works – trim your hair to a length just above your shoulders.

But hold on ladies, there is something much simpler to make you look as less as 10 years younger than your actual age.
If you have a dark skin tone, I’d suggest a thicker liner whereas a thin liner suits lighter skin tones.
Even the young ones are going for shorter styles these days – the Bob, the short Updo, the edgy Pixie – these are the ‘in’ styles. Check out these celebrity hairstyles—each one gorgeous, of course, but also looking older due to certain overly perfect hairdos. Choosing the right lip color makes a world of a difference, especially when age brings along those lip lines.

I recommend a soft and vibrant tone – maybe a lighter shade of rose, apricot, or even a deeper shade of pink. My tip – dab some gloss on top of soft color to maintain a crisp balance between all the jazz and maturity!
The warmer colours suit me and I do think I look younger.Alexander took a while to adjust to it but he eventually decided he really liked it.

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