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Self esteem and confidence are big issues we see teens struggling with a lot these days, especially teen girls.  We found an expert in this area to share with you some of her thoughts and strategies to deal with these issues and teach us how to motivate a teenager. All parents want to help empower their teenager with positive tools for building self esteem. When something comes up where a decision needs to be made, instead of saying “this is the way it is, because I’m your parent”, try sitting with them and discussing the problem.
Here’s an example: Your daughter says something about a girl at school, who is smoking cigarettes at 12 years old.
Teenagers need assurance that their feelings are important: listening lets them know you care. Ask your teen what they think about smoking, what are the things that are cool about it, and what are the things that are not good about it. You may be saying, “COOL ABOUT IT, are you crazy, there is nothing cool about it”; again your opinion is not communication. Ask your teen what she thinks about the girl at school who is smoking at 12, does she think it is a good decision or not. Teenagers are smart; your goal is to help them practice making good decisions, not make the decisions for them. What we want are teens who feel free to come to us with anything: if they feel judgments, which most of the time your opinions will feel like, they will not want to communicate with you.
Allowing your teenagers to lead the decision-making process will empower them to make good choices when you are not around.
The more teens learn how to make good decisions, the more confident they will be with who they are and continue to make good decisions.
Would you agree that you as a parent have more experience with decision-making then your 13 year old?
Teen and parenting mentor Debra Beck, who has spent over 20 years working with teens and parents, is a devoted mother, sought-after presenter, and author.

What has been your experience trying to motivate your teenagers to follow through on their commitments? Parenting.lkApr 10, 2016Online networking or else, social media has been booming all around the world.
Parenting.lkJun 02, 2015Digital world has widespread its arms and now entire globe has connected together with internet.
Parenting.lkFeb 07, 2015One month in to 2015, I am pretty sure most of us are settled and getting about with our usual day to day events.
DhanishkaDec 07, 2014Sports today for most students and parents have become a serious affair. Parenting.lkJan 28, 2014When dealing with a teenager, parents often face an uphill battle, especially when it comes to motivating them. Parenting.lkJan 25, 2014Bad behaviour does not subside when a child no longer requires diapers, or pass from grade 8.
What every parent wants for their child is to give them the tools to become mature adults, that “know-how” to make good decisions for themselves. When they leave the house at 18 years old… when we are nowhere around, and they are faced with a problem…we want them to have a bag of tools they can use to make a decision that is in their best interest. Instead of freaking out and saying “ are you kidding, she is way to young to smoke, do her parents know about this”, try to remember that this is an opportunity to communicate with your teen. Again, the goal is to help them practice making good decisions, rather than making the decisions for them through your opinions. Every time an issue arises, whether it be their issue or an issue of someone else’s they are talking about, an opportunity presents itself to practice. The definition of communication is: the exchange of information between individuals, not the opinion of one person. I’m not saying that if your teen comes up with more reasons to smoke then not, that you buy her a pack of cigarettes.

Her award-winning book “My Feet Aren’t Ugly: A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out”. With Your Kids on a Budget It’s not uncommon for your teen to want to sleep late, lounge on the couch, play video games or be lazy. It’s not even a problem for the most part, because everyone deserves a break -- a chance to relax and do absolutely nothing while enjoying every second of it.
An unmotivated teen isn’t easy to deal with, which is especially problematic when it comes to his school work and future. Because he may not understand the importance of motivation, it’s your job to light a fire beneath him so that his future will be brighter. Your teen needs you to pay attention to her homework, her studying and her future just as much now as she did when she was learning to read and write. Your attention helps to motivate her to perform well in school and in other aspects of her life. For example, if his grades aren’t very good and you want him more motivated to bring them up, take him on a college campus tour.
Let him visit the campuses, take him to the frat houses, show him around the towns and let him meet some of the current students. He may suddenly become very motivated to improve his grades once he sees firsthand what he’s missing out on by not doing his school work. According to former drug addiction specialist with the Interagency Drug Abuse Recovery Program, Anne Messersmith, when you blame your teen’s lack of motivation on anything but her lack of motivation, you are enabling her to continue being unmotivated.

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