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Celebrities and their flawless beauty, we aspire to copy their looks, dream about being them for a day and idolize their “perfection” because let’s face it no one graces a magazine cover unless their perfect right?
Warning the following images contains content that may not be suitable to children and adults who have fantasies about these celebs!
The 90210 star looks washed out, pasty and spotty sans make-up but in true Hollywood style she cleans up good, amazing what a good concealer can do hey Annalynne McCord?
Eva Mendes is proof that a healthy lifestyle can do wonders if flawless skin is what you’re after, although a little mascara seems to hide this woman’s age so well. Not sure if you agree but Lady G can sure pull off the girl-next-door look when she really wants, you could pass for normal if you keep it up Gaga.
This has to be a marketing joke because she was recently named most beautiful women alive but there seems to be no difference between the two pics, with make-up (left) and sans Gwyneth? Going au natural for a child protection week campaign Heidi Klum looks like she is a cast member in the next Resident Evil movie, definitely prefer her with make-up if you ask me. This woman is truly blessed, beauty and brains and a vault full of dough Ivanka Trump is radiant with make-up and fresh-faced without. Jordin Sparks is truly beautiful and this is proof, the songstress looks amazing without so much as lip-gloss on, she definitely is an “idol”.
Woah mama, somebody stop Katherine Heigl from ever leaving the house without first covering up her pasty, blotchy skin before she scares all the children…..my eyes oh my eyes!

Not sure if my eyes are still recovering from seeing Heigl sans make-up or not but Kim Kardashian looks younger and more radiant with no make-up on, who knew? Beyonce’ looks amazing without make-up, the simple look suits you more Bey but then again you’re a wow factor all did up also.
Shut the front door…..Sophia Vergara yes the sexy Latina…can pass for a bag lady without make-up on woah consider my mind blown! She paid for them to see her West End show in which she plays the Queen and then invited Oliver and mother Catherine Browne backstage where she introduced him to her corgis and her butler served tea.The 67-year-old star, who this month hit the headlines for her four-letter offensive remark against a troupe of noisy street drummers outside her play, donned her white wig and pearls and even knighted him Sir Oliver during the dressing room visit. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. The first Conservative Queena€™s Speech for almost 20 years will be published on Wednesday. Enterprise Bill: This wide-ranging law will include new measures setting minimum turnout thresholds for strike ballots in a€?essential servicesa€™ such as schools, hospitals and the rail network.
UNEXPECTED RECOGNIITION: General practitioner Dr David Howe has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal in the General Division of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. WRONG…whilst there’s no such thing as perfection, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I thought I’d reveal exactly how deceiving a photo-shoot and red carpet appearance can be. The radiant beauty looks disheveled and swollen without make-up…hmmm so that’s what contouring means?

Oliver thought she was the real Queen, and well, that's good enough for us.'She was really lovely. The measure, worth A?5,000 a year to working parents, will not come into force until April 2017. And you know what that means (style-wise) - slutty cocktail dresses, LBDs, and lots of glitter and sequins. Prepare yourselves, these images are not for the faint-hearted, viewer discretion is advised.
She did the whole thing - had a butler there, was dressed in costume and did it all properly for him.
But the Chancellor and David Cameron believe it will prove to the public that they can be trusted on tax.
The big night is almost upon us but it's not too late to get a crash course on how to do your make-up so you could look fabulous for Old Year's Night.Blair Fowler's New Year's Eve lookWe've already featured Blair Fowler, the YouTube Queen of Fashion. We are all over the place really, we don't know what is going on yet.'To donate click here.

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