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5:2, the Intermittent Fasting DietIntermittent fasting for weight loss is the latest diet claiming to get results.
Claimed to help us to not only stay slim and live longer, but also ward off illnesses from diabetes to dementia, it certainly sounds impressive.  So should we give a fasting diet a go? There are different approaches, for example, alternating days of fasting and eating freely, or fasting for a more extended period. Most of the evidence relating to the claimed health benefits of IF comes from animal studies. There are some short term studies published regarding the weight loss potential of intermittent fasting. Last year a British study amongst 107 overweight women (aged 30-45) was published in the 1American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Weight loss was similar between the 2 diet groups (around 6kg) as was decrease in body fat and waist measurement. Both test diets led to modest improvements in fasting insulin levels and insulin sensitivity, with a greater effect for the 5:2 IF group. At the end of the trial only 58% of those following 5:2 IF planned to continue compared to 85% of those following the Mediterranean style diet. A second study used the same criteria but changed the 2 consecutive fasting days from being milk based to a low carb regime.
If we are overweight, and lose some weight, then our overall body health will benefit – whichever approach we use. However, it isn’t healthy to follow unbalanced diets, or to greatly restrict what we eat one day, and then go mad eating whatever on other days of the week. Remember however, that any dietary approach is only effective if it is nutritionally sound and can be sustained; studies comparing different popular and conventional dietary methods find that the most helpful ones are those that people can best keep to. Increased Time in Fat Burning Mode – By eating every few hours, you are keep your insulin levels elevated.
Increased Growth Hormone Levels – Since I stop eating at 6pm, my growth hormone (GH) can be released throughout the night in maximum amounts without interference from insulin production. Improved Insulin Sensitivity – Going 16 hours without a meal increases my insulin sensitivity.
There are many other studies on intermittent fasting that have shown benefits in the fields of life extension and fighting cancer. I need to go ahead and put this out there because people will believe this is the best way or only way to lose weight. Hey Noah, I actually was going to go into a bit more detail on IF in a future article, but since you asked, here are my thoughts.
Keep us up to date with your labs and experience, mine have always looked better on IF then off. Does the fasting have to occur at the same time daily or can it be a moveable feast (pardon the pun)? I feel this could suit me as I really enjoy my mealtimes and would rather be hungry and wait than snack inbetween, I’ve pretty much always been a 3 meal a day person as opposed to 6 smaller meals. I sometimes do a 24 hour fast on a Saturday or a Sunday although I’m nowhere near as consistent as I should be with these 24 hour fasts. Did you measure your body fat% and your muscle% and if so how did they look at the start and the end of a week.
Hey just found your website and found it a wealth of info ,I am a little confused with this thread what do you mean by Take 10 times your body weight in calories and eat them all within the fasting schedule you decide???

Hey Dale, that means to multiply your body weight times 10 )ie 200lbs * 10 = 2000 calories) and eat them all within your fasting schedule. I workout at different times during the day due to my schedule, would it be ok to just try to stick with my first meal always at noon and stop eating by 9pm? Most of that negative information is completely baseless—weight lifters and body builders have been fasting for years!
But fasting (abstaining from eating food), for an extended period of time, can have risks and should only be undertaken with proper medical supervision.That’s one of the reasons why Doctor Michael Mosley, creator and author of The Fast Diet, doesn’t advocate total fasting. That’s because fasting triggers the body’s production of Growth Hormone—the most important fat burning hormone in your body. Pilon also points to increased production of adipose tissue HSL (Hormone Sensitive Lipase) and muscle tissue LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase)—fat-burning enzymes—as positive reinforcement for intermittent fasting as a form of weight loss. What’s more, all flavors of these delicious cookies are loaded with dietary fiber and protein which both help you feel fuller longer. The science says it all: intermittent fasting can be good for you and help you lose weight.
Either based on a Mediterranean diet (1500 calories) or a 5 2 Intermittent Fasting diet for 2 consecutive days (650 calories) and the Mediterranean Diet for the other 5 days.
Use your WLR Food Diary to see how many calories you need to lose weight, and plan healthy and delicious meals that fit with your calorie quota without depriving yourself of the food you love.
I would still eat all my calories during those 8 hours, I just wouldn’t eat anything the other 16. Not so much an addict of eating bad food (although I do love it), but about eating on a timed schedule, eating the right macronutrients, and beating myself up when I miss a meal. While fat loss can still occur with elevated insulin levels, the higher they are, the less fatty acids can be mobilized. Because of the diminished glycogen stores after the fast, my cells are primed and ready to absorb any glucose that enters my blood stream. This has given me the added benefit of filling me up so that I’m not constantly hungry. As research progresses and time passes, I suspect that there will be a number of new benefits discovered for intermittent fasting. I did not measure it after a week because I feel the readings are too close together to allow for error.
Could I just use a post workout shake of 20g whey and some BCAA’s to cover anabolism and recovery until my main meal? If a couple hours go by between your workout and your first meal, you’ll be just fine. Many cultures around the world have been fasting to demonstrate piety during holy days for centuries.
Now a growing number of Western doctors and researchers have begun to examine the positive benefits of fasting and intermittent fasting.
He does recognize the health benefits—longer life span, cancer resistance, weight loss, cognitive improvements—and has tried extended fasting himself but he says that intermittent fasting (one or two days—24 hour periods—per week without food or with limited food ) can give you all the benefits of fasting without the pain.
Mosley also says that you don’t even have to starve yourself for the entire time to enjoy all the benefits. Mosley’s research concurs and also notes that those who fast can also increase their insulin sensitivity. Mosley found that combating the fear of hunger and the occasional hunger pangs is definitely the hardest part for most folks attempting to use intermittent fasting for weight loss.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet® can help you fight the temptation and hunger that might make fasting difficult.
However, I’m open minded to new ideas, so I read up on it and implemented it into my own lifestyle. Going 16 hours without eating gives you a nice long window to burn fat in a favorable metabolic environment.
In a study measuring the effects of fasting on growth hormone levels, fasting showed a marked increase in GH [1]. Take 10 times your body weight in calories and eat them all within the fasting schedule you decide on.
There are some people that do a 24 hour fast once or twice a week, but I have yet to try that out.
It has been almost 6 weeks now and I’m even more impressed with the results than when I started.
Also, could I still use a 15g protein shake pre-workout or would this defeat the entire purpose? I wouldn’t have been surprised if you had gained weight from fluctuations in water weight. When I fist started I lost maybe six pounds; that weight has come back, I am a hundred and ninety pounds. His research has shown that restricting your calories (typically 600 for men and 500 for women) during two 24-hour “fasting” sessions per week is just as effective and a whole lot easier.
This is good news because insulin essentially helps your body store the sugars you consume as fat. The Hollywood Cookie Diet® blends perfectly with this version of an intermittent fast because each nutritious cookie contains only 120 – 150 calories (depending on the flavor) —so you won’t even come close to breaking your daily caloric limit! The Hollywood Cookie Diet® cookies give you the taste sensation of sweet chocolate chips, gooey peanut butter, and wholesome oatmeal at a reasonable caloric level. I would basically wake up and take the kids to school, post an article, and then do my work out. I now eat when I feel like eating, and I even skip meals if I’m not hungry or too busy. A study comparing the effects of intermittent fasting (IF) with continuous energy restriction showed that IF lowered insulin resistance, as well as lowered leptin, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, IGF, and fasting insulin levels [2]. I found intermittent fasting to be the perfect fit for my lifestyle, and I’m going to continue forward with it whether weight loss is the goal, or I just want to maintain my current physique.
This is one of those times when the scale is useless and how clothes fit and measurements and really just your appearance in the mirror are the indicators of success. Many opponents say (often without scientific basis) that fasting is bad for you, that it depletes the body of necessary nutrients, and that it can destroy muscle mass in as little as 12 hours.
I just make sure that I get enough calories for the day, and I get enough protein and carbohydrates to rebuild muscle and fuel my workouts.
I’ve taken blood tests and body measurements and will periodically check on them to see how things are progressing. Muscle mass is close to the same, but I’m in a calorie deficit and I already carry quite a bit of muscle.

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