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Kunming Healthy Trade Co.Is one specialized is engaged in the healthy product sale the company, this company sells the product achieved the international standard, the effect has been good, deep general overseas customer faith. The weight loss pills industry is growing huge because everybody wants to rapidly shed off that extra flab and get that perfect body.
Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills are gaining a lot of popularity among dieters worldwide.
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of America released a warning that Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills contain hidden ingredients that are extremely DANGEROUS for health and it can even cause Cancer. If you are looking forward to buy Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills then STOP, think again, don’t buy them. If you are already consuming Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills, then STOP consuming them immediately and visit your Doctor. FDA warned that Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills YELLOW contains 2 illegal and dangerous ingredients. Sibutramine was discontinued for marketing in the US in 2010 because it can boost the risk of stroke and heart attack.
All these three diet pills are extremely dangerous because they contain killing agents and they can cause cancer and heart attack. Phen375 is the number one diet pill in America and thousands of people consume it because it rapidly burns off all the excess fat from your diet and boosts your energy levels. Phen375 is manufactured in an FDA approved facility and it contains 100% legal ingredients that are clinically tested to reduce weight WITHOUT causing any side effects. Phen375 is a superior quality of diet pill that is trusted and supported by thousands of people.
I was told by a friend that these Japan weight loss pills are good but now after reading this article.
Over the course of the last 50 years, since the industrial revolution, the world has put on more than its fair share of weight thanks to our consumption of fake food-like products that are ultimately alien to the body.
Now, more than ever, there is a growing awareness among people about the correlation between maintaining a healthy diet and physical fitness. Among the most popular diuretic substances is caffeine which is found in many thermogenic pills and weight loss teas. These supposedly scientifically advanced diet pills that block the body’s absorption of fat, and most recently carbohydrates, are among the most popular diet scams in the market. In April 2012, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to consumers regarding a weight loss supplement that is imported from Japan called Japan Rapid Weight Loss Pill.

Popularly marketed as blue, green, and yellow weight loss pills, this weight loss product is especially dangerous as it is clinically formulated with undeclared phenolphthalein, sibutramine, and ephedrine alkaloids. In addition to these, Japan Rapid Weight Loss Pills have been reported to induce a disturbing array of side effects that include abnormal heart beat, sleep deprivation, constipation, facial flushing, skin rash and gastrointestinal bleeding. More popularly known just as ipecac, ipecac syrup comes from the roots of the ipecacuana plant. It was not until the modern media’s obsession with the bony and the skinny that ipecac once again found its way to popularity. Among others, common side effects of ipecac include abnormal heart beats, severe chest pains, breathing difficulties, cardiac arrest, seizures, and coma.
Otherwise known as the “feeding tube diet” or “nose drip diet”, this easily tops the list because it requires the regular insertion of naso-gastric tube through the nose. Aside from basically starving yourself, which is never truly healthy in any way, the K-E diet is especially dangerous as the frequent insertion of naso-gastric tube can very much cause all sorts of infection and inflammation.
Go through our flow chart linked above to see what product suits you best and find the best deals on each one with us! Japan Xiu Shen Tang Weight Loss Pills, Weight Loss Product 1 bottle 60 pills of Brand New Japan RAPID WEIGHT LOSS Diet Pills Lose 2 pounds a day - Special for 25 to 70 years old. Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players. The markets are flooded with different weight loss pills that claim to reduce weight…… But, what is the real TRUTH?
This phenolphthalein is a solution used in chemical experiment and it is a suspected cancer-causing agent. These 2 ingredients are Phenolphthalein (also found in Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills Green) and Sibutramine. Ephedra is illegal and it is banned because it can dramatically increase blood pressure to risky levels. I was just about to order one of the Japan Rapid Weight Loss Pills but thanks for informing that they can cause deadly diseases. Yes, especially as the number of obesity cases continue to skyrocket in spectacular fashion, it definitely pays off to keep our bodies healthy and in perfect tune with the weighing scale. It is because of products like synthetic cheese, fiber-free juice, and 5-minute noodles that obesity continues to run wild across the globe like a fat ugly monster.
As such, when you watch late night TV, or leaf through a magazine, chances are you’ll see a series of advertisements or products that call out for healthier and more responsible eating.

Needless to say, by forcing the body to reduce normal water levels, it is able to go down by a few points on the scale. This way the body is unable to metabolize nutrients the right way which in effect causes an array of gastrointestinal problems and even malnourishment. First introduced in the 18th century, ipecac syrup was used in cough medications to induce vomiting.
The use of ipecac is considered extremely unhealthy and is directly linked to an eating disorder called bulimia nervosa. Furthermore, as the K-E diet is essentially designed use prolonged ketosis (which simply means, burning fat instead of glucose to fuel the body), ketone levels in the blood an elevated to unhealthy levels that stresses both the liver and the kidney. In America alone, almost two-thirds of the entire population are unable to escape the clutches of obesity and its many dire complications such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Even worse, with water loss, diuretic substances also flush essential electrolytes out of the body. While previously used in the active treatment of obesity, sibutramine is a banned substance that is suspected to cause heart attack and stroke.
As such, ipecac syrup was once considered as a first aid emetic in cases of accidental poisoning. Frequent use of ipecac is known to cause systemic toxicity and generally weakens the heart, and potentially results death.
The K-E diets popularity feeds on the weight loss obsession of people who are looking for an instant 10 pound drop in one week, except this is one even closer to borderline crazy as it promises 20 pound drop within 10 days.
No product discussed on this site is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Once the body yields to thirst, after a glass of water, this illusion of being lighter is gone. However, as there was no conclusive evidence that supports its medical efficacy, the use of ipecac as a first aid emetic was eventually abandoned.
In fact, it is believed that the death of famous 1970’s music icon Karen Carpenter has been caused by overused of ipecac.

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