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Obesity is rapidly becoming the most common veterinary condition affecting our dogs and cats. Overweight pets are at risk for serious health problems, such as Cancer, especially intrabdominal cancers, diabetes, liver disease, arthritis, skin disorders, heart disease, FLUTD ( Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease), Immune system depression, High Blood Pressure and generally have a shortened life span. Rapid weight loss can lead to rapid weight return, liver disease, and in some cases even hepatic lipidosis. I have always had the best results on elevated protein diets, which include at least 50% canned.
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), which has been shown to have antiobesity activity in rodents. The big key to having a healthy dog or cat is also knowing WHAT to do to prevent common dog and cat diseases in the first place.
Such as knowing what to feed, what vaccines to give and avoid, and what natural treatments you can use to treat chronic illnesses such as allergies. I hate spam as much as you do - your information is 100% safe and will NOT be shared with anyone else. For more countries, please click paypal icon below, it will take you customer support center. AOJIRU - 100% Pure & Natural Japanese Young Barley Green Grass Juice is taste like Matcha Green tea powder with No Bitterness! The Marriage of Kampo Medicinal Herbs and Kyushu Island Green Tea leads you to Lose Weight and possibly makes you a Centenarian. 100% Natural, Traditional style made with only Japanese green tea leaves from Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Kampo Medicinal Herbs and Kyushu Island Green tea all work together, that help to produce higher level of Weight Loss and support for Longevity with great taste. This is the Best Japanese Mugwort " Yomogi : Artemisia Princeps " herbal tea we have encountered. The Best & Fresh Japanese Green Teas, Sencha, Gyokuro, Uji Matcha, Mugwort Yomogi tea, Kampo Medicinal herb loose leaf teas. Best way to get all of the green tea health benefits and Weight Loss and Fat Burner effectiveness is to drink green tea with Matcha green tea powder.
Japanese Green tea from Kyushu Island with Traditional Japanese Kampo Medicinal herbs tea blend with Great Taste!It helps you Look Younger with Great Health Condition. Support maintaining a healthy weight and wellness to prolong your life by Traditional Japanese & Asian Medicinal herbs and Japanese green tea from Kyushu Island. It comes from traditional & original style and was born from a passion to develop the best beneficial tea to lose weight, detoxification and Anti-Aging, those condition lead you longevity with great health. Also our tea is easiest tool to provide you plenty of vitamins and minerals during you could not get variety of vegetables in your regular meals. Use only natural sweet herbs as sweetener to prepare some blends for people who wants to enjoy sweet taste. Certain herbs are powerful tool and have been used in traditional Japanese herbal remedies to lose weight since ancient time and still they are widely popular today, so that Japanese's obesity rate is very low and have a long life span. Certain herbs is not only efficient to help for weight loss and diet, but they have another supportive function of maintaining well balanced weight and wellness with great aroma & taste. Some of the Kampo herbs and fruit have natural sweetness, they help you to break your sugar addiction as well as they enable everybody to drink easier and enjoyable everyday! We blended all of the above essence and take advantage of each active ingredients, those combination produces synergistic effect of losing weight, diet and maintaining great health condition.  This type of tea, we can tell you that you have never known before! Want to try Japanese natural remedies "Kampo medicinal herbs" for health maintenance instead of dietary supplements.
We do not use additives, artificial flavor and sweetness, we only use natural sweet kampo fruit and herbs to prepared some blends for people who do not like Japanese green tea bitterness. Our Kampo Japanese & Asian medicinal herbs is assumed as healthy food like dietary supplement in Japan.
What are Ancient Japanese Kampo Medicinal herbs?The Kampo herbs are one of the Japanese complementary & alternative medicine which has history of 1500 years old.
These traditional Japanese botanical medicine help treat diseases and return people to health by strengthening the natural human healing power.
Kampo herbs are famous for the Japanese system of herbalism and adaptation of Traditional Chinese medicine. The Japanese kampo herbs are the collection of wisdom of several thousand years of the Orient and have proved to be worth in Japanese long time history.
According to the World Health Organization, Japan has the world's highest per capita consumption of botanicals.
There is a certain selection of herbs that is abundantly used in Japanese herbal remedies for weight loss.
What is Kyushu Island green tea?Kyushu Island green tea has powerful antioxidants and one of best high quality green tea in Japan because of its rich nature environment!  It is grown at the southernmost major island in Japan where the weather is warmer, the day is longer compared to the other areas of Japan.
Also green tea is excellent tea with variety of health benefits and safe for long term consumption. Recent articles, Published:January 25, 2013 by The Journal of Clinical Investigation.
History: Since ancient time, Kyushu Island was the gateway place and an important center of trade with China, Korea and other parts of Asia. It is now popular drink of supermodels, athlete, smoker and people living in air polluted area. How green tea supports for Weight Loss and Diet.It contains an active ingredient " Catechins," epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which is known for its antioxidant activity, it blocks absorption of sugar and increases your metabolism what cause you to burn more calories a day. Some studies show that substances in green tea may offer several weight-loss-promoting effects, such as speeding up your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. Green tea weight loss diet is a great way for everyone to lose weight easily and naturally, without any negative side effects. How much should you drink daily to lose weight?It is usually recommended to drink 7-8 a day. If you want to lose weight fast and be younger looking, replacing a soda with a green tea is  definitely efficient !
Green tea have little bit caffeine (significantly less than black tea and coffee), also it actually make you good condition!

The anti-cancer effects of EGCG : Effect of EGCG and vardenafil in combination on myeloma cell proliferation in vivo. Detox (Detoxification.) EGCG detoxify the body and eliminate the damage done by the free radicals, also Chlorophyll is a powerful detox aid in getting rid of the poisons in your body. One of the most internationally known and appreciated Japanese anime ever (many consider it to be "the greatest anime of all time") gets a stunning live action trailer 100% made by fans.
They're trained doctors whose parents are distinguished writers - yet for 20 years these identical twins have competed with each other in the most disturbing way imaginable.
Standing side-by-side in matching outfits, you'd be forgiven for mistaking Rebecca and Maisy Jones as sisters. An anorexic woman who dropped to three-and-a-half stone after walking up to 12 hours a day has battled back to health. Many of you will remember Isabelle Caro, the brave model who bared all to show the true horror of anorexia. Her frame was so skeletal that doctors warned Hayley Wilde she was just over a week away from death. Anorexic bride-to-be Kate Puncher overcame her disorder after her fiance bought her a wedding dress two sizes too big and told her to put on weight to fit it.
The fashion world reeled over the death of Eliana Ramos, Uruguayan model – just six months after her model sister, Luisel Ramos, 22, died shortly after stepping off a runway during a fashion show in Montevideo. In recent times Mischa Barton has gone from super skinny to putting on a few (healthy) pounds and back again. We pride ourselves on being a bit of fun in a serious world and welcome your input and comments! Estimates vary, but one survey found 53 percent of adult dogs and 55 percent of cats to be classified as overweight or obese. A recent study at the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine demonstrated that dogs receiving DHEA while being on a weight reduction program lost weight faster and had lower cholesterol levels than those dogs who were on a weight reduction program alone. Has gained popularity for weight loss, it is also a rich source of antioxidants, and safe to give daily. These are the healthy bacteria which colonize your intestinal tract, and researchers are finding they are increasingly important for health, and that they may help with weight loss in people and pets. If you liked this article, then I encourage you to sign up for my newsletter where you’ll get my Free Book and Videos on How To Heal Your Pets At Home with my TOP Natural Remedies. Our High Quality finest Authentic Matcha geen tea whole leaf powder comes from Uji, Kyoto, Japan.
Our Authentic mugwort yomogi herbal tea has the deepest bright green color with richest vegetal aroma when steeping. Those plants have a great nature power of antioxidants "Phytochemical."Our tea is Phytotherapy as Traditional Japanese herbal remedies " Kampo ". Because their farms are surrounded rich nature environment with longer duration of sunshine. Even though you do not like Japanese green tea bitter taste, you will find our blends tasty and enjoyable. Those herbs have been popular for a long time among Japanese and Asian, so it is safe and enjoyable to drink everyday!
KUWA (mulberry leaf), TOCHU (eucommia ulmoides leaf) and HASU (lotus leaf), those particular herbs are the most popular and commonly used herbs for losing weight & dieting in Japan.
Catechins in green tea have been proven to help your body burn fat and help you lose weight. Some other research show that high educational people have longer life span than other. Also it will provides your body with many other benefits, extra protection against obesity and many types of disease and chronic. Free radicals are known to damage body cells, these are formed naturally in body or can be induced due to other environmental toxins like Air Pollution, UV rays, Cigarette smoke,  etc.
Green tea has been brought to Kyushu Island when its plants is brought from china by Japanese monk and been used as a medicine as herbal remedies since 11th century , and after we make improve it more medicinal and nutritious as traditional alternative medicine from developing own processing.
Because it is grown at the southernmost tea producing region in Japan where the weather is warmer, the day is longer compared to the other areas.
We believe that one of the reasons is that we have been habitually consuming green tea as alternative medicinal herbs with rich in nutrients for a long time in our history!!
Other kinds of tea (Black, Oolong, Rooibos, Jasmin and Chinese green tea), do not go through this steaming process, they are usually fermented and roasted instead.
The polyphenol found in it works to increase levels of fat oxidation which force to digest of fat in the intestine, also it reduces cholesterol levels in blood, and improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol. Even more beneficial to anti-aging, detox and rejuvenate your skin by it's containing of vitamin E, C, L- Theanine (essential amino acids) and Beta-carotene.
Help to reduces bad cholesterol in the blood and improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.
Slow down the actions of digestive enzymes, it lead that body isn’t gaining weight, also speeding up your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. Powerful antioxidants EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea may prevent and reduce the risk of cancer.
May improves the health of the delicate cells lining the blood vessels and helping keep them stay relaxed and better able to withstand changes in blood pressure, it help lower risk of heart attack. Traditionally we drink green tea when we eat raw fish, such like when you go to sushi place, they usually serve green tea for you. Polyphenol antioxidants in green tea may improve multiple sclerosis symptoms by inhibiting certain enzymes that promote the disease.
The antioxidant Catechin can destroy bacteria and viruses that cause throat infections, dental caries and other dental conditions, also help prevent tooth decay. De ahi que cualquier montaje que humanice a la famosa muneca tenga exito en redes sociales.
Even now, with preternaturally childish bodies and voices, the young women admit they struggle to make sense of what has happened to their lives.To the utter despair of their parents — 58-year-old Christy and his wife Clare, 56 — the twins have spent most of their teenage and adult life in and out of various recovery clinics. But what most people don't know is that behind that great look, he battled anorexia and bulimia for most of his adult life. Lauren Bailey's healthy look masks a ten-year struggle to overcome the condition which nearly killed her after her weight dropped to that of an average five-year-old.

She can't pinpoint exactly when her daughter Ruth, now 17, developed the eating disorder that almost killed her, but Dolly, 44, has been on the journey with her, and is ¬brutally honest about where it led.
Baumann, who lives in Laguna Niguel, Calif., struggled with anorexia since her high school years, but that it worsened after she got married and began having children. Isabelle lost her eating disorder battle on November 2010 at age 28 after being treated for an acute respiratory illness. But three years on, after an eight-year battle against anorexia, she has bounced back in the most emphatic fashion by giving birth to a boy. The ex-model developed the condition after an ex-boyfriend threatened to break up with her if she put on weight, she claimed. The sisters were supposed to appear alongside each other on the catwalk the night Luisel died, but she collapsed before the show's finale. Mischa has had a few pictures taken in recent times sporting a spot of cellulite on her bum and legs.
We have an emphasis on being ethical and showing that even the most famous celebrities have cellulite and other conditions which the normal, everyday person may have.
If you replace to soda to tea from nature power, you gonna innovate your body and life style!
Kyushu Island has the largest number of natural mineral water sources and hot spring source in Japan. It mean that you can lose weight and at the same time it enable you to get younger healthy looking and beautiful skin condition. Many researches prove that the caffeine in green tea is different than caffeine in coffee, because its caffeine joins with Catechins, that structure and Theanine suppress caffeine's excitation function, it leads to make your muscle more active and powerful, also make relaxed state in your mental and relief headache. Several population-based clinical studies have shown that green tea may help protect against cancer. Free radicals are formed naturally in body or can be induced due to other environmental toxins like UV rays, cigarette smoke, air pollution, etc. Fuji for work early the next morning, though as it was a cold night, he got drunk with his crew and crashed in the cabin. Through a regime of chronic starvation, self-induced vomiting and relentless exercise, he whittled his body down to practically nothing.
After suffering from anorexia half her life, Rebecca's tiny frame fits easily into clothes designed for seven to eight year olds. The 26-year-old, who would obsessively pace the streets from 6am to 6pm, spent 18 months in hospital in a last-ditch bid to overcome her anorexia.
Isabelle appeared in posters for an anti-anorexia campaign in 2007, but the ads were banned in several countries. Her son Michael was born weighing a healthy 7lb 14oz, something that would have been unthinkable when she was at her lowest ebb.She had been fighting the condition since she was 11. She hit 25kg (4st) at one stage, surviving on nothing but mints and using laxatives.She was told the damage done to her body meant she would never be able to have children. Miss Eliana, 18, was found dead in her home in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, on Tuesday. Again ladies and gentlemen, even celebrities like Mischa Barton can’t escape from cellulite!
Carnitine is being included in some weight reduction programs because of its effect on the utilization of fat by the body. It has been shown to be safe, with no adverse effects demonstrated in animal studies according to Nutramax, a company which produces Coenzyme Q10 in an oral form for dogs, cats, and horses. Increasing numbers of athletes are using colostrum; it is a safe nutrient to consider adding to your overweight pet’s diet. Many of them have reported encouraging results, which makes drinking green tea one of the best ways to lose weight. For example, cancer rates tend to be low in countries such as Japan where people regularly consume green tea. Antioxidants in green tea help neutralize these radicals and results in various health benefits. Weighing just five stone, the young mother weighs less than her daughter, despite standing eight inches taller."Wearing the same clothes as Maisy gives me a sense of pride. Her 5ft 7in frame was down to 5st 1oz, and doctors warned she could have ten days left to live if she did not start to put weight on. But when she became engaged to firefighter Barry, 30, he told her to start eating or there would be no wedding. While no medical report was immediately released after Eliana's death, Judge Roberto Timbal says that she died of a heart attack.
I hid it well."Baumann says that it was during her second pregnancy when she gained a measly 3 pounds that she saw her anorexia worsen.
Ha usado la talla media de jovenes estadounidenses de 19 anos para crear una replica en 3D que ha fotografiado junto a una muneca Barbie, usando Photoshop para recrear el parecido con la muneca."Si criticamos las modelos muy delgadas deberiamos hablar de la posibilidad de que Barbie quizas este influenciando negativamente a las ninas", explico Lamm a The HuffPost, destacando que ademas, una Barbie con medidas realistas le parece mucho mas bonita. I don't think I'm thin - I always see myself as bigger." The medical secretary survives on soup, toast and energy drinks – even though doctors have warned her the lack of nutrients could kill her.
She began eating three meals a day to put 20kg (3st) on her then 30kg (4st 9lb) frame and was even too big for her dress at the final fitting. El artista senala ademas que no entiende que Mattel no fabrique una Barbie adaptada a la realidad. An hour and a half of cardio -- running, biking and even volleyball -- was typical for her up until she gave birth. But expert medical help and the support of her parents saw her pull back from the brink, and finally she and her partner were thrilled to discover she was pregnant. The couple, from Glasgow, married in Cuba in 2009 and Mrs Puncher has since given birth to a daughter. Even when Baumann almost miscarried Whitney at the beginning of her pregnancy, cutting out exercise and increasing her daily caloric intake was not an option.Finally suffering from chest pain, Baumann went to the emergency room and after doctors told her that her organs were failing, checked into an in-patient treatment center in Arizona. Today, Baumann maintains a healthy weight and lifestyle and is proud that both her daughters live similarly healthy lives.

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