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As to your question about eating versus working out, it may not be a matter of “enough,” but of choices.
After several weeks at the same weight, then you can consider a different eating plan all together or add conjugated linoleic acid or a thermogenic supplement. You can always have something light such as a V-8, glass of milk or salad after your workout. After training training all these years my advice is to have a meal plan every 3 hours to keep your metabolism up and running at all times limit your carbohydrates until 3 pm and have something light 1 before training a juice or bar. Do not drink milk search about milk is not good for your body as people think reseach has been done on milk and milk is to be use babies and little kids.

Hire a dietician if confuse about training and having the food your body needs for any kind of training and health conditions. That’s already a “fit” level of leanness for women, verging on “athletic.”  If you’re in the 160+ pounds range at that body fat percentage for your height, that means you have A LOT of muscle. Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or recommendations of Fitness International, LLC. A day or two of the same calories but spaced differently might do the trick, or shift more calories toward morning time. You could adjust your weight training to higher reps at a lower weight and complete more reps.

Your body is adapting to the diet and exercise program, and still responding to everything else exposed to it (hormones, environment, stress, rest). Perhaps, take up a full-body aerobic exercise that has resistance built-in, such as rowing.

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