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The other day at Whole Foods I was looking around in the fancy cheese section (where I buy low-fat mozzarella cheese), when a block of cheddar cheese with the words "fat free" on it caught my eye. This has a few more calories and fat content than the Lifetime cheese, but I find that Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Cheddar is absolutely delicious even eaten alone!
Following a low-glycemic diet is key to burning fat in the body and it’s much easier to do when you have the right food on hand. I received your email to download the glycemic index or shopping list but there was no link in the body of the text. Get Rid Of Fat Thighs: Discover the seven myths that contribute to weight gain, and foods that won?t pack fat on your thighs. Then, I noticed there were other flavors I could buy, namely: Sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Mild Mexican, Garden Vegetable, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella and Jalapeno Jack.

And I'm excited to hear that there's a fat free block of mozzarella out there, I've sooo been looking for one.
If not, low fat mozzarella isn't too bad if you don't eat too much of it.By the way - I didn't forget about my promise to look into low calorie caramel for you. Picking one was a difficult decision, and I ultimately went with the Cheddar since it was the first one that caught my eye. Unfortunately because caramel is mostly sugar, the only way to make it low calorie is to use artificial stuff, which I'm not a big fan of.
I am also both weight and health conscious, and I don't like to eat foods full of unhealthy ingredients (especially the ones targeted at dieters these days). So, I created Yummy Diet Food for people like me who are looking for low calorie foods that are both healthy and delicious (meaning *no* artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or sugar alcohols).

I wasn't overly wowed by the taste of the cheese on its own for a snack, but once I started adding it to my cooked foods and to my sandwiches I was extremely impressed.
It really does melt, making it way better than most fat-free cheeses for cooking!Apparently this cheese has been around for over a decade and is available in all sorts of stores beyond Whole Foods (like Albertsons, Safeway, Price Chopper, etc.), so I'm surprised I've never seen it before. Anyway, I'm definitely happy to have heard of it now!By the way, I did a posting a few months ago about cooking with low fat and non fat cheese that might be interesting to read as well.PS. I'm working on a recipe for low calorie fat free cheddar sauce using this cheese, which I will write about in a future posting.

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