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Tanya has lost 9.2kgs in 16 weeks and has learnt so much about healthy eating and the best ways to lose weight with thanks to the plans and 28 Day Challenges from Lose Baby Weight. I joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in May 2015 for the accountability of weekly check ins. The meals offer a variety of foods, some are foods that we would normally not try as a family, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised that the whole family love them. I have learnt so much with Lose Baby Weight,  I have put everyone before myself since having children but joining Lose Baby Weight I have found this journey isn’t just about losing weight and eating right, it’s about celebrating motherhood and its challenges and still finding time for yourself in a healthy, active way. I still have 17kg to lose but it isn’t a daunting thought anymore, it’s achievable now with Lose Baby Weight. Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too! The plans have helped mums lose over 100,000kg and regain their body confidence post having children.
In the Lose Baby Weight Review, mums will receive the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and gain access to the website tools all in the name of weight loss. In addition to the 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan, 10 lucky MoM Reviewers will also receive product from The Healthy Mummy Range … so keep your eyes open for those reviews popping up! In the Lose Baby Weight Review, we asked mums to put the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Diet & Exercise plan to the ‘Real Mum, Real Life’ test and post their review and ratings.
I started doing the challenge and got sick 2 weeks in and still ate te reciepes but couldnt keep up with the exercise. Just started the 28 day meal and exercise plan, thought I better post a before pic so we can see where I end up….
The shakes: They are very easy to make, although initially I found the flavours a bit strong and overwhelming.
The Motivation: I have found the Facebook page, daily emails and the website to be such a source of inspiration and motivation and I feel so connected – the support element of the LBW programme should not be underestimated! Overall: I feel happy, I have more energy, I am getting out in the sunshine and fresh air more, I am motivated, I am more regular, I am sleeping better at night (when bub lets me), I look forward to cooking and for the first time ever I think I have found a plan I can stick with. All the products, plans, health articles and weight loss challenges on the Lose Baby Weight website have been created by leading nutrition and fitness experts.
She operates a private  practice in the Sydney  CBD counselling a range of clients from sports enthusiasts to business professionals.
Highly regarded for her professional yet easy-to-understand  advice and acclaimed programs, Kathleen’s passion for translating the ‘sciency jargon’   into useful, bite-sized info has lead to What’s Eating You?, her much anticipated first book. Lisa is a mum of two and a highly regarded Physiotherapist and post natal fitness instructor and is recognised in both areas as an expert in pre and post natal fitness. Lecturer in post grad physiotherapy course on Exercise for Women at Curtain University ( WA) and Melbourne University.
With 8 years experience Pilates, Sol has a diverse sports background spanning gymnastics, dance, yoga, martial arts, basketball, fencing, running and cycling and is a core exercise expert. Sol holds certifications in Stott Mat and Reformer Pilates, Pilates, Cardiolates, Pelleres, Fitness and ensures through constant continued education and research ensure the Lose Baby Weight mums are inspired to exercise and look after their minds and bodies in a more holistic and safe way.
Her body of work includes training with Paraolympic gold medal swimmer Ben Austin and the Wests Tigers, Core Isolators DVDs, covers and spreads in well-known magazines such as Australian Women’s Weekly, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan and appearances in movies and on TV including Today Tonight, Nine News, Kerri-Anne Kennerly and the popular Fernwood health club. Amanda has worked with corporate companies on varying ranges of food products and categories with product development, legislation, nutrition, importation, training, food safety and quality assurance.
Amanda has also been involved in nutrition promotion and education through a range of mediums including private workshops on child nutrition, cooking workshops with underprivileged children, newspapers, local and national magazines and websites on a range of food science and nutritional issues.
Her passion revolves around real, honest and simple nutritional information especially around the content that can benefit maternal, family and childhood nutritional matters.
Amanda is thrilled to be involved with the Lose Baby Weight and the Healthy Mummy team and helping the many women (and families) benefit from such simple programs, plans and information. Elisha is a Qualified Nutritionist and Weight Loss Consultant who graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from the Australian College of Natural Therapists, Sydney. Elisha is always looking at new research to do with antioxidants and ensures she is the guinea pig before recommending anything to any clients.
She is also passionate about fertility health and believes a healthy body is a fertile body and loves to help give couples the gift of parenthood through awareness in their diet and also their environment. Entering regulatory affairs consulting from a naturopathic basis has allowed Rachael to work with a wide range of new and leading complementary healthcare companies to formulate the best possible products within the current regulatory requirements.
Rachael’s Naturopathic and nutritional training allowed Rachael to choose the best possible protein sources, nutrients, herbs, enzymes and plant foods as ingredients in The Healthy Mummy food range in order to provide a complete meal replacement to support your nutritional requirements, as well as those of your breastfed baby.
Marissa is an established personal trainer and sought after nutrition, fitness and life coach. She can be seen in numerous print, editorial and television campaigns and is dedicated to the field of health and fitness and passionate about helping mums achieve a strong and healthy body post pregnancy. Natasha loves being a healthy mummy after following the healthy eating meal plans and easy exercise guides from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges since November 2014. I’m a 39 year old full time working mum of a 16 year old, 12 year old and 22 month old.
Last year I had a rude awakening when I couldn’t get a work uniform in a ladies size and had to opt for the mens. Lose Baby Weight has given me the knowledge to make healthy food choices and do daily exercise. I’ve been using the Healthy Mummy Smoothies on weekends only but lately am having them more often. For over 800 family friendly recipes with daily meal and exercise plans, join our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge made especially for BUSY MUMS – plus you do the challenge with tens of thousands of other mums and chat daily – even hourly with them for constant support in our private group.
Mums lose an average of 4-6kg (8-13 pounds) on our 28 Day Challenge and below are some of the amazing results from mums JUST LIKE YOU who are already using the 28 Day Challenge and losing tummy fat – make the change and join them today too! Tamara has been enjoying the healthy eating meal plans from the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges since November 2014 and has lost an amazing 26kgs. After you have had a baby, your new body may be bothering you, but shifting extra weight will also be an emergency matter at this time.
Whilst dieting is important when trying to lose weight, it is best not to start dieting straight after delivery.

Ensuring you are getting the right balance of nutrients will allow you to shed weight quickly and give you more energy to pursue an active, healthy lifestyle.
Breastfeeding moms need 2,000 to 2,400 calories compared with bottle feeding moms who require 1,900 to 2,200. Water is fantastic for your health and metabolism, not to mention important for breastfeeding mothers when producing milk. Put your baby in the carrier safely and securely and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Lie flat on your back and lift your legs straight up in the air with the baby next to you on the floor. Whilst it has not yet been proven that breastfeeding can actually cause weight loss, the benefits for your baby are numerous, including boosting immunization and providing your baby with the best possible food for their growing body.
Getting all the sleep you can in the early months of your childa€™s life is super important. I was always extremely active and athletic – I played state level volleyball, netball and water polo and everything in between. If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine and you can get a 10% discount by using code LOYALTY at the checkout. Connect with new moms in your community and join them for activities like swimming with the babies and so on. Losing weight after pregnancy is not hard when you know exactly what to do and how to do it. After the birth of my second daughter I had put on 6kg and was determined to get rid of it. But I just couldn’t find the time or energy with a new baby and a 3 year old to look after.
I came across the Lose Baby Weight page on Facebook and was inspired, so I ordered the 28 Day Diet and Exercise Plan. Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way. If you’d like to become our Motivating Mum for the month click HERE to find out more (we pay you for it too!).
Today we are catching up with mum of two, Chaye Challacombe who has lost over 24 kilograms so far with Lose Baby Weight and the Lose Baby Weight community. One of my weekly goals was to walk at least every second day while doing a full body workout in between and I think that I have managed to do that.
I love watching him have so much fun, it gives me another reason to get out there and do it. This is a yummy and healthy Lose Baby Weight Smoothie recipe that gives you a chocolate fix as well being packed full of nutrition and goodness.
I lost 10kg on my own following the plan but it took 2 years as I wasn’t committing to it 110%.
Everything is done for you and the fact I can get up in the morning and know everything’s just there ready for me, exercises to do, meals to cook, it makes healthy living and weight loss simple and achievable as a busy stay at home mother of 2 gorgeous children.
They are quick and easy so I know I’m not having to spend all day in the kitchen to try and get healthy meals achieved.
The plans help to support and motivate mums and give daily support, offers and advice with the focus being on safe and sensible weight loss when a mum feels 100% physically and emotionally ready to lose weight.
The great thing however, is you have so much flexibility with what you can add to the shakes to make them suit your taste buds.
But one thing I did find, was by cutting my usual dinner portion down by half and adding in a big salad instead, I was feeling full and still able to have some of my favourite dinners.
I have so far lost 4.3kgs and I am only a week and a bit in (goes to show that I must have not been very good before). She believe everyone is an individual and strongly believes in Organic foods, free of genetic modifications, hormones and additives to achieve optimal health. The meal plans are easy to follow and all the recipes are quick and easy to make for the whole family.
It helps me get in those extra vitamins and minerals my body needs when I’m having to take time off work to take care of my sick toddler on little sleep.
A new baby can be challenging and time consuming, so many new moms struggle to find the time to work out or eat right.
To be frank you have more important things to worry about; recovering from your labor, bonding with your baby and starting breastfeeding. As a rule, you need about 1,300 mg of calcium and 15 mg of iron a day, regardless of your feeding choices. Many nutritionists and doctors recommend 8 cups of water per day, but the best gauge is to check the color of your urine, which should be relatively clear. Many mothers dona€™t get a chance to eat breakfast, but it is really important and can setup your metabolism every day.
Aerobic, strength building and cardio workouts can help you improve your energy level and strengthen your muscles. Lie face down on a mat, stretch out your arms to the sides, look up at your baby and lift your feet of the ground slightly without bending your knees.
Some studies have concluded that breastfeeding can dramatically assist women to return to their pre-baby weight while other studies shown no difference when compared to bottle feeding mothers. Not only are you faced with new emotional challenges and disrupted sleeping patterns, but the extra weight can be hard to shift if you have not established some kind of sleeping routine. And 4 weeks after baby arrived I ordered my first lot of healthy mummy smoothies and the 28 day diet and exercise plan. I’m about half way to my goal and can’t wait to reach it and look amazing in my wedding dress! Fact is, mothers must take care of themselves first if they want to take care of the people they love. If one hour of exercise is your goal, four 15-minute sessions will offer you the same benefit.
Even so, it is essential to dedicate some time to exercise if you want to lose weight and stay fit.

Hi I'm Nabil from Morocco (:, i have the Experience to teach you how to keep your healthy, lose fat safely and make your body awesome.
This week, because I am feeling more energetic, I am going to push myself harder! You definitely don’t need to spend money to exercise.
My favourites for the week have been the beef kebabs, san choy bow and the Asian beef salad. Since I joined Lose Baby Weight I’m so amazed that these cravings haven’t been an issue. Lose Baby Weight also has an active Facebook page with over 26,000 mums on with daily tips, recipes and motivation posted each day. There are so many great elements to the LBW program I don’t really know where to start raving!! After a bit of experimentation, I now know what ratio of water and milk to add for both taste and texture (I don’t like my smoothies too thick) and I really look forward to making up a new flavour combination each morning.
The recipes are great and dont feel at all like you are on a diet, easy to make and hubby likes them as well (who would have thought?!).
I came across Lose Baby Weight on my Facebook newsfeed and took the plunge at the end of November 2014. Managing your weight at this busy time can take a little extra planning and a few new strategies. Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy; labor and the early post natal experience needmany nutrients.
Breastfeeding moms need 280 mcgs of folate, 65 g of protein and 95 mg of vitamin C, whereas bottle feeding moms need marginally less; 180 mcg of folate, up to 50 g of protein and 60 mg vitamin C. Slimming down cannot happen without concentrated and targeted weight loss that is appropriate for your new post baby body. You are supporting your weight on your stomach muscles which has an excellent toning effect. Studies have found that mothers who sleep for 7 hours in 24 hours were more successful in shifting baby weight than mothers who sleep for mere 5 hours. Also, when you eat the wrong kinds of food, your internal balance becomes skewed and your energy levels nose dive. Just as important is to connect with other new moms who are undergoing the same trials as you. Best part is, they are all so easy to cook which is really important for me as my hubby works some nights and I have two little boys that are usually getting a bit tired and grumpy around that time of day. The yummy evening snacks and baking keeps me satisfied and not craving any of the wrong kinds of sweets anymore. I’ve already started to learn alot, things I thought I had the smarts about but obviously not, the numbers are the proof! It has taught me so much that even after almost 2 weeks following my completion I am still losing weight (despite a weekend bender although a lot more controlled). I even find myself planning two or three shakes in advance – it’s actually a lot of fun! Dieting before your baby is 6 weeks old can inhibit your bodya€™s ability to produce milk, and leave toxins in the breast milk, which can delay the healing process for your body.
Foods with a low glycemic index can release energy slowly and prevent short sharp bursts of energy that will leave you feeling flat and open to poor eating choices.
Although new mothers have little time, it is very important to plan and carry out a convenient but effective exercise plan.
You can get baby's dad or grandparents to give you a night off to catch up on some sleep if your babya€™s sleeping patterns are too inconsistent, if you cana€™t arrange this, try taking naps.
Most people think that exercise will wear you out and make you more tired but I find that it is quite the opposite.
Firstly, if you are finding water boring, you can always flavour it with some fruit or herbs.
Sometimes you just have to look at the bigger picture like that rather than focusing on losing a small amount one week. When I signed up to try this it was my last hope, with a spinal injury I had my doubts of how successful I could be losing weight but it just shows what you eat means so much more than how long you exercise for. Besides, not eating enough during the early post natal period can make your metabolism slow down, making it more difficult to shed the pounds later.
The extra sleep will do wonders for your emotional wellbeing as well as assisting in energy levels, avoiding the temptations of supplementing sleep with high energy foods. I find a great incentive for me is going for a walk around our local park and then taking my son the play on the play equipment afterwards. You can also make water part of your routine, drink a glass every time you have a meal, snack, brush your teeth etc.
Granted exercise is still required and the program makes that so easy to fit in whilst caring for an energetic toddler. Raw fruit, vegetables and foods high in iron and folate can help you to keep your body healthy and energetic.
I jog around the yard, do step ups onto my sons sandpit, do walking lunges and squats from one side of my fence to the other, crunches, push ups, mountain climbers and more.
I am now able to keep up with him, suffering from a lot less back pain and it only continues to get better. You can’t use the excuse that you have no equipment to exercise, as you really don’t need it!
The program teaches you so much more than you would expect and as a novice (and pretty terrible) cook, it was so easy and so tasty! You can make it with 200ml low fat milk, ? cup strawberries and raspberries, 2 tbsp healthy mummy strawberry smoothie powder, 1 tbsp almond meal and a few ice cubes.

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