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This Indian Vegetarian Diet is not only for losing weight but is also followed by those who want to maintain their healthy body slim and in proportion with their weight. This diet was being developed for the health benefits for the employees of General Motors Inc., from where it received its name as GM Diet. Furthermore, it even helps in practicing of having fruits and vegetables which significantly helps in boosting up the metabolic rates. Firstly, you need to prepare your body in order to follow this diet successfully and for that avoid intake of alcohol for few days before starting with it.
You can have all the vegetables excluding tomatoes and can add cottage cheese, sprouts to your meal. Weight loss with vegetarian diet works simultaneously and is even one of the best, fastest and healthiest ways for shedding pounds.
It is one of the main points which you need to keep in mind if you aim in following the GM Diet Plan.
This GM diet plan is being famous around the world and each and every person is addicted to the same as it actually works.

Alcohol significantly obstructs in the process of detoxifying toxins from the body as it leads to water retention due to increase in uric acid. No matter what quantity you intake but rely more on melons, apples, lime, watermelons, strawberries, oranges and pomegranates. For giving your body full-day energy and strength throughout, start with a tea spoon of butter with boiled potato. Prefer to avoid potato but your mind will get distracted with your cravings but remember that you have to lose weight. It is advised to intake at least 10 glasses of water every day because in this 7 day diet, you will not have to consume carbohydrates in the same amount. For a meal, you can even have a diluted soup including garlic, capsicum, tomatoes and onions, which will help in losing weight. Despite it takes in a lot more of your hard work and dedication, but it isn’t impossible at all. The main source of energy for you during these 7 days will be water as it will help in boosting metabolism as well as will help in removing unwanted fats from body.

We are here with a 7 days GM Diet, which is considered to be the best and fastest weight losing diet. Prefer to rely only on melons, you will successfully lose about 3 pounds in the beginning itself. You will love the results only if you complete this 7 days Diet plan successfully without lagging behind. I must say that after knowing its worth, you would never want to break the regime but before starting with it, it is advised to consult your doctor. It is the fastest Indian vegetarian diet which is being followed by obese people for losing weight.

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