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In Hollywood, the saying goes “Behind almost every Hollywood fabulous body is a great trainer.” These trainers are the best trainers money can buy!
Celebrity fitness trainer, Cameron Shayne is a high ranking black belt in both Olympic-style taekwondo and Okinawan Karate Do. Budokon is a fitness exercise practice that means “way of the spiritual warrior” in Japanese or “to create balance and permanent change in the entire system”.
Shayne works closely with Hollywood stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Meg Ryan, Renee Russo and Amber Valetta in their fitness training exercise programs.
Fitness trainer Kirsch’s lifestyle philosophy is the achievement of balance of mind, body and spirit.
Some of his fitness training clients involve Liv Tyler, Linda Evangelista, Sophie Dahl, Naomi Campbell, Bridget Hall, Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway, Ellen Barkin,  and James King to name just few. This popular fitness trainer is the creator of the Five Factor Workout which has many celebrities looking great like Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Orlando Bloom and Sophia Bush. The Five Factor Diet Plan is a diet, weight loss and fitness exercise program that skips carbohydrate counting, food measuring and time-consuming exercise routines. 5 meals a day – By eating five 5-Factor meals every day, you will start losing weight and feel less hungry throughout the day. 5 ingredient meals – Online members get hundreds of recipes that use only five ingredients and take only five minutes to prepare.
25 minute workouts – Fitness trainer Harley believes that working out more often for shorter periods of time is more effective than spending hours at the gym.
With fitness trainer Pasternak’s the Five Factor Workout, the following variables are shifted every week: Types of exercise (strength fitness exercise training, cardio exercises, core movements), repetitions, sets, resistance level exercises, and rest periods. Teddy Bass has worked closely with celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Christina Applegate on their fitness training. Fitness trainer Bass’ exercise program is a lifestyle and he believes that goals set create an inner determination for self achievement. Fitness trainer Tracy Effinger uses the Squeeze fitness training routine, which has become very famous with fitness junkies. Effinger believes that this fitness training is perfect for mothers like Hollywood star, Sela Ward, who are far more preoccupied to follow a strict exercise program because the exercise can be done in ten minutes at a time and even while the mom’s have to play with their kids. Fitness trainer Carvalho believes that being in good shape is more than a fitness goal, it is a life goal which has benefits that far exceed those of merely looking good .Helping people discover and integrate fitness in their lifestyle was his primary motivator behind creating Leandro Fitness a full service fitness company that can assess need and then create specific workouts for most anyone. He’s responsible for the fitness exercise programs of Hollywood stars like Victoria’s Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio.
Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, with your arms at your sides, and toes turned out. Lower body into a pli squat and as low as you can go without allowing your knees to creep past your toes. Step left leg back into a deep reverse lunge, then placing right hand along outside of right thigh or touching the floor. Lunge forward with your left leg until knee is bent 90 degrees, directly over ankle, right knee pointing toward floor.
Gunnar is widely recognized for his expertise in functional training and his commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness techniques.

Sought after fitness trainer to the stars, Michael George is transforming the health and fitness industry with his innovative training philosophies and inspirational voice.
Fitness trainer to stars such as Eva Longoria, Aimet Victoria has been a fitness trainer with 10 years of professional training experience. Fitness trainer to the stars Jason Walsh’s fitness training belief is that nutrition and fitness can completely change a person’s life for the better.
Walsh believes that by doing fitness exercise training one – on – one with his clients which includes some of Hollywood’s A-List stars including Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Biel and Sophia Bush, he feels that he’s given the opportunity as well as the responsibility to cultivate an appreciation for being nutritionally sound and fit by making them stronger, healthier and instilling life-long habits that will keep them looking and feeling their best.
Some of his fitness training clients involve Liv Tyler, Linda Evangelista, Sophie Dahl, Naomi Campbell, Bridget Hall, Heidi Klum and James King.
Meet Joe Wexler — an obese man who doesn’t understand why he weighs 770 pounds despite his “healthy” diet that has him eating an astonishing 10,000 calories per day! He was shocked to learn his favorite foods — such as ranch dressing and ice cream — are high in fat, and not exactly ideal for dieting. But after a doctor warned that he was dangerously overweight — and, essentially, slowly killing himself, he realized he needed to make a change. He has since dropped down to 652 pounds — and was approved for gastric bypass surgery, which he has undergone. Being obese while pregnant greatly increases your risk for health complications and risks such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, peripartum cardiomyopathy, etc. Join a support group or online community for women who want to lose weight while they are pregnant.
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He had taken up a  diverse study, practice and competition in the Eastern arts including training under the legendary Rickson Gracie in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yoga training under OM Yoga founder Cindy Lee and Ashtanga teachers William and Patti Asad.
With more than 15 years of experience in fitness training, Kirsch draws from his diverse training background to combine his knowledge of physical fitness, good health and spiritual wellness in his approach to fitness, nutrition and weight loss. David’s fitness exercise training programs involve cardio exercises, a lot on lunges exercises, squats exercises and resistance exercises using light weights, and doing high repetitions. The diet plan is made up of five, 25-minute fitness workouts per week and eating five healthy meals per day. This fitness trainer uses pilates fitness training exercise techniques and dance background which includes work on fitness machines such as the reformer as well as the trap table to compliment the strength work in the weight room. With a diverse, challenging, and progressive exercise program is designed to encourage the unity of the mind, body and soul for a “complete body” experience. This exercise is based on using small movements that aims to tone specific areas in the body and it doesn’t require heavy exercise equipment.
She also believes that the only way we know we love ourselves and others, is by the commitments we are willing to make and keep.
He introduced Brazilian Groove – a cardio dance class exercise set to hot Brazilian music that was an instant hit as were his Brazilian Butt Lift and Brazilian Tummy Tuck classes, both of which were named “Best Fitness Class” by New York Magazine in their “best” issue. This fitness trainer is the developer of Core Secrets, a project done with Guthy-Renker corporation, an 18 DVD fitness system featuring full-body and body-part specific workouts focused on strengthening the core of the body. Victoria says that it is by using key principles of strength and conditioning fitness training, with integrated core and flexibility fitness exercise training, and sound nutritional programming, we are able to rapidly achieve results that are safe, healthy, and permanent.

Walsh’s fitness exercise program had been instilled at a very young age by emulating his Uncle’s exercise program of sit ups and yoga.
He had taken up a diverse study, practice and competition in the Eastern arts including training under the legendary Rickson Gracie in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yoga training under OM Yoga founder Cindy Lee and Ashtanga teachers William and Patti Asad. Life, confessed to eating “two full meals plus snacks,” and struggled to comprehend why he remained confined to his home and ineligible for weight-loss surgery. He recently went to the gym for the first time, and met with a nutritionist, who helped him establish a more balanced diet. Clearly most of us cannot afford that but that does not mean that we cannot benefit from their expertise! His fitness exercise training program usually last for about 90 minutes every day.  For his diet plan, he has a philosophy he calls the “ABCDEF” diet, acronym for the foods that you should avoid while on this diet – alcohol, bread, starchy carbs, dairy, extra sweets, fruits, and most fats. The cooldown.  Fitness trainer Pasternak believes this will help alleviated DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Teddy’s approach to fitness training incorporates all aspects of fitness to create his own personalized approach, allowing focus to be on improving core stability, posture and alignment by slightly varying the classic style and incorporating more versatile, contemporary movements. SQUEEZE workouts provide the perfect arena in which to exercise this principle!  Effinger has also worked closely with rapper Eve, Will Ferrill and Amy Brenneman to name few! He’s been in the business for 20 years and has a diverse list of clients such as Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, Matthew McConaughey, Madonna, Bruce Willis and Jennifer Lopez.
He developed his own unique fitness technology, Integrated Motivational Fitness and created the 2-in-1 training system highlighted in his book, Body Express Makeover: Trim and Sculpt Your Body in Less Than Six Weeks.
By the age of 12, he had incorporated his own fitness regimen to include cardio exercises and weightlifting exercises. He’s been in the business for 20 years and has a diverse list of clients such as Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez. His studies inspired him to synergize yoga, martial arts and meditation with whole-foods nutrition and self-mastery coaching to create his holistic Budokon fitness training system.
Its movement is inspired by other exercise programs such as Pilates exercise, a dance floorwork like ballet, and mat exercise. According to fitness trainer Peterson, workouts aren’t just about burning calories, they’re about getting in shape for the things you love.
This balanced fitness regime integrates the body, mind and spirit connection for optimal energy and health. Lose weight in your arms, legs and abs with help from a personal trainer in this free video clip. About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.

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