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Kyle has helped me understand strength training and dieting from a different perspective, which has allowed me to train harder and get my desired physique. In this post, Kyle set up a sample diet and workout plan for the best way to lose fat for the summer and still get strong (and grow your muscles).
These numbers will create an environment for fat loss that will last for 2-3 months of sustained fat loss. If you want to speed up fat metabolism, supplements such as L-Carnitine are a great choice. You must be wondering how to lift weights properly to build muscle or how to lift weights correctly to gain muscle then in this post I am going to share few essential tips which will help you to lift the weights the right way and at the same time build muscle. Many beginners both men and women really don't know how to properly lift weights in the gym or at home to gain lean muscle mass and they usually think that the more weight you lift the more gains you will get. If you are thinking that I am doing my workouts regular and lifting heavy weights so I will ultimately be able to build more muscles yes it's right if you are lifting more weights and doing your workouts regularly then it's great but what most important is how the weights are flexing your  muscles and this is what matters the most because you want to build muscles or might be that you want to become a bodybuilder but your goal is not to lift most heavy weights that the goal of weight lifters and their goals is not to build lean muscle their aim is to build strength.
So this is totally different and here in this post I am going to share the tips and mistakes you must avoid while lifting weight in the gym or at home to gain more muscle mass. Also I usually open my laptop and watch my favorite bodybuilder training and by looking at their muscles I get pumped up and fully charged to hit the gym and complete my weight training session more enthusiastically.
I have seen many men and women simply go to gym 1 day and other day they don't feel like going to gym for their workouts and the biggest reason is that they are not really motivated to train their body and by using this trick I am 100% sure that you will never miss your workout routines and will regular do your workouts with more passion and dedication.
Again this is the one most important area I want to focus on that lifting too much weight without maintaining proper form and technique is of no use and you will not be able to build muscle mass. So my point here is to lift the weights by which you can maintain your proper form and technique and your body is comfortable with without jerking back and forth. I know that when you are doing weight training in the gym you want others to look at you and think that you are the most muscular and stronger person in the gym but you are wasting your money and time.
I have seen this plenty of time and to be honest when I started to do my workouts in the beginning I was also doing the same but later on I realize that I am doing the big mistake and this is not the right way to exercise in the gym.
Also I have seen that many people are try to lift as much weight as possible to impress others but what the heck it's going to be fruitful for you. Like I said earlier in the post that in order to lift the weights properly to gain muscle you need to feel the weights while doing your reps and concentrate on the muscle group which you are training as this will definitely give much much better results. I have seen many men and women in the gym doing dumbbell concentration curls and not really focusing on their biceps muscle instead they turn their head and look at the walls and this is not the right way to lift weights. Ask your self one question why you are in the gym to talk or to train obviously you are in the gym to train then why are you are talking too much between sets as this is wasting your energy so preserve this energy and take only 30 secs or 1 minute rest between sets. If you want to talk then there are plenty of other places where you can talk but till the time you are in the gym avoid it as much as possible. Doing warm ups before lifting weights in gym or home is very important and you must not avoid or skip it in any case as doing this might result in injury. So doing be in hurry to lift heavy weight instead do 1 to 2 sets of light weight warm ups prior lifting heavier weights.
Many men and women think that they are wasting their time by doing warm ups but if they will avoid the will be wasting more time lying in the hospital bed. To gain muscle you muscle continuously put stress in your muscles which leads to more muscle growth and size because if you are doing 10 pound dumbbell curls on every workout routines then your body will get used to it and will not grow. But let me tell you one important thing that if you are doing 10 pound dumbbell curs in one workout then don't simply jump to 25 pounds dumbbell curls in other workout instead slowly increase your weight like 10 to 12 then 12 to 25 so on and so forth and this will really give you must better results and at the same time avoid any injuries. Many of you would be wondering why am I not able to build muscle or why am I unable to build muscle then you have landed on the best post because here I am going to share why you are struggling to gain muscle and what you are not doing right so that you can stop criticizing your body and opt for the best muscle building techniques to gain more muscle mass and gain weight. Many beginner men and women when start to do their workouts don't really know how they must proceed further with their workout goals to extract maximum from their workout routines and the end result is they get frustrated and quit doing workouts and this is the worst thing to do.
Don't get confused with this not eating right with not eating enough this is completely different if you eat enough of wrong food then you will end up gaining excess of weight and most of them will be not lean muscle it will be fat  and I am sure that you don't want that right.
If you are thinking by reading the above 2 points that now I know what to eat and how much to eat and I will get big and more muscular but let me tell you that muscle building is not that much easy if it would had been that much easy then you must be seeing every other guy in the gym look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman but I am sure that you are not right Why? So the point here is in order to gain weight and make your body more muscular then you need to do the right workout routines in the gym So that each muscle group get enough training to grow bigger and muscular. Do you know that it's one the bad way to do your workouts and exercises because the workout routines and programs which you see on magazines are made for professional bodybuilders and for most of the beginners these workout routine is not suitable at all and the out come would be you will end up over training your muscles and in worst cases get injured. In order to build muscle you need to take protein because this is the stuff which build muscles.
Because in your diet you don't get ample amount of protein to full fill daily protein intake requirement and the protein you get from regular diet is normal to full fill your daily need but in order to build lean muscle and gain fat free weight you need to take protein supplement.
This is another biggest reason why you are can't gain muscle doing exercise is right and doing it with high intensity is awesome but do you know in order to grow you need to take ample amount of rest why because when you sleep all the broken muscle tissues get repaired and this is what enables your body to build muscles faster and also helps your body to heal and recover from the hard intense workouts.
So it's very essential to at least you must sleep 7 to 8 hours daily to feel completely relaxed and refreshed for your next training schedule.
I have seen people doing workouts with the same weight for long time and never really put pressure in their muscles to let them grow by lifting more weight then they did in their previous workout. So friends these are top 7 reasons why you are not able to build muscle and I hope you love this post if you have any doubt feel free to ask me via comment sections and I will be more than happy to answer and help you And last but not the least don't forget to subscribe to get more workout routines for men and women! If you are want to know how to build big biceps and triceps fast or how to build big arms then in this post I am going to share the best tips on how to build bigger biceps and triceps quickly and faster.
1) If you want to build biceps and triceps quickly then the very first thing you need to do is do your workouts properly and choose the right exercises which will grow your biceps and triceps muscles. In order to build bigger biceps and triceps you need to choose those exercises which stimulates your biceps and triceps muscles properly and increase the blood flow throughout that muscles.
3) And not only for each set you must try to make your workout routines as intense as possible to keep your arms become stronger and muscular to build those heavy weight and I believe that this is the best way to pump your biceps and triceps muscles. 4) What do you think that inorder to grow your biceps and triceps  Do you need to go for high reps or low reps any guesses. 5) I have also seen that many men and women is when they are training their arms they are not completely focusing on their exercise instead they are more interested in a women who is jogging on the treadmill but this is not the best practice and you must avoid doing this. 6) As I said the you have to lift more weights to build more muscles but this does not mean that you must pull up all the weights in your gym and do the barbell curl. 7) Another mistake which I see most beginners do is that they look at the pictures of Ronnie coleman, Jay cutler or phil heath and blindly follow their workout routines but do you know that these guys are using steroids ( Sorry Ronnie,  Jay and phil I am your biggest fan ) but truth is truth and I have to say it to my loyal readers. 8) Guys making huge biceps and triceps is not a rocket science it's just using your common sense and doing the right workouts and exercises and I am sure that you will be able to make your arms grow very fast. So men and women this was how to build big biceps and triceps fast & quickly And if you like this post please share with your friends who are struggling to make huge biceps and triceps quickly.
If you are looking for how to do exercise & workouts in Gym for beginners then you have come to the right blog because here I am going to share most important tips on how to do workout in gym with step by step instruction and tips which will help you to build muscles, lose weight, gain weight or simply maintain good health and fitness no matter what is your goal is but what's the best part is the you asked the right question because it's not necessary that you are joined the gym to build muscles or to lose weight it can be simply to stay fit and healthy. No issues with that but the good part is that you have made your mind that want to learn the right techniques and ways to do exercise in gym. 2) Make sure that you are doing proper warm up exercises so that you body get warmed up for the weight training and the blood flow increases through out your body and this will greatly reduce the chances of injury doing workouts for eg if you are doing your biceps exercises then first do couple of sets with very light weight to make sure that you biceps muscles get warmed up properly.
3) I would like to recommend beginners that no matter which body part you are training in gym make sure that you are doing only 3 sets per body part and not more than 3 exercises as this is more than enough to build muscles and it's recommend by most professional gym trainers.

4) Don't lift the amount of weight which is too heavy for you and you are not able to do the exercise in proper form. 6) While doing your exercise in gym make sure that you are feeling the weight while doing reps and this is what the great bodybuilder of all time Arnold Schwarzenegger also recommends. 7) As being beginners also speak to your gym trainer about the exercise and ask him the right technique to do that particular exercise because unless and until you will not know how to do a particular exercise you will not see improvements and increase the chances of injuries. 8) Always carry a water bottle with you while you go to gym and regular keep your body hydrated by taking sips of water in between your sets. 9) Take 1 to 2 minutes rest between your sets in gym but make sure that you are not taking it too long.
10) If you are doing bench press or any heavy exercise make sure that you have supporter with you so that if in case anything goes wrong or you are not being able to put the weight back to the rack then he can help you in this.
If you want to know workout routines for skinny guys to gain muscle mass or workout routine for skinny guys to build muscle and weight the you have come to the right post, because here I am going to share best tips for skinny guys to gain muscle mass and at the same time gain weight. Even my self when I was in my 15 and 16 I used to be very skinny but I started to do workouts and slowly but gradually I started to build muscle mass and gain weight However I used to train 1 hour daily after coming from college. 1) First and foremost thing which is most important if you want to get into good shape and physique you have to take your workout routines seriously without that you will not be able to see quick results.
2) Take proper diet which must include protein diet, many men and women think that it's not necessary to take protein supplements to build muscle but the reality is that if you will not take protein supplements then you will not be able to build muscle mass. 3) Do less reps with more weight, because if you are skinny and want to build quick muscle then you must be on lower side as compared to high reps, If you do lower reps you body will not get exhausted quickly and you can do more sets with more weight and if you will ask any pro bodybuilder then they will also tell you the same thing that in order to make your body bulkier you have to lift more weight.
1) If you are very busy or you exams are going on then you don't have to get upset you can do your workout routines at home also.
4) Previously in this blog I have written an article on complete home workout routines which you must read and I am sure that you will not believe that you can train all your body parts at home and at the same time you can put up weight. 5) Even though you are doing your workouts at home make sure that you are eating proper protein diet and taking an adequate sleep because sleep is also very important. Now that you know all the vital things which are required to build muscle below is the simple but most effective workout routines for skinny guys which you must do.
Remember that many men and women think that doing more workouts and exercises leads to more muscle but this is a myth.
Don’t Buy Into The Scams, You Don’t Need Expensive Gimmicks To Reach Your Fitness Goals! The fitness industry is full of vultures preying on people with high hopes of reaching their goals. These so called newbie gains will allow you to put on around 10-15 lbs of solid muscle in the shortest amount of time possible.
If you are just now starting to become interested in fitness, don’t waste your time with gimmicks. The entire first year I was losing weight while getting stronger and bigger at the same time.
I spent my second year working out, lifting as heavy as I possibly could and running on the treadmill for a half hour at 7 miles per hour. My third year lifting I realized that in order to progress I was going to have to gain weight by eating more calories, and then lose the extra fat later. For people who are carrying significant amount of bodyfat, you can afford to be pretty aggressive with fat loss until you get significantly leaner.
L-Carnitine helps release fat cells to be burned off as energy, so you will have more endurance when you are doing aerobic cardio and you will lose fat more efficiently.
RP has been in the sports supplements industry for over 6 years, and he is an avid athlete who takes fitness and supplementation seriously. Lean Muscle building is not very easy and it the game of mind to body connection and if you are not following the proper form and technique then you will really find it hard to build muscle. This is the case I often see beginners do and they think that lifting too much weight is the ultimate way to build more muscle and they usually ignore the proper form and technique which not only wastes their time in the gym at the same time they are increasing the chances of getting injured. Doing show off and tying to be hunk in the gym will not help you to build the muscles which is your main goal right.
So please stop doing this instead lift the weights properly and you will see much better results. Doing your warm ups properly lubricates your joints and prepares your muscles for lifting heavy weights in gym or home and this will really avoid any joint injuries. I usually do 1 to 2 sets of light weight sets prior training any muscle group and this really increases the blood flow in that particular muscle group and keep me safe form any injuries during my workout routines. So never skip your warm up exercises and always do it no matter what body part or muscle group you are training.
So in order to keep your muscle tissues and fibers growing you need to gradually increase your weights and with time your body will adapt to that weight which will result in more muscle mass gains.
If you like this post please share and don't forget to subscribe to get more workout routines and muscle building tips and tricks. So if you are also wondering that I am doing my workouts really hard then also why I can't build the muscle well the reasons might be many and believe me no matter no matter you think that you are doing the right things but there are always mistakes that we cannot observe and the consequences is that you look at your body and ask the damm question why the hell am I unable to gain muscle mass and weight. I have seen many beginner men and women who literally get any workout routines from magazines and start following them without know the benefits or what will be the out come of opting these workout routines. Many beginners don't know how to build bigger biceps and triceps and they start doing workouts and exercises without even thing that whether it will grow their arms or not.
So lets say that if you are able to do 10 reps of 10 pound dumbbell then in your next workout increase the weight and this is the secret formula to get bigger arms quickly. I think that many will go for high reps because this sounds more beneficial as doing more reps will yield you more muscles but sorry to say in order to build muscles fast you need to do exercises with lower reps and high weight. I have read that Arnold Schwarzenegger advised to feel the weight while doing the reps and this is the best way to build big biceps and triceps muscles faster. So if you believe that you will also be able to make such monster and huge triceps and biceps then you should also start taking steroids ( which I will never recommend to any one). I have seen many men who just did proper exercise and they were able to build guns without taking any steroids.
I have seen many beginners who don't know how to do their exercise properly in the gym and end getting injured or torn muscles and this is very bad. Literally I have seen many beginners who do this mistake by looking at other tenure men and women who are doing workouts in the gym. Yesterday I saw a young lad in the gym who got motivated by looking at the professional bodybuilder and tried to do the same workouts and exercises which he was doing. I have seen many beginners in the gym that they don't concentrate which doing their sets and reps instead they look at the other hotties who are running on the treadmill and this is not the best way to do your workouts in gym. No matter that you have being in the gym for couple of months but before starting any workout routine please consult your gym trainer and take his advice because he will tell you what you must be doing in the gym to get better results. I have seen many beginners who like to do show off in the gym and lift the amount of weights which they know from the beginning that they will not be able to put it back on the place end up having a bench press barbell landed on their chest So it's quite dangerous Thus I would advice all beginners who have just started to do exercise in gym always seek for support where you need would be appropriate for you. I hope you liked this step by step article and if you like this post please share with you friends which are beginners and have joined the gym for their workouts.

Being a teenager it's very important that you are well built so that you can wear whatever you wish and at the same time you look attractive but due to fact that you are skinny you are not able to wear all the outfit which you wanted to. I had my mind set up that I need to build my body and gain some muscle mass So I kept on doing weight training for straight 1 year and I was surprised to see the results.
Like I have seen some men and women who need to gain muscle tend to not do their workout routines daily and they are literally on and off in doing exercises.
Muscle need protein to build up and if you are not providing that then how come you will be able to build muscles and weight.
Don't fall under the impression that if you will do 50 pound dumbbell curls you biceps will be big. Do you know that bodybuilder sleep a lot because the time when you are sleeping you body repairs the muscle tissues and makes your body refresh for you next workout session So make sure that you are sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours daily. I would not recommend you to workout 7 days in a week and that will be to much for you but what I would advise you is to go for 3 day workout routine and this is best for skinny guys and beginners because they will run out of the danger of over training their muscles and get injured.
90-120 seconds between exercises on big compound exercises, and 60-90 seconds for lighter isolation exercises.
We don’t want to lose a lot of weight fast, so luckily you get to eat more and still lose fat. L-Carnitine comes in many forms, and liquid seems to be the favourite choice if you want fast absorption, but L-Carnitine capsules are an easy option on the go.
Chronically elevated cortisol levels prevent you from losing fat, and this is one main reason that people have a tough time getting lean (especially the midsection).
Also if you have any question or doubt in the mind the don't hesitate to ask me via comment section and I would really be glad to answer you!
To grow your biceps and triceps muscles quickly you have to do the right exercises and the best workout routines then and then only you will be able to see your arms muscles growing. So if you also fall in this category and opt to do workouts without even knowing that this is the best biceps and triceps exercises then stop doing it because at the end you will not be able to see good gains. For example if you are doing 20 pound dumbbell curls then in the next set increase the weight a little bit and this will put more pressure in your biceps muscles which will increase your biceps muscle fibers and ultimately you biceps will grow fast and the same rule applies to your triceps also.
So it's really possible and if someone says that you have to take steroids the ignore them and focus on your workouts and diet. In order to stay fit and healthy you must do your exercise properly in gym and at the same time don't over train your body because this is not going to do any benefit in fact it will increase the chance of getting sore muscles tissues and injury So in this post I am going to share few best tips on how to to workout in gym for beginners.
Always concentrate on the muscles which you are training as this will give you good results and muscle gains. Also if you have any questions you are most welcome to ask me via comments and I will be glad to answer them all day long. But no worries you can gain muscle very easily specially if you do your workout routines properly and at the same time eat proper diet and nutrition.
So in this post I am going to share my tips on how I as being skinny guy I managed to build muscle mass and weight. Well this is the biggest mistake So if you really want to gain muscle then you have to do your exercises regularly no matter what. I would recommend you to take whey protein in the beginning or any weight gainer to support your diet. It's wrong you are not here to become a weight lifter you are here in the gym to build muscle mass So doing your workout routines in correct form will ensure that you targeted muscles get those traction and flexing which is required to build up the muscles quickly. BCAAs also help increase your recovery and increase protein synthesis, which means that you will be able to absorb protein efficiently. Other products that speed up fat metabolism have stimulants such as caffeine, which have been shown to increase the speed of fat burning because stimulants help raise your heart rate to an effective fat burning zone, and suppress appetite. Increasing Vitamin C intake helps reducing cortisol levels, and supplements such as L-Theanine reduce anxiety. Active8 Nutrition will not be held responsible for any information or statements made in these sections.
However making your biceps and triceps bigger is not a rocket science just you have to pick the right exercises and right workout routines and you will be good to go. So the best way is to lift weight with which you are comfortable and can do the sets and reps properly. They are bodybuilders and they have to do very high intensity workouts to build those huge muscles and I hope you are not being as beginners. Taking protein supplement make sure that your body get all the essential nutrients which it requires to build the muscles and at the same time heals your muscle tissues.
Having a small does of caffeine (from a coffee or fat burning supplement) in the morning may be a great option while your fasting so you don’t get the hunger pangs, and you burn fat more efficiently. Adrenal support supplements can also help your adrenal glands recovery from long term stimulant use. So in this post I am going to share the surefire ways to build big biceps and triceps fast. But yeah later when you get experienced or you want to start bodybuilding then surely as time goes you can increase your workout intensity, time and reps. Your body learns how to burn less energy when you use the same exercises.The same concepts apply to gaining muscle. There is nothing wrong in this but since you have just started to exercise in gym I would recommend and advise you to stick to the basics. Your body puts on fat to store energy when food is scarce.The problem with this is that food is seldom scarce. It expends less energy as you perform repeated exercises. The idea to take away is that your body will use less energy as you do the same exercises. This is why I personally change up my workout routine every 3 weeks, to keep my body in growing mode.Overcoming Your BodyWorkouts for weight loss tend to change to help you burn more energy. It would perform them efficiently and easily. Consider if you added a weight to those sit-ups. Doing so is one of the greatest weight loss tips you can receive.Changing Up Your Fitness RoutinesThere are countless ways to change your exercise routine. Changing your routine every 3 weeks will not be a challenge if you are using our Fitness Builder because there are thousands of exercises.Add weights to your exercises.
You just need to move in different ways.Perform aerobics and weight training on the same day. At first, it may seem like the new exercises are too difficult but that’s a good thing.
Your body will acclimate to the new exercises. Those new exercises will teach your body to become stronger.

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