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With hunger squelched, it is highly likely that you will not eat as much which will result in weight loss. So, if you can find foods that are lower in GI, meaning more and more complex carbohydrates, the better it is for slower absorption of the foods. This entry was postedon Friday, June 15th, 2012 at 5:45 pmand is filed under All about health, Lifestyle, Weight Loss, Wellness. Conveniently available at the location of your choice: home, office, park, beach, party, and anywhere at all!
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Such high Glycemic Index carbs as honey, maple (and any other) syrup or regular jams should be avoided either. Even though foods are classified as having a low GI, portion control should be exercised for effective weight loss. Another thing you can do when you eat foods high in GI, to mix and match with foods with fibre and protein.
However, since it is from the carbs group, you shouldn’t eat these oatmeal crepes with fat included products. It suggests a detailed 12 week action plan, with emphasis on weight maintenance and it contains an almost exhaustive table of glycemic index values.Also featured are delicious recipes, exercise suggestions, encouraging targets and case studies.
There are a lot of other factors that affect weight gain and GI alone will not help lose weight if there are many other vilations of eating habits and lifestyle habits that are doing the opposite of helping you lose weight!

It's very motivating!The Low GI Diet: Lose Weight with Smart Carbs by Jennie Brand-Miller, Kaye Foster-Powell, Joanna McMillan-Price, Anthony R. However, because of the slow manner in which they are absorbed into the blood stream, they can help curb a person’s appetite. Cook crepes in a small size Teflon fry pan, over high heat, about 1 minute on each side or until they are golden blown. However, I recommend putting a little bit of olive oil in a fry pan just before cooking a first one.

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