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EXCLUSIVE: Stress from late trains, missed appointments and infuriating colleagues, cause our body to release a hormone which triggers fat to gather around the stomach, says nutritionist Dr Marilyn Glenville. Women whose body clocks were disrupted performed worse in attention, motor control in memory tests than men, a study by the University of Surrey. Eradication experts say there is little chance Brazil can come anywhere near stamping out the mosquito responsible for spreading the Zika virus like it did a half century ago.
BrunchNews connects you to the latest and trending news from the best news websites around the world. Ia€™m 47 a€” not far off the Domestic Goddessa€™s age and, I suspect, not too far short of her fuller-figured size either. Now, I work as a celebrity fashion stylist in Los Angeles, the most vain and appearance-obsessed city in the world. After having them both, I ballooned to 15 stone-plus and swathed my bulk in size 20 dresses. Plenty of other celebrities have fared even worse, thanks to the ageing effects of their constant dieting: actress Sarah Jessica Parker, 46, for starters. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. But the Grammy award winner, whose hits include Home and Havena€™t Met You Yet, showed off a much slimmer appearance at Milan Fashion Week, completing his new look with a stylish leather jacket and jeans that would not have looked out of place on the catwalk. Do either really understand the reasons for the Australian regulations and similar existing regulations in the U.S. Several million well-upholstered middle- aged women a€” myself among them a€” will have applauded her declaration last week that she has no intention of losing weight because it would age her horribly.
For the fact is that when you get to 40 you have to choose between your face and your body.

Ia€™m not afraid to admit I weigh 12A? stone; my face is pleasantly rounded, not to mention my bottom and muffin middle. My clients are almost universally slender, yet many of them remain neurotically preoccupied with sustaining their stick-thin appearance. She may be rich, she may be thin (when she is not pregnant), but can you imagine her erupting into a belly laugh? After embarking on a drastic weight-loss programme I devised with the help of WeightWatchers, I reached my all-time low of ten stone.
Former supermodel Cindy Crawford, 45, is one of the few who manages to sustain a fabulous figure and a face that glows with youthful good health.
Perhaps the stara€™s marriage to model and actress Luisana Lopilato is behind his transformation.
Nigella, 51, conceded that while she may have the physique of a shot-putter, she wona€™t countenance dieting because it wouldA  add years to her face.a€?If I lost 40lb (almost three stone), I would age ten years straight away,a€™ she said. If you pare down the body too much, the quid pro quo is that you acquire the turkey neck and sunken cheekbones of a wizened old crone.
Of course, I was thrilled to be able to wear fashion samples in a teeny size, yet when I look back at a passport photo of myself from that time I realise how drawn, tired, haggard and old I looked. But it is no secret that she benefits from the help of a veritable army of a€?aestheticiansa€™, as the Americans call that fraternity of doctors whose speciality is shoring up sagging faces. I know this because Ia€™ve dieted drastically in the past and when I look back at photos of myself a€” 5ft 8in and a fabulous size eight a€” I covet my whip-slim body, clad in its swirly Moschino print chiffon dress. Just look at Fern Britton, whose gastric band has helped her shed the pounds, but pile on the years.
In fact, when a cosmetic surgeon friend offered me the chance to try out a face full of fillers to plump up my a€?nasal labial folds and tear troughsa€™, supplemented with a face-freezing bucketload of Botox, I jumped at the chance.

Or Hannah Waterman, whose celebrated sudden weight loss made her age more in six months than most of us do in six years. As a fashion presenter on Lorraine Kellya€™s morning show on GMTV, I perfected (as Nigella has done) the subtle art of enhancing my curves with judiciously cut garments and disguising bulges with clever corsetry. I wobble like a blancmange if I dona€™t hoist myself into my favourite M&S body-shaping pants, yet I have no one to blame but myself.
The temporary cosmetic lift imparted a new freshness to my face, but I realised that if I wanted toA  sustain my appearance a€” the slender body and preternaturally plumped up visage a€” Ia€™d have to invest a lot of money and effort in the process. Since then, Ia€™ve been very big and Ia€™ve been very slim and, honestly, since Ia€™ve reached middle age, like Nigella, I believe I look younger a€” and I know I feel happier a€” when Ia€™m carrying a few extra pounds. And so I opted for the entirely natural face filler that comes from eating heartily instead. Ia€™ve made my choice a€” and I wouldna€™t trade it for a hand-span waist because I believe the women who have swapped food for stick-thin bodies are a miserable lot. As a cook and gourmet who famously relishes every calorific mouthful of her food, it would be preposterous if Nigella were skinny. Mine are aged 11 and 12, and while they have added immeasurably to my quota of lifea€™s joys, they have also contributed to my weigh gain. Moreover, she must recall how the nation recoiled in horror when her father, Lord Lawson a€” Chancellor of the Exchequer in Mrs Thatchera€™s Cabinet a€” lost a huge amount of weight, but ended up sunken-cheeked and gaunt in the process.

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