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If you stop by on occasion you know that I’ve been working on losing weight, after many years of going up and down. The customs agent dialogue also prompted me to set a date of September 15th to post my before and after pictures, this way I’ve got enough time to work up to it mentally and I wrapped a goal around that date too. Recent Commentsrichraz on What If Money Were No Object?Bruce Carpenter on What If Money Were No Object?richraz on What If Money Were No Object?richraz on What If Money Were No Object?Steve Machado on What If Money Were No Object? AboutThanks for checking out my site; most people call me Raz, I'm 36-year old guy going through life and capturing some reflections along the way. Some from my personal life, consisting of two amazing kiddo's (Royce and Zoe, or RoZo) and my fabulous wife (Erica), as well as parceled together through other adventures related to my growing up, friends, or things I read or observe.
And some from my professional life, which have included big companies like Eli Lilly & J&J, VC-backed start-ups (including my current company where I'm the CEO), and Executive-level positions in turnaround to growth companies.
This section is where I will be periodically posting all of the pictures that I take throughout the process of me losing the weight.

I’m a 29 year old military man and at one point abiout 2 years ago I was about 210 lbs.
But I found your site as well be cause I have very unsightly stretch marks around my groin area and few elsewhere. Awesome job on your weight loss.I could not find your final or latest pics, depending on where your at with your weight loss. I pull a lot of my insights from the many people, personalities, and experiences from my professional career.
I used to be the kind of guy that was always in shape, but over the last few years I've fallen off tremendously.
The only way I can explain it is as if i was cut with a knife and just allowed it to heal with out getting stitches. Stopping something. Whatever your thing is, you shouldn’t quit the pursuit of your accomplishment of it.

I myself am on a weight loss mission and it’s stories like yours that keep me motivated! So I promised myself that when I hit my goal I’d do the same thing, in the event that it might motivate just one person to keep after it. I’m not shy about telling people that I failed at my goal of losing weight for a long time. Despite many imperfections that I can find in both pictures of me all too quickly, I do look skinnier in the pic on the right than I did a few years back in my passport pic on the left.

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