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Obviously, the insulin injections changed how this guy’s body partitioned fuel into fat. Do you really think that the disease made this baby fat by forcing him to “overeat” milk or formula? Should she eat less and exercise more to lose fat below the waist… or eat more and move less to gain some fat above her waist?
According to this article, ARV therapy for HIV patients can lead to obesity AND emaciation AT THE SAME TIME.
Trying to apply the calorie counting logic to this kind of obesity is like dividing by zero.
In their book, Life Without Bread, German doctors Allan and Lutz describe how they successfully treated anorexics with a low carbohydrate diet. Okay, so in a population that barely gets enough to eat, we see obesity AND malnutrition occurring at the same time. Are we to believe that the people in this shantytown have access to yummier food than, say, the affluent, healthy, non-obese, non-malnourished populations in the Mediterranean and Japan do? Are we to assume that, somehow, the malnourished cohort in this society passively allows the obese cohort to eat more than their fair share, while they starve?
If body processes different calories differently, howzabout we stop giving all people one-size-fits-all advice to deal with weight control issues? Is mean, in that it blames obese people for being gluttonous sloths who care more about pound cake than about their health. Join with me and with the growing legion of Calorie Skeptics around the globe to free as many people as possible from the nonsensical calorie delusion. As someone who has recovered from anorexia, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that if I had tried to refeed on low carb, it would not have worked. Taking extreme cases and Taubes-esque cherry picking only proves that you can appeal to emotions, a massive confirmation bias and an ability select nice jpegs.
In other words, when you digest a gram of protein, more energy may be wasted by the process than, say, is wasted when you digest a gram of sugar.
Still, they were making a different point with that figure, so since you used it as proof that calories don’t count I was thinking you could explain why that picture says that is the case. I also had an inkling that I was being trolled, but I do mean what I wrote about compassion and empathy.
Adam, you wrote a post entitled 9 pictures that prove beyond a reasonable doubt that calories don’t count. I know what it means to me, and can give you an example of why it is one of the weaker arguments they made, but would like to hear an original thought from you first. Your readers might be interested in reading the comment from Kurt Harris at that second link. You guys raise some important critiques, and I really want to address them thoroughly and thoughtfully. Why don’t you start with the thorough and thoughtful response to the issues from that blog post.
Adam, please, I think you are easily the most insincere person I have encountered in this community. Clearly you’d rather engage trolls and allow links to harassing bullies than discuss the science here.
In terms of fat loss, the NK diet may be optimal for some people because it’s designed to minimize insulin levels and effectively force the body to burn fat for fuel.
It’s difficult enough having to communicate through the lies and misconceptions of me, but it is impossible when people such as you irresponsibly attribute the actions of others to me.
This list of low carb foods is divided into several groups, including meats, vegetables, fruits, oils, dairy products, whole grain foods, beverages, and dressings.
There is a wide selection of foods and ingredients for preparing healthy, nutritious recipes. Fats and oils –cod liver, olive, lard, butter and coconut oil are your best low carb options to be consumed once in a while for a complete balanced diet. Nuts and seeds – sunflower seeds, walnuts and almonds will give you the strength to sustain the low carb lifestyle and be healthy. Dressing – mustard, mayonnaise, tartar Sauce, Blue Cheese, French and Italian salad dressing, sour cream, vinegar, barbecue sauce, and soy sauce are great examples for low carb dressing. You can have these intact whole grains – such as barley and brown rice – as part of a slightly low carb diet. The starch found in whole, intact grains is broken down more gradually into glucose, making it less likely to cause the sharp spikes in blood sugar levels than that found in refined grains – such as white rice – or grains ground into flour – including whole wheat flour.

Fruits can also be tricky because lots of fruits tend to have lots of carbohydrates in them, primarily the simple sugars glucose and fructose.
In fact, some of the more popular low-carb diets differ in their opinion of fruit, depending on whether they rely upon glycemic index or glycemic load – South Beach, Zone – or the total carbohydrate content – Atkins.
However, if you stick to the fruits listed above, you’ll get an extra boost of vitamin C, antioxidants and phytonutrients while remaining relatively low carb.
There are foods available with no carbohydrate content that regulate your blood sugar levels and help keep them stable. Adding these zero carb foods to your diet can help manage your weight and control your blood sugar levels. Water, black coffee (without the creamer)  and most diet sodas are good examples. Water, however, is the best no-carb drink option. Studies show that consuming diet drinks containing artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose, saccharin or aspartame, may increase your risk for weight gain, metabolic syndrome, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Below, I provide 9 pieces of pictorial evidence that should convince anyone with a working brain to acknowledge the actual truth about fat loss and obesity: namely, that our preoccupation with calories is AT BEST an oversimplification, and an inaccurate and morally mean one at that. That was roughly ~2700 more calories than he had been eating at baseline, before the experiment.
This course of HIV medication apparently causes people to become OBESE AND EMACIATED AT THE SAME TIME. There was a 30% prevalence of malnutrition in the children, with chronic malnutrition as the most predominant problem. Think about how amazing that is — how much it conflicts with our basic assumption that Americans get fat because we have too much yummy food.
Even putting that out there for someone who is recovering from an ED to read is dangerous, as it will most likely lead them to orthorexia or further enforce ED behaviors. In any real (irreversible) process, entropy increases and no process is perfectly efficient. A protein directly oxidized will give a bit more than 4 kcal of energy, if it is first converted in glucose it will only have a net yield of 1kcal, because all the intermediary steps are not free. Perhaps I should have included a 10th picture of a lava field to illustrate an example of a very high calorie substance (liquid rock!) that no one would consider obesogenic. There has GOT to be a better way to exchange ideas – one that involves less anger and more compassion and more listening. She is a troll who devotes her life to character assassination, bullying, belittling and persecuting people. I think you’re doing truly indispensable work in making often-confusing science accessible to laypeople (myself included). Low carb diets are becoming very popular and with this popularity comes the conundrum of what foods you can eat and which foods to avoid.
This list is also helpful in that you can use it to modify classic recipes and make your own low carbohydrate versions.
Strawberries, blueberries, pears, oranges and apple are fruits that will give you an extra boost of vitamin C without the carbohydrates.
You may ask why bread is on the list, but remember that certain carbs are acceptable on a low carb diet. The type of bread that you can eat on a low carb diet should be 100% whole grain with lots of fiber because this has a reduced carbohydrate content and fewer calories.
This is important as eating carbohydrates causes blood sugar levels to rise, which could lead to weight gain and obesity if excess amounts are consumed. Sugars, sweets and other foods that have artificial or added sugar and flavorings should be avoided, as well as pastas and breads (unless they are 100% whole grain). Then the Othello board can flip, and we can finally have a sensible conversation about the true causes (and possible cures) for obesity and the hundreds of chronic diseases associated with it.
Also, if you read all of Atkins work about low carbing, he specifically says it is not something that should be done long-term as it will impact your thyroid and other metabolic processes.
In reality, those with EDs are probably already eating very low carb because that is just the nature of the beast. A 500 calorie bison burger may yield only 400 calories of usable energy, while a 500 calorie brownie may yield 450 calories of useable energy. The consequence is that conservation of energy (ie, the first law) is maintained by exporting high-entropy compounds (principally carbon dioxide and water) into the environment.
Maybe in the future we can arrange some way to exchange ideas in a more constructive fashion. Her track record of being an abusive bully and completely incapable of a genuine conversation is well recorded.

I feel sad because I wish the discussion over these issues could be more reasoned and less heated! When you transform food into usable biological energy, the 2nd law says that you’re going to lose some of that energy during its various transformations.
The extent to which energy and matter are distributed among heat, chemical bonds, work, and the excreted products is determined by the specific metabolic pathway used.
I feel sad that this dialogue (about calories, carbs, etc) so often turns so mean and nasty!
Facts on common causes, home remedies and simple prevention!Typically, this smelly situation is rather harmless, and if anything it’s just inconvenient. In our review, we presented plausible mechanisms by which dietary composition can lead to different pathways of different efficiencies. These and other questions lik it are quite complicated, and the answers are probably very context dependent.
My feeling is that almost all the zealous people on both sides of the calories issue are passionate because they deeply want to help other people.
Bad breath is a result of the bacteria in our mouths breaking down lingering food particles in between our teeth, on our gums and tongue. But we all have needs to help others, to eat right, to figure out the truth of the universe, etc. Practitioners of Ayurveda suspect that poor oral hygiene and surprisingly enough, poor digestive function, are the primary causes of bad breath.Let’s explore these causes a bit more, along with 12 others. We will also look at some holistic solutions for overcoming bad breath.14 Reasons You Might Have Bad Breath1. Because saliva has a major role in cleaning the mouth and keeping pathogens from thriving, there can be a buildup of bacteria after sleeping.SolutionIf this is the case, then have no fear, morning breath is completely normal for most people and can be reversed with simple morning oral hygiene practices like oil pulling. Mouth-BreathingChronically breathing through the mouth may lead to dry mouth by inhibiting saliva production. The researchers considered that the heavy mouth breathing results in low saliva production.SolutionWhile breathing may be simple, many people do it only automatically. However, there are also other culprits, including certain spices and cruciferous veggies like cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts.
These foods are also high in sulfur, which can produce an unpleasant odor.As we will discuss later, bad breath can stem from the digestive tract, so while these foods may not be unpleasant to taste, burping them up later can produce an off-putting sulfur smell. When you eat these particular foods, the sulfuric compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream then into the lungs, where they can be expelled even hours after consuming them. Unsurprisingly, smoking not only increases the amount of odor-producing compounds in a person’s mouth and lungs, but the habit can also dry out your mouth, leading to lower saliva production, according to a 2004 review by researchers from Hong Kong. We’re not going to run down the laundry list of why it’s bad for your health but here is a good place to start if you’re trying to quit.5.
MedicationCertain meds—like some antihistamines, diuretics, antipsychotics, and muscle relaxants—can cause side effects that include dry mouth, says Dr.
According to the American Dental Association, your tongue harbors most of the bacteria that causes smelly breath, and scraping it off the surface may halt bad breath, at least temporarily.6. But what happens when that mucus starts building up in the back of your throat because you have terrible pollen allergies or a nasty cold?Those foreign particles eventually travel into your mouth, settle on the surface of your tongue, and in turn trigger bad breath, according to one 2012 review in the International Journal of Oral Science.
A Low-Carb DietPeople who slash their carbohydrate intake have been known to report increased levels of halitosis. CavitiesYour mom has already warned you that a buildup of plaque can erode your teeth, leaving you with cavities. Grbic, and since cavities can be hard to clean, the remnants of your last meal can linger there for longer-than-usual periods of time, which can then lead to more bad breath. Proper brushing, flossing, and tongue scraping are a few ways to prevent odor-inducing bacteria from building up on the teeth and tongue.9. Dental AppliancesWe’re not just talking about braces—orthodontic appliances like dentures and fixed bridges can be difficult to maintain, too. Also, a glass of water between drinks not helps keep bad breath at bay, but also helps control your alcohol intake by making you more full.11.

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