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Since the majority of calories on a ketogenic diet will come from dietary fats, choices should be made with digestive tolerance in mind.
Saturated and monounsaturated fats such as butter, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, avocado and egg yolks are tolerated more easily by most people, and since they are more chemically stable, they are less inflammatory. Berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) can be enjoyed occasionally in small amounts, as they are the lowest in carbohydrate. Spices do have carbs, so be sure to count them if they are added to meals made using this low carb food list. My son Oliver has requested strawberry shortcake for every birthday since he could speak, so he’s my most discerning strawberry shortcake taster. As an example of the versatility of this recipe – I had a dinner party recently and some of the guests couldn’t eat dairy and another guest couldn’t eat xylitol or erythritol .
3 pans of cake: one made with butter, one made with coconut oil, and one made with coconut oil and “Just Like Sugar” (see note below) and stevia. Eating healthy has changed my body, my energy level, my overall health, and my quality of life.
I've been working on some health things, interviewing practitioners to hopefully work with my son (and maybe me), and doing the dreaded taxes. I'm really really concerned about all of the money that our government takes from us - from federal taxes to state taxes to local taxes to real estate taxes to sales tax. Posted By Adrienne 23 Comments Since my family and I started working on improving our health, we've done different alternative or natural remedies that I never thought we would do. Posted By Adrienne 8 Comments Having fun with food can be a little hard when you're on a special diet. Posted By Adrienne 11 Comments Easter is of course about so much more than candy, but inevitably, sweet treats can be a big part of the celebrations. Posted By Adrienne 8 Comments Today I'm sharing one of the most helpful essential oils blends -- a Breathe Easy Blend. Posted By Adrienne 4 Comments Sorry I didn't get this savings post out over the weekend -- we had a very busy week and weekend and I just couldn't get it done. Didn't want you all to miss any of these great deals, however, and some of them are ending soon, so here are the savings -- midweek this time :).
Note: Information on this web site was obtained from a variety of resources, including medical and nutritional publications and is provided for educational purposes only. Most people cannot tolerate eating a large amount of vegetable oil, mayonnaise or even olive oil over time.
Choose organic or grass fed animal foods and organic eggs if possible to minimize bacteria, antibiotic and steroid hormone intake. Be aware that dairy proteins (whey and casein) are insulinogenic (meaning they cause an insulin spike) in the body, so if you having trouble losing weight or getting into ketosis, limit amounts or avoid.
Cashews, pistachios and chestnuts are higher in carb, so track carefully to avoid going over carb limits. However, if there is a desire for something sweet, these are the recommended choices for sweeteners.

Notice I said “enjoy” not “indulge in.” Since none of the ingredients in this delicious dessert are bad for you. He asked me to tell you that this version is as good, if not better, than the white flour and sugar ones of his youth. My husband doesn’t really like coconut whipped cream very much, and I don’t like the taste of stevia. I don’t really like the taste of stevia or “Just Like Sugar.” To me it has an aspartame fake sugar flavor that I can’t get around.
It seems to be a good alternative sweetener for people who can’t eat sugar alcohols like xylitol or erythritol. Since I love great tasting food, I've worked hard at making healthy and delicious go together. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission but your price will not change. The information on this site is not medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice or attention of health care professionals. And this is a good thing, since vegetable oils are high in polyunsaturated Omega-6 fatty acids. Over time, it will become a habit to add a source of fat to each meal.Avoid hydrogenated fats such as margarine to minimize trans fats intake. These are higher in inflammatory Omega 6 fats, so limit amounts, and dona€™t heat them.85-90% dark chocolate can be used in small amounts, or use Chocoperfection low carb chocolate.
Avoid the starchy vegetables such as corn, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and most winter squash as they are much higher in carbs. I also try to avoid products that have added whey protein because whey adds to the insulin spike.Heavy whipping creamFull fat sour cream (check labels for additives and fillers. Sea salt is preferred over commercial salt, which is usually cut with some form of powdered dextrose. But many people like it, and it’s a healthful alternative, so I’m going to start including it as a sweetener option. Most products that I link to I use personally, but some may be for illustrative purposes only. Consult your practitioner before beginning or making changes to your diet, supplements, exercise program, diagnosis or treatment of illness or injuries and for advice regarding medications. The Omega-6 fatty acids (found in nut oils, margarine, soybean oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, corn oil, and canola oil) trigger inflammation within the body and they will make you sick if they are your only fat source. If you use vegetable oils (olive, canola, sunflower, safflower, soybean, flaxseed and sesame oils) choose "cold pressed." Keep cold pressed oils like almond and flaxseed refrigerated to avoid rancidity. If you have concerns about this, please note that I have done research in the medical literature and I have looked at the studies which have been offered on sucralose (Splenda).I have yet to find a gold standard, clinically controlled human study which shows conclusively that sucralose causes human health issues. This list is by no means comprehensive, so if there is a green vegetable you like that is not on this low carb food list, feel free to include it. I don't like to propagate misinformation so I wait until there are definitive studies of negative effects before I condemn a product.

However, there are polyunsaturated fats which are essential and these are the Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats. Use clean non-hydrogenated lard, beef tallow, coconut oil, ghee and olive oil for frying, since they have high smoke points. In my opinion, eating sugar, honey and other nutritive sweeteners has negative blood sugar effects which far surpass those which might be associated with using a small amount of Splenda, or any other non-nutritive sweetener.Having said that, I will also say that I offer information on this low carb food list about Splenda, just as I do on the other sugar substitutes, because everyone is different.
You may also learn that the same applies to dairy.The only way you can really know how you respond to dairy is by slowly adding it to your meals. Your intake of Omega 6 and Omega 3 types should be balanced, and you only need about a teaspoon a day. If you eat dairy and don’t notice any issues, you will probably be okay using dairy as a great source of fat.
Eating wild salmon, tuna and shellfish will provide balancing Omega 3 fatty acids and are important part of a low carb food list. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until cake feels firm to the touch and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. If however, you find that after eating yogurt or cheese you feel bloated, have cramps, get diarrhea  or start vomiting, you will want to eliminate dairy until you figure out the cause. I try to offer both pros and cons for each sweetener, with the idea that readers will use the product that suits them best.
In some cases people who were previously lactose intolerant have actually been able to add dairy into their diets after eliminating carbs, so you just never know.
If you don't like seafood, then consider taking small amounts of a fish or krill oil supplement for Omega 3s. Be aware that whey protein is insulinogenic (meaning it causes an insulin spike) in the body, so if you having trouble losing weight or getting into ketosis, limit amounts or avoid whey. Using a hand mixer or standing mixer, mix on medium-low until large bubbles form on the surface. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website you MUST enable javascript to be able to comment WELCOME!
To make coconut whipped cream: See recipe for Coconut Whipped Cream for in-depth directions and a discussion.
Cut each square in half (like you're cutting a roll for a sandwich, keeping the top and bottom in tact). Notes: • You may substitute blueberries, raspberries, or sliced peaches for the strawberries.

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