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If you follow my blog at all you know that I am all about eating low carb with as little effort as possible. Jimmy Johns sub shops will do any sub as an "unwich" - wrapped in huge lettuce leaves like a sub.
If you have the fortune of having a In N' Out Burger in your area you can order any burger as a 'Protein Salad' and they will wrap the burger with large leafs of lettuce. A ketogenic diet may not be a "cure" for type 2 diabetes, however, it is a way to get your glucose under good control and eliminate the need for medications as long as you adhere to the diet. When you eliminate carbs to under 20 grams spread throughout the day your blood glucose levels stay very stable and low.
It was also very helpful in understanding carb exchanges for when I had to go back on insulin with the baby and was able to keep my sugars under very tight control the whole pregnancy, I credit Keto for helping me grow my healthy baby! Wanted to add - at Wendy's I ask for extra lettuce, tomato, onion (no charge) & I get a free senior drink (55 plus) for a total of $1.08. I have been on low carb for two weeks and am getting diarrhea after every meal, even if it's only a burger or grilled chic minus any lettuce.
There is about a three week period of adjustment wit low carb where you will have diarrhea. Why would a vegan wish to eat low carb when they already have a limited range of food options?
Many vegans enjoy a very healthy diet, with a variety of foods not even considered for the average MacDonald’s eater and if you don’t have variety in your diet, you will not deliver the nutrients needed to nourish your body. The Western unhealthy relationship with carbs is compounded by the ‘Eatwell Plate’, which recommends half the plate to be carbohydrates.
Consider this, to meet just the recommended daily intake of vitamin C you need to consume a minimum of 5 portions of vegetables and fruit per day. The problem with carbs, or more exactly, the problem with humans is, we eat far too many of them. If we had the physically demanding job of our ancestors, or we were training for an endurance event such as a marathon, we could justify the amount of carbs we eat.
Stacking up on the vegan pizza, will ultimately cushion our stomach and hips and that’s the bit we can see. The invisible effects (only seen by a scan) of too much sugar, leads to a dangerous fatty layer around our internal organs, causing problems like heart disease. Note: I would much rather suggest a natural sweetener such as honey, but that is not low carb. Out of the many options of artificial sweeteners on the market I recommend stevia, as it is made from a herb and doesn’t cause the insulin reaction that some other sweeteners do such as aspartame. When I first started cutting carbs, I was excited to read that I could eat steaks, chicken, fish, or pretty much any other meat and lose massive amounts of weight.  Oh!  And Bacon!  I was so excited that I found a diet that not only allowed me to eat bacon, it recommended it! Next up are a few ideas for what to eat on a low carb diet for lunch.  Most of these come from the aforementioned book, but I also threw in some of my favorites from this trendy BuzzFeed article. You can search the internet for LC versions of every dish I’ve mentioned above or you can get the cookbooks that I used to create this list. As for LC, I’m not aware of any one-on-one courses, but I do know there are low carb nutritionist but they mostly work with athletes and people participating in their controlled studies.
It depends on your goals, but if you’re trying to stay in ketosis, the general rule is eating less than 50g of carbs a day.
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If you followed along on Facebook or Instagram, you already know my Low Carb Vegas Trip was a CHALLENGE. I traveled in on Saturday and got in late, and managed to get all the way to Vegas on only 22 net carbs. I was exhausted, fumbling with my conference agenda, and spent the entire first day in Vegas just trying to get my bearings – plus figuring out what I could eat and where. Bally’s does NOT offer a map of their hotel, or even a list of restaurants on the property. The only real Room Service option was to get a burger (with no bun, and no low carb sides) for $23 + Tip. I got back in my PJ’s and called my best friend for a little moral support and a friendly voice (of reason). Dinner, which you can see above in my food diary, was a Lobster Cobb Salad at a high end steakhouse in Balley’s (BLT Steakhouse).

I forced myself to eat it ALL, along with 24 ounces of water – not just because it cost $50 (lol), but because I seriously needed nutrition at that point. Besides I had put in 12,451 steps and burned 2,326 calories (according to my FitBit) the day before hunting down all my options.
At this point I had a better feel for the restaurant layout of the two hotels, so I headed down from the Bally’s Tower for the breakfast buffet at Le Village over in the Paris hotel.
I was happy to find some real food though, and loaded up my plate at the breakfast buffet ($29). I felt refreshed after a rest, and ventured out yet again to find dinner later that evening – this time in flip flops.
For lunch I decided to try the Buca buffet, which is where I had the awesome bunless burger meal the night before. It took me FOUR HOURS from the time I threw on a sweater and left my room, to finally have lunch and get back to my room. I finally got up (and dressed up in my fancy 5″ heels, no less!) because *sigh* I was starting to feel hungry again. Everything is so spread out, and they strategically put the reasonably priced fast food options (ugh!) on the opposite end of the hotel (double ugh! If you ever find yourself in Vegas as a diabetic, or on a low carb diet for any reason, I hope my story has proved helpful to you.
If you do plan to go to Vegas, do your research online and map out your hotel in advance – get to know the food options there before you even go.
You WILL get hungry, and you need to know where you can grab a quick (healthy) bite to eat. I appreciate your recommendations, support, research & encouragement so much more than I can say! My next trip is to San Diego, in just a few short weeks, which (thankfully!) is somewhere I KNOW I can eat low carb – easily.
I’ve never been to Vegas, so this may prove to be a futile suggestion, but do they perhaps have a grocery delivery service? The best thing to do when traveling to Vegas (or any city for that matter) is to check out Yelp and read the reviews. I avoid going to events in LV for many reasons… Eating healthy is one of the biggies. I’ll go to dinner with you in San Diego – there are lots of options (even found a reasonably priced sushi place last year) tho we will get our walking mileage in unless we call Uber!
In hindsight, I could have done so many things differently – had I known in advance how difficult a trip it was going to be. I also had no microwave and a very small mini-fridge (full pretty quick with just a few waters, lol). I did not want to venture out alone, not after my experience flying in – and previous experiences there. My first trip to Vegas I walked across the street to a Walgreens, and was accosted by a transvestite. Low Carb Bread You’ll LOVE!Low carb breads & bagels with quality ingredients, GMO FREE, Delicious taste & texture - and they even have Gluten Free bread available! All material provided on this site is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace professional medical advice.
That being said over the last few years I have discovered that there are plenty of great options available for you to get at your local fast food joint. Most folks who take on a low carb lifestyle will shed weight simply by cutting carbs and they do not need to watch calories. I finally realized that ordering cheese on any regular sub and just taking the whole thing out of the bun puts the cheese on the outside like 2 little tacos.
It is cheaper than buying the salad - and frankly - sometimes I just don't want all that produce.
You can even go 3x3 or 4x4 meat and cheese patties to really put the protein in 'protein salad'. Unless you have a medical degree and have been able to do so you should not help with the mis-information railroad. After that, you need to drink a lot of water and make sure your carbs are not refined to get enough fiber, or you might be constipated. When the body converts carbohydrates to glucose, they provide us with essential energy for daily life. Cook the quinoa in 2 cups water with the marmite until all water absorbed and quinoa cooked. Mix the stevia with the yoghurt and place a couple of dollops of the mixture in the bottom of your dish of choice.

Place spoonfuls of the mixture in the pan, don’t make the pancakes too big as they will be difficult to handle. Both of these books do a wonderful job of breaking it down step by step – and they even include some awesome photos!
Vegas is a completely different story though, so I highly recommend you scout out your low carb food options in advance!
On the way I stopped at a stand and grabbed some turkey sandwiches ($7 each), string cheese and bottled waters to stock my mini fridge. I ate half the sandwich, a few of the fries, and felt sick with myself over it – so I put it outside my door and took a nap to take the edge off. I was SO grateful for my own sugar free coffee creamer and the low carb snacks I brought with me! The only thing keto (low carb) they had on the bar was this turkey – and plain salad.
I could NOT have done it without my amazing low carb family online, and the phone support (lifeline!) of my two best friends.
I know you were only working with a mini fridge, but you might have been able to order strawberries, cottage cheese, salad greens and maybe precooked chicken and have on hand as backup.
And you could have loaded up on deli meats, cheeses, and cold veggie salads to stuff into your hotel fridge. Man…you motivate the heck out of me :))) With every pic, I swear you look younger and younger!!!
The night I flew in was chaos, with thieves running in stealing luggage off the carousel at the airport. Sometimes I get just the bacon or a double order of bacon, and sometimes I add it to a lettuce wrap. Less than 2 bucks, I get an iced coffee once a week, unsweet iced tea the rest of the week-if I feel like it-I often only get ice water.
Now certain diets will help in lowering sugar intakes for diabetes sufferers but no diet can help with how much ones pancreas works. Type 1 diabetics are unable to produce insulin that naturally processes the sugars for your body to use. Obviously I would have to ditch the bread, but I was desperate to have something on hand to eat.
You have to know where they are, and you have to be in the right place at the right time to catch one. Partly because Bally’s concierge said the Buca buffet started at 11am (I had called down to confirm). Then I had to trek to the Le Village Buffet in the Paris Hotel, wait in line for a table, then go through a long and slow food line (full of gross people) to get food – and eat it. Type 2 diabetics usually have something that is keeping their sugars high and very rarely is it completely a food related issue. Type 2's still produce some insulin but my body is no longer sensitive to my insulin so it can't do the job.
There were pissed off cabbies and shuttle drivers – it was a tense night, with sirens going off everywhere. On a low carb diet you should be eating as much meat, fat, low starch vegetables, and some hard cheeses as you want (until you are full).
However, at some point you do need to get back to "watching" calories, if not counting them.
The keto diet might help control your glucose levels but be careful not to let it get too low, that can be very dangerous. I decided to try the Buca Cafe Buffet in Bally’s ($30) – again, what was I thinking?! A lot of people that go low carb restrict their carbs and their calories which makes them feel perpetually hungry all the time and ultimately leads to failure.
The low carb lifestyle is not a ticket to eating all of the low carbs foods you want in any quantity you want, which is what this implies. Calories do ultimately matter, and there is something to be said for the "number in, number out" philosophy.
Low Carb Burgers - They will wrap any burger in lettuce and not look at you weird for asking. Sometime in the future, though, to continue weight loss, you can't always just eat until you are full.

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