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If any of you have followed a low carb diet in the past, you’ll know just how much your body actually craves foods that you took for granted in the past. Pasta is ordinarily one of the highest carb sources of food in the world, so there’s no way you could eat that on a low carb diet right? You will pleased to learn that Trim Pasta is made with 50% less carbs, allowing you to lose weight adequately and efficiently without sacrificing any of the taste or texture of our traditional plain pasta. The great thing about our low carb, high protein Trim Pasta, is that not only are they great for losing weight, they’re also great for people with certain health issues, Diabetics in particular.
Our High-Energy , Protein Infused Pasta provides you a Whooping 29 Grams of Pea and Egg Protein in every serving.
Pea Protein, Semolina flour (Milled Wheat, Niacin, Iron, thiamine Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Egg Whites, Wheat Gluten, Water.
I have seen many low-carb strawberry cheesecake recipes (links to some of my favourites are provided below), and I got inspired.
Almond flour and flax for the crust. There are many ways to create a low-carb cheesecake crust. Strawberries added to the cream cheese mix. I really wanted to mix my strawberries in with the actual cream cheese mixture.
The following factors are important for your cheesecake quality – do not compromise on these. Bring all your ingredients to room temperature before cooking, this is especially important for the cream cheese and eggs.

When preparing the filling, make sure that you blitz everything together into a completely smooth mixture, without any floating lumps. Bake the cheesecake slowly on low temperature, let it cool completely and refrigerate for the required time.
I did a round-up of some further berry-based recipes in the June issue of Low Carb Support Newsletter.
Simple things that you’d once have turned your noses up at will now make your mouth water just thinking about them. Because of this, more and more diabetics are choosing our products over regular store bought products, because ours taste great, do what they claim to do, and are perfectly safe for them to eat.
Trim Pasta is a traditional Italian pasta proudly made in USA utilizing fresh, high quality ingredients. Trim Pasta is Great for Diabetics, they are sugar free guaranteed not to make your sugar spike.
I already have  a low-carb cheesecake recipe which tends to perform consistently well, so I just had to adapt it  to include strawberries instead of my usual chocolate flavour. In this recipe, I am going for the more common New-York style cheesecake, which uses cream cheese for the filling, whereas Italian-style cheesecakes use ricotta or cottage cheese. There are recipes available for no-bake cheesecakes (usually with gelatin as a thickener) but I enjoy a challenge, so I usually go for a baked one. This makes it a bit more tricky, as strawberries add extra moisture and acidity to the balance.

Hopefully you would do this anyway, but this is really important for the cheesecake texture. Please have a look and subscribe if you would like to receive monthly round-ups of recipes. A slice of plain white bread, a bowl of cereal, or perhaps one of the most commonly sought after foods of all time…Pasta. Flax adds fibery crunch to the texture which makes it similar to digestive biscuits used in traditional recipes. I counteracted that by adding a little bit of xanthan gum – you can also use guar gum, arrowroot or coconut flour instead. If this seems too complicated, you can always skip this step and add strawberries as a separate layer – just chopped up in thin slices, or mashed into a puree. Half the cobs to decrease the carb content.*Feeling ambitious, try a low carb brownie or cookie mix* Not feeling ambitious, swing by KFC and get a two piece grilled meal with green beans and cole slaw.

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