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When your body’s blood sugar and insulin levels are low enough you will switch to a higher level of fat burning.
Part of any successful weight loss program is learning to cook healthy low carb options at home.
Why not try out a few of these truly delicious recipes and incorporate them into your wellness program.
Remember: the more parmesan you get on the chicken, the crispier your nuggets are going to be! Brush the kebabs with this mixture and cook them on a BBQ or under a hot grill for 10 minutes each side, basting with more of the oil mixture during cooking.
Brush both sides of the salmon with olive oil and grill under high heat for 3 to 4 minutes per side. Bake the stuffed capsicums for approximately 40 minutes or until the capsicums are cooked through. Add the water, toss in the vegetables and continue tossing until the pork is cooked and vegetables are tender. In a large saucepan add the vegetable stock and kombu (or wakame) and simmer until kombu expands. For more wonderful recipe ideas and information on this program contact your Emed practitioner today. We would love to hear from you but please don’t put your URL or business name in the comment text as it looks like spam and will be blocked. Fresh asparagus also makes a lovely summer salad when simply grilled with extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, and black pepper.
To plump dried fruits, add the fruits to a small saucepan and cover with water, stock, or liqueur (such as Madeira, Port, or cream-style Sherry). Recipe reprinted from the “Pike Place Public Market Seafood Cookbook,” gift edition and e-edition, by Braiden Rex-Johnson, copyright 2005 (print edition) and 2012 (e-edition). On Pier 56 on the Seattle Waterfront, Elliott’s Oyster House offers what many consider the definitive Dungeness crab service in town. Cook’s Hint: To prepare a whole, cooked Dungeness crab for picking, hold the crab with one hand from underneath and, with the other hand, pry off the large top shell. Grasp the crab in both hands and break the body in half lengthwise, forming two sections with the legs attached. With kitchen shears, cut along each side of the leg shells, or simply crack carefully to open. Recipe reprinted from the “Pike Place Public Market Seafood Cookbook,” gift edition and e-edition, by Braiden Rex-Johnson, copyright 2005 and 2012. This week we cover four more, but these tips specifically related to alcohol consumption (and who doesn’t drink a bit more during the festive holiday season than other times during the year)? In the new book, the three authors cite alcohol as a belly bloater since it is a source of empty calories. Beginning with appetizers, here is a beauty we enjoyed at Andaluca in the Mayflower Park Hotel in downtown Seattle: Grilled Petite Eggplant.
I downed my first-of-the-season raw oysters on the half shell at Place Pigalle in the heart of the Pike Place Market. The next day, still jones-ing for oysters, we drove to Bow, Washington and the venerable Rhododendron Cafe for a Fried Oyster Caesar Salad. It was a fortuitous trip (very impromptu!) as the Rhododendron will close end of the month as the owners retire after 30 years!!! Late last month, we were in Winter Park, Florida, to help my father celebrate his 91st birthday.
Spencer enjoyed the Bibb Lettuce Salad with Pickled Watermelon Radish, Candied Squash, Spiced Pecans, and Buttermilk Dressing with an extra side of Southern Fried Chicken (spicy and good).
Above behold the glorious Asiago-Almond Crusted Scallops with Pernod Butter Sauce and first-of-the-season grilled asparagus,  which we enjoyed a few weeks ago at the Palomino Restaurant & Bar location in downtown Seattle (truth be known, it is in the CityCentre Building, where Spencer used to go to work at Callison Architecture every day!). How the chef got the perfect crispy crust and still managed to leave the scallops rare in the middle is beyond me. Just last weekend, when the temperatures were high (close to 90!) in Seattle, we were lucky to score an outside seat at Le Pichet, right on First Avenue in the Pike Place Market. The Seared Salmon with baby garlic tops, flageolet beans, carrots, and asparagus was like summer on a plate, the salmon perfectly cooked to rare and the garlic tops more green than garlicky. Not so politically correct, but still very well executed, is the (blackened) Ahi and Greens salad at Gordon Biersch.
For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been reprinting some of our favorite Dishes of the Day from the last year or so while we enjoy some time out of the office. Served tableside, the waiter gently massages a quail egg yolk into a mass of the most perfect Ahi tuna chunks studded with toasted pine nuts, very finely diced Scotch Bonnet peppers and Asian pear, a hint of fresh mint, and the dense, unmistakable aroma and flavor of Asian sesame oil.

For creating such a perfect balance, and such a memorable appetizer, RN74’s Ahi Tuna Tartare more than deserves our Dish of the Day. After a busy morning of shopping or before an early-afternoon movie, one of our favorite places for a Saturday or Sunday lunch is at Mexico Cantina y Cocina in downtown Seattle’s Pacific Place shopping center. I almost always order the low-carb, high-protein appetizer–Butter Lettuce Wraps with Chicken. And don’t forget the smooth and oh-so-satisfying guacamole, the fresh and bracing salsa verde, plus the two dipping sauces–tomatillo and mango! There’s also a slightly thick in texture, dense in flavor salsa that is served with the complimentary basket of chips.
One Sunday last month, after a rather unsuccessful morning trying to tour Pioneer Square galleries for inspiration (most were closed on Sundays), we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Fado Irish Pub & Restaurant, about midway between Pioneer Square and our condo.
I had to laugh when I perused the seasonal beverage menu and discovered under the Shots section both Pickleback (Irish Whiskey with a pickle-brine chaser) and Irish Breakfast (Irish Whiskey and Butterscotch Schnapps with an orange-juice chaser and bacon garnish. Although my father’s side of the family is Irish, and I do love my wine, neither of these tickles my palate, although imbibing one or the other would make me or anyone want to do an Irish jig.
Designed as an energetic sidewalk oyster bar, the new Cafe offers a casual complement to Elliott’s Oyster House. Elliott’s Seafood Cafe features an outdoor oyster bar where guests can sit or stand, a full-service bar, and happy-hour offerings. We’ll weigh in with our thoughts on the new Seafood Cafe just as soon as we can get down there to sample these delicious-sounding items. Shuckers is a good choice for just about any type of seafood–oysters on the half shell, the superlative Lusciously Loaded Louis Salad with shrimp or crab, daily-changing catches of the day that are simply, but perfectly, grilled.
But the Whole Roasted Dungeness Crab with Rosemary Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus truly stands apart from any other seafood dish in town.
The thing that sets this crab apart is the use of fresh sprigs of rosemary in the roasting process. For all of these reasons, Shuckers Whole Roasted Dungeness Crab more than merits our Dish of the Day. This is the secret to a Ketogenic diet like Shake-It Professional Weight Management Program. Dip chicken nuggets slowly into the pan and carefully flip once the undersides are a light golden brown. If that’s the case at your house, I hope this recipe will become one of your eight favorites because it’s so delicious, easy to make, and versatile that you can use it on almost any fish or shellfish you choose. If you don’t like horseradish, you can substitute freshly grated ginger, Chinese five-spice powder, Japanese seven-spice seasoning (shichimi togarashi), or hot chili oil for an Asian flair, or Cajun blackening mix for a Southwest touch.
To prepare fresh asparagus, snap the tough, “woody” white ends off each spear by holding the top half of an asparagus spear in one hand, the bottom half with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand. Elliott’s starts by cooking the live crabs immediately in small batches to preserve the quality of the meat. In a large, deep bowl mix together the garlic, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, parsley, and olive oil. With the palm of your hand, press the top of the crab body until you feel the interior shells give slightly. Remove the meat from the legs, claws, and body of the crab using your fingers, a crab pick, a seafood fork, or a crab “toe” (the tip of a crab claw)—anything is legal when eating Dungeness crab. Alcohol can actually increase your appetite, and can be a major source of weight gain and increased belly fat when consumed in excess. Instead, try mixing your drink with club soda or seltzer with a splash of juice for flavor. Alcohol can stimulate appetite and lower inhibitions, resulting in your making less healthy food choices or eating larger portions. Brushed with a light balsamic vinaigrette, grilled, and topped with alder-smoked tomatoes and fresh house-made ricotta, it was a soulful and hearty bite! They were Stellar Bay beauties from British Columbia waters, grown in the same bay as another one of my favorite oyster varieties–Kusshi.
A few down days, then the young owners of the Farm to Market Bakery in Edison, Washington, will take over and make the Rhody Too Gallery (right next door) into a bakery and reopen the restaurant.
I tried to figure out how to replicate the dish at home, but just figured I’d eat it at Palomino as often as possible. A very light white broth brought the dish together so perfectly that I lapped up every last drop with the soup spoon thoughtfully provided! I feel a deep twinge every time I order Ahi, since it  (in fact, most species of tuna, except for albacore) is on the endangered list, but every so often it serves as a special treat.
The restaurant opened last June, and is the sister restaurant to the first RN74 in San Francisco.

For example, we deconstructed the Ahi Tuna Tartare years ago, and it has become one of our signature dishes. You can also get them with shrimp, Ahi tuna, or salmon, but the perfectly grilled chicken continues to call me like a siren’s song.
And although we’d normally go for the grilled chicken as our protein addition, this day (again, to celebrate our birthdays, and with the urging of our server) we opted for fried-chicken tenders.
The crispy, perfectly fried chicken contrasted nicely with soft, super-fresh local baby lettuces. We’re especially eager to introduce the outside oyster bar, which we believe is a first of its kind in Seattle for guests to enjoy the freshest, local seafood at the peak of the season,” said Robert Spaulding, Executive Chef at Elliott’s Oyster House, who will oversee the Elliott’s Seafood Cafe kitchen as well.
And one of my favorite places to indulge my craving is at Shuckers in The Fairmont Olympic Hotel in downtown Seattle. It’s a truly brilliant use of this aromatic, pine-y herb that works a particular magic, making the crab more hearty and savory tasting than it usually is. Fry the meat patties in olive oil, turning gently, until cooked through and lightly browned on both sides. Suggested seafood partners with the glaze include salmon, halibut, swordfish, black cod (sablefish), sea scallops, or sustainable shrimp (peeled and deveined).
Place fish fillets or steaks or shellfish on the rack and lightly brush the seafood with the glaze. Add the alternative seasonings a little at a time, until you reach the level of spiciness or hotness you prefer. Then transfer to salad plates, drizzle with good-quality balsamic vinegar, and sprinkle with toasted hazelnuts (or walnuts) and plumped dried cherries or cranberries. Red wine, for instance, is a great source of resveratrol, which has anti-inflammatory properties and may be beneficial to heart health. Our pairing that evening was a bottle of DeLille Cellars Chaleur Estate Blanc, as good (and consistent) as ever. And even though it was no longer on the menu, Fried Oysters still were, so the chef was kind enough to accommodate my special request. It was so good, the next day for lunch at Dad’s condo, we ordered in the very same salads! This one was served with a well-made miso dressing and wasn’t overly charred or spicy.
We mix the tuna, pear, Scotch bonnet peppers, sesame oil, and a quail’s egg yolk tableside. These are produced normally, and when we measure these ketones in our urine, we know we are burning fat efficiently.
Add tomato, preserved lemon (or lemon zest) and zucchini and cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until zucchini is tender and some liquid has evaporated. Don’t forget to open a bottle of off-dry Riesling from a top-quality producer, such as Long Shadows, Pacific Rim, or Poet’s Leap, all from Washington State.
Alternatively, ask your favorite fishmonger to prepare your crab for picking, as described above. A Cajun remoulade sauce was also offered, and went surprisingly well with the fish and greens. Then you can choose to eat your crab in three different ways—steamed, chilled, or marinated.
Crack the claw with an aluminum crab cracker, the back of a heavy kitchen knife, or a mallet, being careful not to crush the meat. After 3 minutes, brush once more, then continue broiling until the salmon reaches desired doneness.
An extra-large crab bib, cocktail fork, shell bowl, a hot towel and plenty of paper towels, a finger bowl brimming with a mixture of hot tea and lemon water, and a crushed cracker hand wash make cleaning up after the messy job of eating Dungeness crab much more enjoyable. Or, for a more elegant preparation, using a clean, sharp vegetable peeler, peel down from about 2 inches from the ends of the asparagus. If you can’t make it to Elliott’s, try the recipe below, which was given to me years ago by (then) Elliott’s executive chef Andrew Juhl.
It is easy, tasty, and would make the perfect appetizer to share with your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

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