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Most restaurants are easy to navigate, as long as you’re comfortable being polite (but firm) with the staff about your diet. Simple research beforehand saves countless hours in the car searching for low carb restaurants when starving.
Google is rich with easy-to-find information about the places you’ll be passing along the way. Buffet-style restaurants and salad bars with custom salad options can also be very low carb-friendly. What if a restaurant suddenly catches your eye, but you’re not familiar with the brand? If your restaurant doesn’t have many low carbohydrate options on the menu, don’t worry. There are many low carb food options available at Mexican, Italian, Asian and Fast Food restaurants. To keep the meal heart healthy, order lean cuts of red meat, choose poultry and fish most often and limit cheeses.

For low carbohydrate meals on the road without the hassle of finding or researching a restaurant, try a health food store or market. Health food stores often have a cafe or hot buffet lines that allow you to mix and match for variety.
The staff is typically well-versed in special diets, and the food  is usually heart-healthy and highly nutritious, removing most of the guess-work.
Before you travel, find health or farmer’s markets on your route and near your destination.
Whole Foods market has several prepared low carb options, an attached cafe for sit-down dining and the ability to pack prepared foods in travel containers to take with you. TIP:  Rotisserie chicken is an inexpensive, convenient way to get a hot meal the night you arrive, and provides ample leftovers for breakfast and snacks the next day.
We invite you to read the in-depth reviews we've done here at Low Carb Luxury for restaurants around the U.S. Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications to existing rolls if nothing there meets exact criteria!

Fortunately, there are quite a few options you can retort with, and sushi is a great choice if you want to eat low carb and have a fun, social chow down time. This is because sugar and other high carbohydrate binding agents are used in making this product.
There are several sushi kits out there; ignore their recommendations on rice and use shredded crab or riced cauliflower instead. You may be charged an extra dollar or two, but it’s worth it to have the real thing, since real crab is zero carbs. Carry your own gluten free soy sauce – and if you’re a regular at a place, keep on them to carry one as well!

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