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Carba-Nada Pasta is a great tasting reduced carb pasta and not an ultra low carb pasta.A reduced-carb pasta with wonderful taste and texture!
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UPDATE: I've adjusted the recipe to make 4 thinner crepes now that I know that they come out a little too thick as only 3 crepes.

To top it off, because Al Dente pasta cooks in just 3 minutes, it has a remarkably low glycemic index, slowing the rate at which it is digested. All the material included in here comes from my own experience and is the result of reading a lot about the subject. Pour 3 tablespoons of the egg mixture into a hot buttered 7-8" skillet and swirl around until the mixture coats the bottom of the pan.
I haven't tried using these as crepes yet, but bear in mind that they will taste more "eggy" than regular crepes.

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