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There's a debate in the weight loss world, over a high protein, high fat diet versus low fat, high carb diet. Low carbs, high fat weight loss like the ketogenic diet means good fats that are high in polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fatty acids (aka omega oils and linolenic acids). Marilisa SachtelebenGrand Rapids News ExaminerMarilisa's friendly face can be found on article's across the web.
Ocean Beach teens, both 17, swept out to sea by strong surf presumed deadTwo Ocean Beach teens who had only been standing in waist-deep water while holding hands with three other friends were pulled out to sea by a strong surf. Canada sees Fentanyl OD surge: Picking their battles in OD state of emergencyCanada is seeing a surge in Fentanyl OD deaths, so much so, that they have called a state of emergency as the death toll rises due to the OD cases involving this drug. Good fats are low in saturated fats and contain zero transfats like partially hydrogenated oils. In fact, a healthy high carb diet is low carbs, sugar-wise, Good carbs are high fiber which may be soluable (dietary) fiber or insoluable fermentable resistant starch.

11, celeb dieters like Melissa McCarthy have rocked massive weight loss with the ketogenic diet (high protein, low carbs, high fat diet). The answer is: both ketogenic and high carb diet, depending on where you are in your diet, how much you need to lose, and how much of a carb addict are you? Satrix explainsDon’t make these investing mistakes – SatrixWhat can I expect from my investment?
The best sources of ketogenic good fats are seeds, nuts, olives, coconut oil, flaxseed, avocados, zucchini, fish, chicken, turkey, yogurt, milk and cheese (in that order). Healthy high carb diets don't produce insulin spikes that send sugar into white fat storage. High carb diets include high fiber, raw and minimally processed resistant starch, whole grains and cereal--bananas, oatmeal, beans, whole grain wheat and pasta, brown rice, plantain, bread, peas, yams, corn and potatoes.
Good carbs can also includes white foods (white rice, pasta, wheat) but they don't have as much resistant starch as whole grain, less processed carbohydrates.

The fewer steps from farm to table, the more resistant starch and the better the carbohydrates. But if you have a lot of weight to lose, like over 100 pounds, you probably already eat a high carb diet of bad carbohydrates. Control portions, eat the recommended amount of calories and get your insoluable fiber or resistant starch quota (40 grams per day). To find a rough estimate for resistant starch in food, subtract soluable dietary fiber and sugar from total carbohydrates.

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