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It seems like everyday there’s more scientific validation that Saturated Fat is healthy, and that decades of Main Stream Medical Advice has been Wrong.
Ingredients:  2 big sweet potatoes, a giant onion, a round squash, 3 big carrots, 1 big green, tart apple, 3 beets. Add the vegetables, about 6 cups of (any) broth, and a can of full fat coconut milk together in a big pot and start whisking, with the heat on medium high.

I’ve used so many different vegetable combinations, and a few other fruits (pears and plantains), different spice mixes, different levels of heat, and every time it comes out good. Nearly ten years ago, the American Heart Association (AHA), one of the leading health advocacy groups in the United States, released an infamous advisory paper warning unsuspecting and none-the-wiser people about the alleged dangers to their health of going on a low-carb diet. Click here to find out why all the so-called health “experts” have been dead wrong about low-carb living and why this amazing way of eating is even more relevant in 2010 than ever before!

Whether you're already on a diet, or are just doing research, we provide the most up-to-date info on the web.

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