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A team of researchers stated that these people with low-carb diet lost nearly three times weight, compared to those who took low-fat diet. The survey who took many participants confirmed that the low-carb diet group lost about 12 pounds on average, whereas, the low-fat group lost just about 4 pounds on an average. Many dieticians and weight loss programers suggest a low-fat diet compared to low-carb diet.

LCHF Diet BookThis website supports "The Complete Low Carb High Fat No Hunger Diet" book which became available for sale in May 2014.
We have spent much of our time in the last two years supporting readers and creating 3 more recipe books for Low Carb High Fat dieters. Please be patient but feel free to contact us at any time for specific questions you have about the Keto Hybrid diet.

Before you begin your diet plan, it is better to research online and make some notes on the food that have low carbohydrates.

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