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The bodybuilder menu is comprised mainly of plenty of protein contents and an average amount of carbohydrates with small amount of fats. Bacon is usually what we match with eggs during breakfast but studies shows that it’d difficult the necessary nutrients with that kind of menu. There sugar substitutes and flavored protein powders available in the market which you should be grateful for because it allows you to satisfy your crave for sweet drinks without gaining too much carbs. Vegetables are also a carbohydrate source and you really shouldn’t forget them in your list. It’s one of the easiest to find in the market and also one of the healthiest items on your menu.

If you’re in a bit of a hurry, you can probably have everything cooked on high in about 4 hours.
Majority of vegetable ha zero starch and sugar content but are very very rich in nutrients and fibers. High- Protein, High-Fat and Low Carb diet  can really make a huge impact for people who are struggling so much to lose weight.
You may cook it anyway you want but it is best to cook it grilled just try not to overcook them, it is beat to eat them half-cooked because you could tastes all the healthy juices and nutrients . What you need to do is just to use the amount of ground beef you desire and then add high-fat ingredients on top.

You can only find fibers in oatmeal, bread, wheat and other kinds of starches and if you do not eat them you are missing a lot of fibers in your body.
All you have to do is to buy 1 whole chicken, put it in a cooking pan, season it and cook it on the oven. Vegetables contains all nutrients that you may need to recover from those heavy workouts and exercises.

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