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Whether you're looking to balance out meals or shed a few kilos, try snacking on some of these low-carb snacks throughout the day.
If you're craving something sweet and fruity without any added sugar, whip up a batch of strawberry fruit leather.
For an easy snack, make this Paleo meatball recipe ahead of time, and pop them in your fridge or freezer for easy prep when cravings strike. If you are craving something crunchy and spicy but don't want to load up on some serious chip-and-salsa calories, try these refreshing, cooling vegetable chard wraps. Avocados are a creamy snack that are good on their own, but a sprinkling of sunflower seeds give them an even healthier boost. Skip the processed powder and chop up chives, parsley, and garlic for our cucumbers with ranch Greek yoghurt dip. Whenever possible, make your own jerky, but if that's out of the question, look for an all-natural, organic jerky that's made without preservatives or MSG and is relatively low in sugar and sodium.
When you're watching carbs, the combination of cottage cheese and berries is always a big win.
Hit up your local farmers market and stock up on flavorful tomatoes for this quick and easy recipe. Baked chickpeas are not only full of protein, they're rich in fiber and have a satisfying texture. Made with healthy carbs (quinoa), cauliflower and broccoli, this is a filling, low-calorie and nutritious snack. Stir-fried spicy Asian eggplant with quinoa and veggies is a gluten-free, vegetarian, low-carb and low-fat snack.
This low-carb quinoa mac n' cheese is versatile in that you can opt for more or less cheese (or go dairy-free). Like rice pudding only better (and healthier!), this quinoa dish has a nuttiness and a little more "chew" than traditional rice pudding.

Easy to make, this snack is also creamy, so it's a satisfying healthy dish that makes a great alternative to traditional guacamole.
These healthy crackers have a rich, nutty taste, making them more satisfying than traditional featherweight (and calorie-rich) boxed crackers. This is a fairly versatile recipe as you can easily switch the millet for quinoa, couscous or any other textured ingredient.
These low-carb pancakes and waffles are made with cream cheese, eggs and a dash of oat bran.
Many dieters work hard to completely eliminate carbs from their diet, but the key isn’t necessarily cutting them out, but rather choosing the right ones. TheFashionSpot's Lifestyle Editor, Sharon Feiereisen, is a freelance lifestyle writer based in New York City. White Cheddar and Sun Dried Tomato Avocado Stuffed Meatballs – Low Carb, Gluten FreeThese meatballs were so good that they never even made it to a plate. Curried Chicken Salad Stuffed Avocados – Paleo, Low CarbChicken salad is one of my all-time favorite things to eat in the spring and summer months.
Peanut Chicken Skillet – Low Carb, Gluten FreeI know when you think of peanut butter, chicken is not usually the next thing that comes to mind. Paleo Deconstructed Cabbage Roll Soup – Low Carb, Gluten FreeCabbage, cabbage, cabbage.
Please your palate with a rainbow of phytonutrients as well as a zingy dipping sauce that transforms these raw veggies into a scrumptious snack. The combination of avocado and sunflower seeds brings the body a healthy dose of fibre, vitamins E and K, and potassium.
Simple to make, you only need a few ingredients: tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. Note that the tomatoes will shrink when you make these "chips," so opt for the biggest ones you can find.

It's also easy to reheat in the microwave and gives the classic pasta recipe a healthy twist with quinoa replacing the macaroni. There are plenty of variations (for example, instead of 2 percent milk, you can use part coconut milk and part almond milk) and you can easily add or take out cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon and other spices depending on your taste.
This healthy indulgence uses almond flour and a little oat flour for the crust and the icing is sugar-free. Sugar-free and low in carbs, this easy single-serve microwave dish is a perfect morning snack. It's also super simple to make: Just whip it together in a few minutes at night and grab it for a morning or afternoon snack the next day. To cut out more carbs from this recipe, make a buttermilk substitute out of almond milk and vinegar.
In fact, carbohydrates are a necessary part of a healthy diet, especially for people who are active (carbs provide nearly 50 percent of the energy you use during the early stages of your workout).
Her work has been published in Newsday, The Knot, AM New York, WHERE New York, Dan's Papers, and Hamptons Magazine, among many other print and online outlets. This recipe calls for Parmesan, but you can easily swap it out for a sheep, goat or non-dairy cheese. Focus on adding complex, unrefined carbs to your diet like quinoa, brown rice, natural oats, buckwheat and millet.
These are all high in fiber (keeping you full for longer periods of time), so they won’t spike your blood sugar levels the way simple, refined carbs like white bread, cakes, white rice, pastries and cookies will. Nevertheless, it’s important to bear portion control in mind, even with healthy carbs.

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