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This quick mix by Trio can be used to make fairly low sodium gravy (especially for Thanksgiving turkeys!). This unsalted beef stock is made by Kitchen Basics and has been certified by the American Heart Association.
Get email updatesTo receive email updates about this page, enter your email address: Enter Email Address Submit Button What's this? It also means developing our own recipes, remaining true to our family’s time?proven and taste?tested methods. We offer an extensive variety of deli meats both fresh-cut and pre-cut, chicken sausage and pastrami.

We adhere to strict operating standards and employ technologically advanced equipment to ensure consistent quality product. The family and our associates test our products daily to ensure just the right taste and texture, demanding of ourselves that the quality of our products be second to none.
While we already boast low sodium, low fat, and great taste for each of our products, we are constantly striving to do better. We are SQF (Safe Quality Foods) certified, an international food safety certification that requires a company have total control of all of its manufacturing processes. A team of quality control specialists examines all our raw materials to verify quality and purity.

This means we ?are continuously trying to lower our products’ sodium and fat for the benefit of your health, while maintaining our same great taste.
Because of our efforts to provide you with healthy meats, we dare to say that we are the lowest sodium fresh-cut deli line in the nation.

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