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Karen Curinga has been writing published articles since 2003 and is the author of multiple books. The typical American breakfast is often loaded with unhealthy saturated fat and sugar -- fatty bacon, sugar-coated cereals and pancakes drenched in sugary syrup -- which leave you feeling fatigued before the day begins.
Dairy foods such as low-fat buttermilk, nonfat cottage cheese, skim milk, low-fat, 1 percent milk and plain, low-fat and low-carb yogurts are good choices for your low-fat, low-sugar breakfast. Get Your FREE Fat Burning Starter Kit!Enter your email address and get instant access - for free! People are starting to take more care of their health, thanks to the media coverage on the obesity epidemic and ever-expanding waistlines. Sure “eat less, exercise more” is a common suggestion, but could the foods being branded as “healthy” actually be just as damaging as our old diets of fast food and chocolate?
Below I’ll take you through a few common misconceptions about the foods we eat as we look to lose fat and get a healthier body. It may seem ludicrous to label a bag of sugar as low fat, after all it’s definitely not healthy to eat your way through it, but the truth is companies are labelling their food in a way that is just as dangerous as this. The bag is 100% sugar and contains no fat, the problem is a lot of people see Low Fat and in their head they hear “won’t make me fat”. A lot of the time the product is even worse, as the fats – including healthy fats – are often taken out and replaced by sugars, so that they can claim it’s a low fat product. The people taking them are looking to lose weight, but research has shown that these sweeteners block the hunger signals to the brain telling you to stop eating, and people drinking Diet drinks will eat MORE food than those drinking water. Far more dangerous than that are the other side effects, including: depression, nausea, dizziness and an increased risk of cancer. Fruit contains natural sugars, but it also contains fiber, which helps in the digestion process and means fruit is good for you.
Fruit juice loses a lot of the fiber and some of the healthy nutrients too, making it much less healthy than you might think.
Brought to you by the Coca-Cola company, presumably so they capture more of the market, Vitamin Water is basically a 6 pence multi-vitamin, water, and 30 grams of sugar in a bottle.
Yet another attempt to get into the health market without actually bothering to produce a healthy product, Vitamin Water is simply sugar water with healthy looking labelling. Vitamin Water has the same sugar content as a can of Coke, don’t let the labelling fool you. The dough, which is super easy to make by the way, ended up yielding soft, fluffy, buttery sugar cookies that are just the right amount of sweet. I zested one lemon into the mix, just because I like a lemony sugar cookie, and we put just a sprinkle of green sugar on top before baking.
So I tried this recipe with olive oil instead of butter because I needed some quick sugar cookies to make and this recipe seemed great.
Hungry Runner by Katie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. These Vegan Low-Fat and Sugar-Free Chocolate PB Cupcakes are fudgy and full of flavor with absolute no oil, sugar, artificial sugars or animal ingredients. But when it comes to recipes out there, I have always been a bit disappointed in the ease and nutrition of frosting recipes. Because you can easily transform a muffin into a cupcake with the simple addition of frosting, and who doesn’t love that?
So, I made a small batch of chocolate peanut butter “muffins” and transformed them into a cupcake with a 1 minute frosting that is so rich and fudgy, I had a hard time believing it actually worked myself! You could actually eat this whole serving of frosting just like you always wanted to do as a kid and not get a stomachache, a sugar-high, or feel one ounce of guilt whatsoever! Oh, and if you happen to have a peanut allergy, you can totally go all chocolate with this recipe.

So rich and dense, but they also have a light crumb texture to them too which I love and know you will too!
For the Frosting2 teaspoons plain peanut powder (I use JIF brand plain peanut powder since it's free of sugar and salt. InstructionsTo make the cupcakes, first preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.Grab a bowl and add the oat flour, coconut flour, flax ,chia, cocoa powder, peanut powder, stevia, and baking soda.
For the FrostingGrab a small bowl or coffee mug, add the ingredients in the order listed, and stir at least 45 seconds. Notes*To make the frosting completely peanut free, just use extra cocoa powder in place of the peanut powder. Since sweets should be enjoyed to their full capacity, you’ll also love knowing these Low-Fat, Sugar-Free Chocolate PB Cupcakes are also 100 percent free of animal ingredients. Thank you, dear friend!:) It is SO good and doesn’t leave you with a bellyache which I just love!! The good news: Many low-fat, low-sugar foods are available to create breakfasts that are not only tasty and filling, but fuel you with long-lasting energy.
Foods like whole-grain bread, brown rice, oatmeal and quinoa leave you feeling satisfied while providing your body with valuable nutrients.
Most fresh fruits are not only fat-free, but also contain healthful fiber, vitamins and minerals. Dairy product are good sources of calcium, which helps build and protect bones and teeth, and many fortified dairy products also contain vitamin D. Companies know there’s money to be made in healthier products, but it’s much easier to find a loophole and not have to spend the extra money to improve the quality of the product.
Artificial sweeteners that don’t contain sugar are being used to sweeten drinks and desserts, allowing them to be labelled “Sugar Free”. To make cutout shapes, place dough on lightly floured, flat surface and flatten using a roller. She is a marathoner, former personal trainer and a lover of all things food and it's her goal to help you become educated about and fall in love with healthy living! And this healthy Low-Fat and Sugar-Free Chocolate PB Cupcakes with Frosting recipe is perfect for the times when you just need a cupcake (or two) in your life.
I used no sugar, oil, artificial sweeteners or high-fat flours like almond flour in the batter recipe either.
I highly suggest the Choc PB combo if you tolerate peanuts though!*If you want to make the batter completely peanut-free, just replace the peanut powder with extra cocoa instead.
They’ll thaw in about 20 minutes on the counter if you want to defrost one for dessert later. I'm also an animal lover, bookworm, fitness nut, and I love sharing my favorite products and inspirational posts with others! In addition to being low in fat and sugar, whole grains are good sources of B vitamins, which help convert food into energy. Since the yolk contains the cholesterol and almost the entire amount of fat and calories, egg whites are an excellent choice for dieters and those concerned with cholesterol levels. Fruits, however, contain naturally occurring sugars and some have a greater impact on blood sugar than others.
Some vegetables like corn, peas, beets, potatoes and cooked carrots are high in starch, or sugar, content. Most health professionals will tell you that five is a minimum, and that four of those should be vegetables and the fifth should be fruit in its natural form. Dough will be a bit dry and crumbly but continue to mix until all of the dry ingredients are absorbed. I haven’t tried it, but you could probably swap in coconut oil instead of butter for a better option.

Plus, I love plain roasted peanut powder without added sugars to it, and it’s really a dream to use in a variety of ways.
Since both are packed with fiber and flavor, they'll perform the same and still taste great!
Since I made them gluten-free for those of you who eat a gluten-free diet, (I’m not gluten-free), they should be handled gently when removing them from the pan.
Check food labels to ensure you aren't buying whole-grain foods like bread and oatmeal that contain added sugar and artificial flavorings.
Using a low-fat cooking spray, create a tasty two-egg-white omelet and fill it with sauteed veggies or make an egg white scramble using two egg whites and fresh, chopped veggies and seasonings.
Limit your intake of fruits like bananas, raisins and pineapple, which are higher in sugar, and increase your consumption of fruits like melons and berries that are lower in sugar. Top a slice of whole-grain toast with nonfat cottage cheese and fresh tomato slices or fill a melon half with low-fat, low carb yogurt or nonfat cottage cheese as a quick and nutritious breakfast on hurried mornings.
If needed, use your hands to finish mixing everything together until a dough-like texture is formed.
Seriously, for the love of chocolate, cupcakes and health, this simple Low-Fat and Sugar-Free Chocolate PB frosting recipe has got to catch on. Just spread on your cupcakes after they have cooled, and you can either use a flat knife (non-serrated) or you can use the back of a spoon.
Both are also great sources of iron and magnesium not to mention antioxidants too.*Feel free to experiment with other flours in place of oat flour, however, I have not tested any out myself, so I can't promise what will happen if you do. Natural oatmeal topped with fresh berries and skim milk makes an energy-packed breakfast that is low in both fat and sugar. Include melons, such as cantaloupe and honeydew, and berries, including blackberries, and raspberries, in your low-fat, low-sugar breakfast. A huge variety of low-fat, low-sugar vegetables, such as artichokes, asparagus, green beans, cucumbers, sprouts, zucchini, spinach, parsley, broccoli and bell peppers, are available for creating healthy breakfast choices. Did I mention the frosting can be made in under a minute with just 3 ingredients, a bowl and a spoon to stir? It will not be runny like regular cupcake batter, and you want it to be a thicker, dense batter which is just the result of the natural fibers in the ingredients.
If you have a hard time with it sticking to your cupcakes, just wet the back of the spoon and then spread again. Serve a colorful mixture of sauteed vegetables on a bed of brown rice to create an elegant weekend breakfast.
I don't spray my pans since they are non-stick, but if you want to spray yours, it won't hurt anything.You'll want to fill the muffin cups right up to the top. They won't rise much since there is no gluten so you don't have to worry about them exploding over the top!:)Bake for 35-40 minutes until they are firm on top and have darkened a bit.
Stick a toothpick in to test to make sure they're done.Let them cool at least 30 minutes on the counter or pop them in the freezer at least 15 minutes to cool down before you frost them.
I made mine the night before and refrigerated them in the pan, then made the frosting the next day.Remove from the pans gently with a case knife (flat knife) or a flat small metal spatula.
If not, they may stick to the bottom and break apart.Place them on a plate and frost away, or enjoy alone as muffins or frosting-free cupcakes!

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