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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Today, I’m super excited to announce a collaboration with Quorn, who have asked me to create a series of tasty recipes on my blog using their products!
I have a recipe  Excellent White Chicken Chili which is a modification of a Pioneer Woman recipe. Add 1  48 oz jar pre-cooked Northern beans (do not drain) and one small can of green chilies. Quorn products are quite popular here in the UK, but I have had a lot of Food Lovers from other parts of the world that have never heard of this meat free replacement. I hope this post helps you find the great tasting Quorn Mince which ever part of the World you are cooking in… If for some reason you are not able to find Quorn Products, feel free to use any other Meat Free style Mince (usually found in the Vegetarian section of any well known Super Market). Can I just say what a relief to obtain a person who in fact knows what theyre talking about online. With 21g of muscle building protein per 100g, our lean beef mince option is a winner for any serious athlete with a conscious budget in mind. Ideal for high protein and low fat bolognese, fajita wraps, chili con carne and many more! Our lean mince is of exceptional quality, grass fed with a minimum of 28 days matured for maximum flavour.

I’ve also replaced the white rice component with white quinoa so that the carb component is a little more complex! Start by finely chopping the onion, and then subsequently frying it (olive oil) on medium heat in a large saucepan until soft.
Add one tbsp of tomato paste and some chopped tomatoes, the curry powder and finally the Quorn Chicken Pieces. Put it in and go for one of the best tasting crock pot white chicken chili you will ever make. As you know I sometime like to re-create Assyrian Dishes that traditionally use meat into a vegetarian version using the great tasting Quorn Mince.
This remarkable ingredient is then used as the base for more than 100 different food products ranging from mince to fillets, to ready-made meals and snacks.
We use excellent cuts of steak and mince by hand, giving you a juicy and succulent 500g of lean mince.
Their products make up a regular component of my weekly shop, so I was only too happy to work with them on this project! But with any ingredient, I always source out quality products. Yes I can get my protein from pulses and seafood, but you just can’t make a good Bolognaise with haddock!

I have multiple crock pot white chicken chili recipes but the common threat in them is the need for pre-cooked chicken.
It also has all the essential amino acids you’d find in other proteins like beef or chicken, so is an ideal alternative for healthy eaters and vegetarians. Years ago when I was growing up in Sweden, my Mum discovered the Quorn brand and it’s been a consistent feature of my diet ever since – though I cook my own meals these days!
There is a Vegan Meat Free Mince that I use and I will  write a post with information on it in the Vegan section of the site. Quorn is, demonstrably, a healthy source of high quality protein* whilst being very low in saturated fat, which I think is ideal if you’re pursuing a healthy lifestyle. I needed a crock pot recipe that would cook the chicken and have the taste of the of the Excellent chili recipe.

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