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Expand your cooking repertoire in the kitchen with this healthy, easy-to-cook chicken noodle salad.
Place chicken, noodles, carrot, cucumber, wombok, mint, coriander and beansprouts in a bowl.
Make dressing: Using a fork, whisk sweet chilli sauce, fish sauce, lime juice, soy sauce and garlic in a jug. In a bowl, mix together soup, parmesan cheese, milk and seasonings, and pour over the casserole. Mix melted butter and breadcrumbs together and sprinkle over top, bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Whilst walking around the park in my pink sweatshirt this morning, I felt a bit like Piglet in Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day as leaves were whipping into the hair and the wind was pushing me back. So, to suit this blustery day, I thought I'd share one of our favourite quick and easy, warm and comforting dinners at the Southern In-Law household.
In a medium non-stick saucepan lightly sprayed with oil, saute the chicken with the garlic.

In-Law: A relative by marriageKristy - The Southern In-LawJesse - The Southern Gentleman I'm Kristy, twenty-three, a coeliac and married to my very own Southern Gentleman. Have a look at our Recipage - or if you're on a Mobile Device, try our A-Z Recipe Listing Take a look at our About Us SectionAbout KristyAbout Us a Couple. A personal blog about my life after maintaining a 75+ lb loss through mindful eating and exercise. I've been brainstorming new ways to use chicken to serve to my brother and I figured a casserole is something he'd enjoy. I make it for just Jesse some nights and other nights I'll serve it to a crowd - all you have to do is multiply the amounts! We've gone from 10,000 miles apart to right beside one another - finally home in Australia together.Southern In-Law covers everything in our lives - from our passion for healthy living to our journey of life, love, our wedding, allergy friendly recipes, travel, a sprinkle of fashion and beauty and so much more - join us for the ride!Find out more about us. Discover How We Met, How Jesse Proposed or take a look at Our Wedding Recaps Want to work with us? My lifelong goal is to find the balance between healthy living and living life to the fullest.

This definitely feels like an indulgent meal but I used skim milk, flour and vegetable oil for the thickener instead of butter and cream. Check out our PR Page here, have a look at our media features and contact us for more information.
We have a full information pack on the different ways we could work together so be sure to ask us!
You can't taste the cream cheese, it just takes the edge off the acidity of the tomatoes and makes it slightly creamy.

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