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The Oldways is a decades old organization focusing on living healthy though balanced heritage based diets. In October of 2013 at an International conference held in Austin, Texas an update to their 1997  Vegetarian Diet Pyramid to include new vegan guidelines was introduced! These new guidelines are a perfect way for new vegans to wrap their head around the basic nutrition your body needs and the vegan alternatives that offer it to you. The Base level of the pyramid is of course fruit and vegetables! These are incredibly important for almost all your nutritional needs.
Just above it in importance are whole grains, a staple in vegans diets providing you with the healthy carbohydrates your body needs.
Beans , Peas, Lentils, and Soy make up the middle of the pyramid providing you with essential proteins and fiber.

Being vegan means the top row of the pyramid is a no go, but it just goes to show that all the nutrition offered at this very top level is already covered by the vegan base. I’ve had a lot of people who would like to go Vegan ask me about different substitutes for ingredients. Veganism is the act of abstaining from the consumption and personal use of any animal products. Just preparing some low fat recipes may be all you need to do to keep your "new you" after the cabbage soup diet week. Get here beside recipes low in fat also some essential tips which help you reducing fat on an everyday basis. Do you have the impression that eating healthy means saying goodbye to desserts and savory meals with added preparation time on top?

It’s also a great way for Vegans to check their own diets to find any deficiencies or areas they are overlooking. It’s important to note the emphasis on whole grains over processed grains such as those you see in white flour and white breads. One of the biggest problems they face is simply finding foods that can be eaten and still hold true to vegan values. This processing strips away so much of what makes the grains healthy , short tracking it to be converted to blood sugar.

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