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Line a baking sheet with baking paper, and mix the fish seasoning, polenta and breadcrumbs on this. We’ve put together 20 of our favourite low-calorie dinners to help you ditch the pounds, but not the flavour. Delicious but so fattening, this normally cream-laden curry tastes just as good if you swap the cream for quark, a soft creamy cheese.
Delicately spiced, this healing soup is reviving and restoring, while keeping calories low. Gently cooked lentils and veg with wilted spinach topped with a poached egg - a great veggie main course.
This wonderful creamy pink-coloured iced dessert makes a refreshing treat that's much lower in calories than a tub of supermarket ice cream. All the latest on Food, Fashion & Beauty, Money, Health, Travel, Homes & Gardens and Books.
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Over the last 20 years in Italy with people being more aware of healthy eating and organic food, fish fingers have been less popular. Italian parents have realized that fresh fish is definitely much better for their children than industrial cod in batter. As my dad was keen on healthy eating already back in the 70s my mum hardly used to buy them, but she definitely used to get canned sardines and we would put canned tuna very often on the table. These days the only sardines we buy in Italy are fresh ones and canned tuna is mainly used for cooking like for making a tuna pasta for instance and not to be eaten just on its own. It is interesting how we have kind of "grown up" and become more aware of what we are eating. Coat the fish in the flour, in the eggs and then in the breadcrumbs which you can make yourself with toasted bread. I love baking and cooking from scratch, but most of all, I love to know what it is in my plate.
I’ve grown up close to the Italian Border (cari saluti dal canton Ticino ) but have moved to the Northern part of Switzerland. I am Alida and I love creating easy, fresh and healthy Italian recipes suitable for most days of the week.

Dip the fish into the egg, then turn several times in the polenta and breadcrumb mixture to coat. There was lots of advertisement on television, magazines and newspapers with catchy and funny videos to grab children's attention.  The biggest make was Findus. Sardines would come in large 1 Kg tins and it was considered normal (at least if you didn't live near the coast) to have them canned.
These days we have more access to information thanks to the internet and there are no excuses of not knowing where our food comes from.
I bought some fresh cod at the fishmongers and made lots of them for the joy of my children and my husband too! I’m so thrilled you re-made this classic from-the-freezer-box favorite into something homemade and from-scratch! These are perfectly nice with coley (which is a very good fish too!)or other types of fish.

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