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So I thought a great way to start the week would be to share my guide for healthy baking substitutions with you, along with a recipe for delicious morning muffins that incorporate some of these tips. If you do the whole wheat flour substitute, you add some extra fiber to your muffins as well. I vote we skip the store-bought cartons this holiday season and enjoy eggnog the old-fashioned way: with real eggs, milk and freshly ground spices. Not only does this lighter eggnog contain half the calorie count of its traditional counterpart, but it can be livened up — think pumpkin, chai and gingerbread varieties.
Increase the heat to medium and, stirring often, cook the eggnog until it’s thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, about 8 minutes.
Whether roasted, shredded or sauteed, Brussels sprouts add a flavorful yet healthy component to any fall feast. Higher Meal Frequencies VS Lower Meal Frequencies It is often claimed that higher meal frequencies cause weight loss and that lower meal frequencies (or skipping meals) lead to weight gain. Be sure to enter in your name and email address in the right sidebar, and you’ll get my 7 day plan delivered straight to your inbox! Hopefully these help to make your baked goods a bit healthier and guilt-free, but still amazingly delicious!

I was just browsing the web for a healthy muffin recipe to use a a yogurt topping in the morning, so you answered my calling! And with only 1 in 10 Americans getting enough fiber on a regular basis, it’s so important to offer fiber-rich options.
I hope you like this recipe when you try it, it’s definitely much much healthier than the original!
I have just updated the printable version of the recipe with all of the nutritional information. The perfect blend of sweet and spicy silkiness, this eggnog contains just six ingredients (seven if you’re adding booze). Containing less cholesterol and saturated fat, this eggnog is made with honey and a single egg. This subject has been very controversial because scientifically speaking, alcohol is not stored as fat, it is oxidized ahead of other macro nutrients (carbs, proteins and fats). After 3 weeks of following this routine, eating these boiled eggs became a sort of punishment.
Essentially, depending on which muffin tin you decide to use, you can end up with 20 large muffins or 30 mini muffins.

I'm a Board Certified Health Coach, wife, mom, and food lover from the SF Bay Area (now living in Ann Arbor, MI!); with a passion for delicious food and a desire to make healthy eating easy, tasty, and fun! Comparatively, most commercial brands contain a long list of additives designed to thicken the eggnog and extend its shelf life, which are unnecessary when producing a homemade version. Meanwhile, whisk together the egg whites, egg, honey, vanilla and nutmeg in a separate bowl. Now before rushing to your fridge and grabbing your bottle of vodka or beer, you will have to read the below. Stir just until mixture is evenly moist. Spoon batter into muffin tins, filling at least ? full.

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