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Turkey and cheese wrap made with a whole wheat tortilla – skip the mayonnaise and fill it up with plenty of lettuce and tomatoes instead.
Fruit salad – Cut up a bunch of fresh fruit and drizzle it with a bit of lemon juice as a natural preservative.  You can also keep the fruit handy in the fridge to make it easy to grab instead of chips or sweets. Chicken salad wrap made with low-fat mayonnaise – add sprouts, lettuce, grated carrots and tomatoes for a more filling wrap that also has some additional nutritional value.
Ants on a log – Create these with celery sticks topped with cream cheese or peanut butter and raisins.  Ants on a log are always a favorite of adults and kids alike.
Dried nuts and raisins mix – for added interest, include a few M&Ms for your kids and call it “Trail Mix”. Salad (pack dressing separately) – customize it with your favorite raw vegetables, sandwich meats, cheeses and egg for a filling snack or lunch. Low-fat cheese and whole wheat tortilla quesadilla – add some chicken or turkey if desired. Cut up fruit – fruits such as apple and pear slices go great with low-fat fruit or vanilla yogurt to dip. Air popped popcorn – always a great snack, but be sure to choose a brand with low sodium and no butter. Cup of dry low-sugar cereal – you can package these in small sized sandwich (zippered) bags as a great (almost) mess-free portable snack. Whole-grain crackers – you can top these with cheese, lean sandwich meat, tuna or peanut butter.
Fat-free pudding cups – sold in a wide variety of flavors and available in single serving cups, these are great for those on the go snacks. Cottage cheese – eat it plain or topped with fresh fruit.  You can choose low-fat cottage cheese for a healthier version.
Bran or banana muffins – make your own and substitute the oil with apple sauce for a great healthy snack.
Low-fat string cheese – string cheese makes another great portable snack.  Eat it alone or mix it up by wrapping some thin sliced ham or salami around the cheese.

Edamame – these are soy beans in their shell.  Steam them and top with a bit of salt or lemon juice. Apple sauce – apple sauce is available in single serving cups and comes in a few different flavors including no sugar and cinnamon. Natural, all-fruit leathers – these are a great healthy alternative to sugar snacks like fruit rollups. Chocolate dipped strawberries – if you have a chocolate craving,  dip some strawberries or other fresh fruit into melted dark chocolate for a yummy and healthy treat. Tofu smoothie with fruit – get some tofu and blend it with frozen fruit into a creamy smoothie. Animal Crackers – these are low-sugar cookies kids are sure to love.  Serve them with a glass of milk.
Fruit and Cheese Kabobs – alternate chunks of fresh fruit and cheese cubes and thread them on a bamboo skewer for a fun and of course healthy snack. Avocado chunks –iIf the avocado gets very ripe and “squishy”, spread it on some whole wheat toast, just like you would butter. Lettuce Wraps – take a large leaf of lettuce and top it with raw veggies, ham or turkey and a little low-fat ranch dressing. So today, we wanted to help you out with a few healthy, simple school lunch box ideas to help keep their energy high and their minds active!
These Mini Griddle Cakes from Noshing with the Nolands is such a great go to breakfast idea!
These Quick Bento Boxes  from Following in My Shoes are a great option especially on those crazy mornings! These French Toast Muffins are an absolute kid & parent approved morning or lunch time treat! My kids are big sports fans and this Football Lunchbox Idea from A Moms Take is something I know they would love! I know that my boys would go wild for these Cool Ranch Chicken Nuggets from Following in my Shoes!

We are lovers of smoothies in our house and this one is baked with low fat yogurt, oats and a couple servings of fruit.
Heres another fabulous list of ideas to help you keep those school lunches interesting- This Quick Guide to Lunch Ideas from Kristina Grum is great to have on hand! I’m going to spend all of next Tuesday prepping and the freezer ideas are on my list to try.
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So important to start the day off right, these Good For You {kid approved} Smoothies are a great way to get going! For some reason I feel like doing it myself won’t be as good as the packages ones haha.
People swear by it and I figure anything I make is going to be better and healthier then pre packaged stuff. Click here to learn more about the secret fat-loss club you're going to want to be part of!
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Any copying and pasting my posts, or tampering with photos for removal of my name will be seen as a copyright violation. I hope to spread my love of cooking, share some of my favorite products and restaurants and maybe inspire others to get in the kitchen and try some recipes out!

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