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New here?  Like Athlean-XX for Women on Facebook to stay up to date with new posts, great fitness and nutrition articles, motivations and inspirations, fitness challenges, Q&As, giveaways and more! This refreshing blended juice also contains cucumber and mint to help soothe the digestive system.  The flavor is sweet, tangy and fresh! Love healthy smoothies and looking for more with tasty fall ingredients?  Check out my Fall Smoothies post! This root vegetable and apple soup contains all of the best flavors of fall and will fill you up and warm you up too!  This is the perfect low calorie, low fat lunch. This salad contains and incredible medley of fruits and vegetables including strawberries, apples, bell peppers, lettuce mix, avocado, cucumber, carrots and cherry tomatoes.  Add a bit of feta for an extra bit of indulgence.  Yum! This very simple salad can be prepared within minutes, and is also the perfect lunch to box and take with you to work.  Made of only lettuce, chicken, apples and a vinaigrette!
The star on this plate is the creamy dressing – entirely dairy free and tangy thanks to cashews, almond milk, balsamic vinegar, raisins and Dijon mustard…and the apples of course! Are you as obsessed with tasty salads as I am?  Have a look at my Fall Salads post for more great seasonal recipes. This is a the perfect post-workout treat!  So tasty, it feels like dessert!  The nonfat Greek yogurt and quinoa provide tons of protein and will help you feel full!
These low fat, low calorie bars are flavored with vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and vanilla extract. Looking for more homemade protein bar recipes?  Check out my Homemade Protein Bar recipe blog post! At Athlean-XX for Women, we’re all about healthy nutrition because it helps us lose weight and have energy for our tough workouts!  Our nutrition plan recommends combining proteins and slow-burning carbohydrates at every meal and snack to help keep you feeling full.  In fact, the Athlean-XX for Women nutrition plan is anything but a diet – we actually recommend you eat more – 5 – 6 times per day!  This type of diet will help turn your metabolism into a fat burning machine – when combined with our killer 30 minute workouts.  Yes, with Athlean-XX for Women, eat more, exercise shorter but harder and weigh less!  Join us on Team Athlean to start your lifestyle makeover now! The AthLEAN-X Training System™ and the AthLEAN Challenge™ are registered trademarks and not subject to unauthorized copy or use without express written consent.
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2. Blueberry Bliss Breakfast Bars Gluten-free and vegan, these bars are packed with healthy dried fruits and nuts, while almond butter, maple syrup and applesauce bind the nutty goodness together.
3. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars Pure pretzel and peanut buttery bliss with nine grams of protein? 6. Ginger Vanilla Protein Crunch Bars Made with crystallized ginger, coconut, vanilla, and almonds, there’s plenty of flavor in these dairy- and gluten-free bars. 9. Fudge Brownie Chocolate Protein Bars Quash mid-afternoon hunger with these bars that pack seven grams of protein per serving. As if these bars could get any better, you have the option to make them completely your own.
Do you want the secret to out-of-this-world protein bars you’ll love forever and ever? It’s a completely vegan protein that is vegetable based and inexplicably tastes like heaven.
I’ve grown quite accustom to noshing on a Quest bar, but those things come with a hefty price tag and ingredients more confusing than my calculus textbook. There are definitely recipes for homemade Quest bars, but they all call for an obscure isomalt sweetener that also comes with a sizeable price tag and a questionable impact on your health.

Not sure where I went wrong, but I could not get them to form a shape, they kept crumbling on me every time so I added a little more peanut butter and rolled them into balls and stuck them in the freezer.
I love sunwarrior vanilla protein powder, too, and have already made it into bars, but not with peanut butter Have to try that! I tried these tonight and I had to make a lot of alterations to the recipe in order for the dough to stick together.
About strawberry and cream… I found this recipe that you realy have to try… It is a big bowl of yummyness! Once it is smooth, put it in a bowl and feel free to top this HUGE bowl of yummyness with your favorite toppings!!! Bodybuilders know that protein is an extremely important macronutrient for building muscle.
Mix all ingredients in a microwave safe cup (coffee mug) and microwave on high for about 80 seconds. Chicken and quinoa combined with salsa makes for an easy, delicious, low fat and high protein packed meal. Barry is a former skinny-guy who has dedicated years of his life to the study of muscle growth. I love eating a good protein bar, but I always find myself wondering why those tiny little bars have so many calories and are high in fat. It’s the nuts I tell ya! While nuts are high in protein they are also high in fat, and I never just eat a handful of nuts or just one protein bar.
Cinnamon raisin proteins bars are pretty high in protein, thanks to the oat bran, protein powder, and egg. I find it hard to only eat one bar too when I’m hungry so this lighter version sound awesome!
Wow these look delicious, thanks for sharing this recipe, will be a nice treat for my dieting…. I used ? cup coconut sugar when I first started transitioning to coconut sugar, so ? cup will work perfectly in this recipe and it will be less calories. Have a Formula 1 Nutritional Shake in protein rich beverage (cow’s milk, soy milk or yoghurt) or snack on a Herbalife Protein Bar.
If you should at any time during the next 90 days, have any questions at all about the program, how to do any exercises, or just need an exercise substitution idea, simply write in and one of our Athlean-Xperts will get back to you with the answers you need to ensure the best results on the program!
Coach Jeff Cavaliere (the owner of ATHLEAN-X™ and Sports Performance Factory LLC) and staff have conducted all steps possible to verify the testimonials and reviews that appear on this site. While protein bars can be a convenient way to fuel up before or after a workout, some varieties contain a long list of artificial ingredients and added sugars, which can do more harm than good. Use peanut butter (or your favorite nut butter) mixed with rice crisp cereal and oat flour as a base for these easy no-bake bars. These bars are perfect for those with peanut allergies, or those who are allergic to spending hours in the kitchen. Blend black beans, cocoa powder, protein powder and chocolate chips in a food processer, bake and then refrigerate overnight. Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein BarsMade with six grams of protein per bar, these chocolatey, peanut buttery bites will put store-bought snacks to shame.

Prepare to throw that garbage where it belongs because I’ve found the motherload of protein powders.
Plus, the stats are great; each scoop has only 70 calories and 2 grams net carbs, yet manages to pack in 15 grams of protein.
When I ate one it’s still crumbled, do you know what I can do differently?Maybe next time do PB2? These chocolate peanut butter protein bars are easy to make and taste like a brownie (without the guilt). In a large bowl mix the dry ingredients; add apple sauce and egg whites to dry ingredients.
That said, as with all fitness programs, the best results are not uncommonly correlated with the best efforts, discipline, diligence, and so on, and therefore the results depicted and featured cannot be construed as common, typical, expected, normal, or associated with the average user’s experience.
Luckily, these homemade protein bar recipes have none of the junk and all of the protein, thanks to energy-boosting ingredients like nuts, nut butters and protein powder.
And for serious chocolate fiends, sprinkle extra chocolate chips on top before popping them in the oven.
All we want is something portable, like a bar, that’s full of protein, low in carbs, and maybe even suitable for our vegan ventures. I know this seems obvious, but you really can’t skimp on the quality of your protein.
I don’t like the taste of my protein powder tastes terrible and overtakes all my food! It is no longer quite so low carb, but it was the only way to get this to form into a loaf for cutting. The biggest challenge is finding easy, delicious ways to incorporate all of the protein you need into your diet every day.
Results, as always, will vary from individual to individual for these reasons and you are responsible for understanding that atypical outcomes may not reflect your experience. To keep it vegan, simply replace the whey protein powder with a plant-based variety and use maple syrup in lieu of honey. All we want is said bar that’s not crazy expensive, crazy caloric, and full of crazy chemicals.
In this post I’ve put together some fast, easy ways to load up on protein, in a healthy way. We hope that you enjoy these chocolate PB protein bars and that they make your tastebuds dance-not your tummy!
Below you’ll find some great ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a protein bar snack for a delicious snack.
Also, I haven’t tried pb2 yet – does it actually taste and have the texture of pb?

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