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As soon as I spied Fat Cat restaurant on the side of Rural Road Mae Hong Son, I knew I had to stop there for a meal.
Pai is already the perfect location to find just this sort of setting with its hippie culture pervading every aspect of this northern Thai town - including the cuisine. When you arrive you cross from the road straight into a little grove with the front counter straight in front of you.
I encourage you to follow it, and climb the stairs to the little loft overlooking the garden, where you can recline and eat on mats and low tables - a true alfresco delight. Their on-site garden clearly contributes to the freshness and the quantity of organic produce included in the dishes and much of the salad ingredients you will enjoy have been taken direct from here.
They also have a shop with a few good items and are well known for the baked goods they prepare in their home-made mud oven.
I won't tell you that the food at Fat Cat is the best to be found in pai, but it is still a very good dining experience, and the whole setting along with the food works together to make it a not-to-be-missed experience when visiting the area.
WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. A Marine veteran has been reunited with his service dog in Utah after his buddy disappeared from his hotel room. They were driving home to Spokane, Washington, when Galliher decided to pull up, but Raider ran away from the hotel.The following day, Galliher was contacted by the Utah Vet Center, who had found Raider, and the emotional reunion was captured on video. Galliher said he hardly slept at all the night before, worried that he would never see his dog again. The following day, Galliher was contacted by the Utah Vet Center, who had found Raider, and the emotional reunion was captured on video.A In the emotional vid, Raider runs straight to Galliher and starts licking his face.A Dad says, 'Where'd you go? Topical "spot on" products have been in the market for a long time and can be quite effective, however in some instances cause local irritation at the application site, or other side effects. There has recently been reported a new outbreak of Canine Influenza in the Chicago area, and some positive cases in Green Bay. Chicago had a very devastating Canine Flu outbreak last year, causing many kennels and veterinary facilities to have to temporarily shut down. Affected dogs may show symptoms within a few days of exposure, or can become infected without showing signs of disease, but still spread the virus.

If your dog goes to boarding or doggie day care, or engages in other activities where he or she may encounter a lot of other dogs, it's a good idea to ask your veterinarian about having your pet vaccinated.
You could show me a hundred of these videos and I'll get choked up at every single one of them.
Leaving their beloved dog Wilson in the capable hands of a dog sitter, a couple went on a 10 day vacation. Before you check out this story and roll your eyes, this poor six month old pup was suffering and stopped eating and desperately needed them to get relief.
There are numerous wonderful things about this video of Daizu, the chihuahua and his baby brother. You see, Daizu is a natural comforter after spending the first years of his life with a neglectful dog breeder and finally being rescued by his new family. He sadly learned the importance of being kind after that gesture was never shown to him by the breeder. A press conference has been scheduled for tomorrow related to "Hank 1." Stay tuned for more information. They have been on the AKC list for 25 years because they are intelligent and family friendly.
French Bulldogs have moved from the 11th place to 6th, which means they are growing in popularity. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This delightful blend of garden vegetables and nutritious barley cooked in a light, flavorful broth will make you feel nourished and satisfied.
Extraordinary pizza sauce made with sun ripened Italian plum tomatoes & sweet cherry tomatoes.
Italian Tomatoes, Italian Cherry Tomatoes, Italian Olive Oil, Fresh Carrots Fresh Celery, Fresh Onions, Salt, Oregano, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Basil.
I adore outdoor eating in traditional huts and enjoy it even more if those huts are set amidst a wild and thriving garden of greenery.
You can sit right here, but you will notice a little path to your left inviting you to explore further.

People with other dietary considerations are also well catered for here with some gluten-free options also provided. They served something called ginger coffee - which I had never heard of before - but which I knew I would enjoy.
They have well praised home-made yoghurts, and kombucha and a lot of the dressings and condiments you will be served are also made from scratch. There are currently two vaccinations - one for the "old strain" H3N8, and one for the new strain identified in the Chicago outbreak, H3N2.
Thank goodness their sitter kept them updated with videos he took of Wilson as he did a series of bad impersonations and accents. Yes, rather than hiding from the crying, this sweet pup moves closer to comfort him and even offers him one of his own precious treats. We are a family business deeply committed to producing convenient prepared foods that taste homemade.
Foods represented or purported to be for use by infants, children less than 4 years of age, pregnant women, or lactating women shall use the RDI's that are specified for the intended group provided by the FDA.
My pandanus iced tea was an actual pandanus leaf infused in the water, giving it the subtlest of flavours.
You scared me so bad.'A Galliher said he hardly slept at all the night before, worried that he would never see his dog again.
For the best protection against ticks and tick borne disease, use a tick preventive March through end of November, and talk to your veterinarian about vaccinating your dog against Lyme disease.
Amy's soups, like our popular vegetarian frozen dishes and bottled sauces, are made from the finest natural and organic ingredients prepared with the same care as you would use in your own home.
In addition they provided sweet syrup on the side, rather than pre-mixed, meaning you can leave it off or add it to your liking.

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