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Jump to 25:35 in this video to see me make low fat hummus and to get some ideas on how we use it in my house. I'm Kari - aka Plant Powered Yogi: natural foodie, yoga teacher and wanna-be chef extraordinaire. Disclaimer: This site is completely based upon the research and opinions of Kari Doiron, unless otherwise noted. 9 Chinese-Inspired Chicken Recipes You Need to Make at Home (Tonight!) 10 Ways to Make Veggie Meatballs Top 15 Healthiest Veggies On Earth 27 Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipes Have you tried any of these 15 most exotic fruits?
Spread this cauliflower hummus on toasted whole wheat bagels, top with a little sliced tomato on top, and a twist or two of salt and pepper.
Since most hummus is made from tahini, which is ground up sesame paste, it tends to be a little heavier.
A spinach hummus WITHOUT tahini that’s oil-free (great for cholesterol watchers), comes with more fiber and iron, and takes just 5 minutes to whip up. With this recipe, you’ll never have to reach for another tub of commercially made hummus in the deli case again. I was so excited with the success of my whole wheat pita breads, that I had to make hummus.
I'm Joanna (Jo for short) and this is my blog where I share with you my culinary adventures. I love hummus and this recipe lets me enjoy it more often without the higher calorie count of some recipes.
If you hummus is too thick, add a little bit of the liquid from the chickpeas - about a teaspoon at time.
Went the all yogurt route & added chopped black olives, it is so good that I want to jump in the bowl!!! Throw a few ingredients in a food processor and out pops a healthy spread that can be used so in so many ways! My family and I live in Maine but someday I'll escape to a tropical home where I can practice yoga in the sun and feast on mangoes all day long. My goal is to share not only solid, scientifically based nutrition information with you, but also the recipes I use everyday in my home for my family, and the support and inspiration you need to help you make the connection between food and your health.

It is not, in any way, meant for purposes of diagnosis or treatment of health conditions and is not intended to replace the relationship with a medical professional. There’s a lot of flexibility here too – more garlic, maybe some artichoke hearts, more or less of one spice or another. It’s best served with warm toasted pita bread but you can serve it with just about anything! But topped with shallot oil and fresh chives, this quick snack is the smoothest, creamiest hummus. This hummus makes a delicious dip for veggies or crackers and can be used as a substitute for mayonnaise on sandwiches and wraps. Spinach hummus can be eaten with baked tortillas chips, carrot sticks, celery, or used as a spread in a toasted sandwich. The sesame oil permeates that wonderful nutty flavor that an expensive tahini would traditionally provide the hummus.
The addition on the white beans gives a lovely smoothness to the dip that you just can’t get with only chickpeas. Also, this stuff is garlicky, so if you have a makeout session you need to get to after eating this, bring a breath mint or mouthwash. Sesame oil is very concentrated, so one bottle, while expensive, can last a long time when kept in the refrigerator. Hummus is rich in protein, when ingested with whole grains, which are full of healthy carbs causes our bodies to uptake the nutrients of both easier. I have disabled the pinning option from your image and if you wish I will remove the photo altogether.
If you’ve always purchased hummus or had it at restaurants, you have no idea how simple it is to make. The way I served it is, I cut about 3 or 4 whole wheat pita breads into small pieces, I didn’t even toast them or anything, and I served them with the hummus. In a food processor add all ingredients, minus the liquid from the chickpeas and blend well, for a couple minutes. Here you will find a variety of recipes using simple everyday ingredients and creating wonderful, delicious and comforting meals, including some decadent desserts.

Well, there are certainly parts of regular hummus, like the kind you find in the stores, that are totally healthy.
Hummus without tahini isn’t exactly the way it’s supposed to be made, but if can’t use tahini and you’d like to try making your own hummus, you have to look at the alternatives. You can pair this with everything from whole wheat pita bread to cucumbers and it’s just as delicious, plus you don’t have to have to stop after 2 tablespoons.
The even better news is that it only takes a couple of minutes to whip up a batch of hummus with just a few basic ingredients. A subtle sweet smoky flavor is derived from the paprika, which is more than a hint but not overbearing.
It takes just a few drops to expand its flavor in anything from marinades to flavoring frying oil. But what’s also in there is usually loads of unnecessary oil that only adds to the calorie and fat content without giving much in return (nutritionally speaking, that is). Serve the hummus as a sandwich spread on bread or tortillas or use it as a dip for crackers and fresh vegetables. I chose to make this hummus low fat and it turned out so good and delicious that it didn’t last long. Regular hummus is made with lots of olive oil, but since I’m trying to cut back on calories, I used yogurt instead. Clean up will be harder, and you may have to add a bit more liquid than you like to get it to blend, but it'll be okay). Process until smooth, adding water through the feed tube (only if necessary) to make it the consistency you want. Stop the processor frequently to scrape down the sides (do this a few times before adding any water, it may work itself out).
The flavors will develop and become more pronounced as it sits in the refrigerator (if it lasts that long!).

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